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Ince Central School   Views: 2383
Class of 64/65   Comments: 30
Photo: Jim Miller   Item #: 29572  
Class of 64/65
  If memory serves, Back Row L to R, David Turner, James Miller, -?-, Philip Sale, Joseph ?, Peter Isherwood,-?-, Geoffrey Hilton.
Middle Row L to R, Ronnie Westhead, Tony Shirley, Ann Bretherton, Rodney? or Ramsey?, -?-, -?-, Garry Wood, -?-, Alan Foy. Front Row L to R, -?-, Ian Price, Betty Atkinson??, Richard Balderson, Francis Dwyer, John Travener, Carol Hilton, Stanley Holland, Marion Bridden, Stephen Price. Apologies to those who's names I've forgotten or misspelled, it has been 52 years since I've seen most of you?!. Hope & trust that your all having a great time.

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Comments by irene roberts, 19th July 2017  
I left Ince Central in 1964 but I remember so many of those Ince surnames.....Shirley, (Tony was the brother of my childhood friend Christine Shirley), Bridden, Foy, Dwyer, Saile, Hilton....such familiar names. I remember that Infants' School Hall shown in the background so well....I even remember the light-shades. My husband Peter and I attended the Christmas Fair a couple of years ago and oh! the memories! In the Juniors' section, I even sneaked along the corridor and up the stairs to see once more what had been my last classroom, (Mr. Heaton's Class), and I felt really guilty, like a naughty child, but I just wanted another peep.....it was my "Garry Sparrow" moment!

Comments by Elizabeth, 20th July 2017  
Like Irene, I went to this school as well, but left in 1962. The year I was in moved from the old central school (where Central Flats are ,in Ince Green Lane)to go to the new school in Pickup Street, in 1958.I remember a lot of the names, and worked at the same place as Richard Balderson and Anne Bretherton but both in different jobs. I enjoyed my time at that school, have great memories of it.

Comments by Ann Miller, 20th July 2017  
Elizabeth my brother Jim posted this picture, but you may remember our older brother Denis, he moved over from the old school in 1958. There's a photo in School's on here of his class

Comments by Carol Hilton, 21st July 2017  
Thank you Jim for putting this school photograph on,i do remember you, brought back many memories.
I think the years would be 61/62 we would be about six or seven on this photo still in the infants.
The front row names missing if my memory serves
L to R Carol Hunter who left to live in Hindley, i don't think it is Betty Atkinson? looks like Susan Fern?. Middle Row the boys name is Rodney Ashurts, the girl between Garry and Alan i think is Joan Lanaghan.
Back Row L to R third along maybe Ken Mitchenson, i can't remember anyone called Joseph.
Hope you are keeping well. Once again thanks,
Kind Regards Carol

Comments by Stephen Price, 21st July 2017  
I thought the lad far right on back row might have been Gary Dainty. Wonder where Billy Green was when this was taken. Unfortunately at least 2 on here have passed away.

Comments by Bill Green, 21st July 2017  
That could be me in between Philip Sale and Pee Isherwood, but maybe I'm pushing it because I want to be on it. Perhaps I was off with measles , chicken pox, whooping cough, impetigo, ricketts or something. Its certainly my class.

Comments by Jim Miller, 21st July 2017  
Thanks Carol, you look so cute in those ankle length boots, your right about the date and Joan Lanaghan's name came to me after I'd posted. Yes, Susan Fearn I remember her name now you mention it. I didn't do too badly perhaps 6/10!?. Is the surname of the boy between me & Philip Sale Sharrock?
Stephen your the only one not paying attention, I thought that was my job. Does anyone remember the Teacher Miss Sherrington that later became Mrs Caunce? If you can see it, I remember that climbing frame very well as I used to weave in and out of the squares, the things you remember eh!!

Comments by Rod Ashurst, 21st July 2017  
Thanks to Bill Green for sending this on to me - I thought it was Bill next to Peter Isherwood when I saw the photo. I am on the middle row as spotted by Jim and Carol - my nick name was Rams so well remembered Jim given the length of time. Although I left Ince when I was 18, I am still back now and then because my sister still lives on Careless Lane (the next street to where I lived and 2 streets from where our pie shop was). Great stuff and thanks for the memories.

Comments by Jim Miller, 21st July 2017  
Billy Green, didn't you once live in Heber Street? I've just googled impetigo, good Lord?! I had no idea.

Comments by Carol, 22nd July 2017  
Jim, i was undecided if it was Ken or Geoffrey Sharrock who lived on Ince Green Lane across from ST.Williams church, next door to his house was a wool shop. (Irene may remember the shop)His family moved to London, we did write to one another for a while, his best friend was Brian Croft. I also thought the boy you have as Joseph maybe Billy, and the girl next maybe Carol Finch but her hair is to dark.
The teachers I recall were Mrs Sandiford reception class then Mrs Johnson nee Ashurst and Miss Glover.
Jim, i still wear ankle boots (lol) i have a few different coloured pairs.

Comments by Bill Green, 22nd July 2017  
Jim, It was Brian Croft who lived in Heber St. No 15. His dad had a Morris 1000. I lived up Belle Green Lane, and didn't you live just below St Williams on the opposite side of Ince Green Lane? I'm pretty sure that's Ken Mitch(RIP) next to you. Sadly , Ronnie Westhead passed away, suddenly, in January this year. He was a brilliant guitarist, lived in Coppull.. Here's to hoping everyone else is on top of the soil. Thanks for posting the pic.

Comments by Stephen Price, 22nd July 2017  
Bill don't forget the tragically short life of Alan Foy. The only Joseph I can ever recall was Joe Jenkins but don't think he was in the infants

Comments by Jim Miller, 22nd July 2017  
Bill, it was after reading Carol's post earlier that I realised that I was mixing your name with that of Brian Croft, hence the question on Heber Street and I remember the Morris, So there you have it Bill, it is you in the photo and there never was a Joseph, apologies. Your spot on as to where I lived. Sorry to hear about Ronnie I remember we shared a Chalet with Ken Mitchinson on a school trip to Hayling Island, when we played football for Rose Bridge he told me one time that vinegar rotted your cartilages? and I was once married to his cousin. Time sure does fly.

Comments by Jim Miller, 22nd July 2017  
Carol, I had forgotten about the wool shop but did think that Geoffrey Sharrock lived near to the Longneck (Anderton Arms). The girl's name next to Peter Isherwood I think is Linda and she lived in the Grove, but I've been wrong before!? Saw Ann Bretherton about 10yrs ago and she recognised me straight away and told me who she was before I had time to think, saw her again a few weeks later at a Karaoke night and boy could she sing. Our last class in the Juniors was Mr Heaton's class, he once tried to pick me up by my ears for some misdemeanour, I've never been the same since, must have affected my memory!!
A tall chap (well he would seam so wouldn't he) who drove a bubble car (and lived for a time in Manley Street)one door at the front and no reverse gear, I did worry that he might drive up to a wall and be trapped in his bubble, had he done so I would have been devastated.

Comments by Jim Miller, 23rd July 2017  
Stephen, Today, I along with John Kyte visited Alan Purcell alias Snazz and his wife Bett. He is in fine shape and we didn't half do some reminiscing. He spent most of his career at Rose Bridge retiring in 1988. When we knew him he would be between the ages of 31 and 35, no kidding. Although we didn't appreciate it at the time he was one who really did care for his pupils and helped me personally a great deal. In 2009 I met him for the first time since school in his local church, he introduced me to the Vicar as a D.F.P. and then said "you don't know what a D.F.P. is do you Vicar" nor did I "Distinguished Former Pupil" I was as you know never distinguished at anything. A good man.

Comments by irene roberts, 23rd July 2017  
Carol, the wool shop was Nellie Sharrock's and was right across from our house. We lived at 85, Ince Green Lane in a terraced row set back behind St. William's Presbytery Wall. Nellie also sold a limited amount of clothing and I can vividly recall her shop. You went in through the front door, then down a lino-covered hallway, and a door on the right led into the "shop", which was in fact the front room of a terraced house. Happy, happy memories.

Comments by Bill Green, 24th July 2017  
Of course, Stephen, Alan Foy- I hadn't recognised him from the pic- tragically killed one morning whilst cycling to a summer job, aged 18, whilst waiting to start University.

Comments by carol, 24th July 2017  
Irene,your vivid description of Geoffrey's aunties wool shop, is just how i remember it, thanks for the memory.
Irene I know from your comments on other post, you and your hubby like the 40's era i have a few L Ps all music and songs throughout the 40's if you are interested in them you can have them all, you live near my sister in-law so i can drop them off I was only going to give to a charity shop.
Jim, Linda Tongue did live in the Grove near Joan and Barbara Wilkinson. Mr Heaton visited his dad who lived on Manley street and parked his car in the side street off Manley st. I can see the car now and Mr Heaton going in the back way.
So sad about Alan Foy; my memory of Alan(RIP) who lived close to the school, he asked me to his house after school to look at some puppies, seeing him on the pic brought the memory back, he was the first one i recognised.
Ronald (RIP)was my dancing partner when we had to learn old time dancing in the juniors; Barn Dance,Gay Gordon, etc,
Ken (RIP) was my partner dancing round the May Pole in the infants.So many memories of Ince Central School.

Comments by irene roberts, 24th July 2017  
Carol, how kind of you to offer the LPs but unfortunately I have no way of playing them as we no longer have a record player, only a cd player, but many thanks for thinking of us.

Comments by Stephen Price, 25th July 2017  
Jim, I can't for the life of me remember David Turner.I can remember a David Tennant but I think he only joined us in the juniors.

Comments by Jim Miller, 25th July 2017  
Stephen, David Turner also lived in the Grove, a quiet unassuming lad, later would be friendly with James Bamber and later still Stanley Holland would join them.
Carol, you blew me away with your recollections of Mr Heaton, now I know that it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

Comments by Jim Miller, 25th July 2017  
Just remembered, in Mr Heaton's class, I was sat behind Barbara Wilkinson and Graham Taylor and beside Denis Worden who was into the construction of AirFix model planes as was I but not in school I might add, perhaps I should of taken up dancing but that would come later at the Casino. I am so glad that I posted this Photo its been really interesting.

Comments by John Collier, 26th July 2017  
Jim Miller long time no see. Was a year younger than you but did mate together. Re Alan Purcell, bumped into him at Bill Ashurst book signing a couple of years ago with Elaine Parsonage ( nee Fairclough). The man recognised us both and hasn't changed. A firm but fair teacher learned me everything about maths, a true legend remembered by many.
Aldo been enjoying looking at your photos of Gullicks ...didn't work there but remember the place being built as a kid

Comments by Jim Miller, 26th July 2017  
Hello John, good to hear from you, yes, we last met 27 years ago at a school open evening(when you with your daughter and me with my son)as we were deciding which high school would be suitable for them. I remember being chased from the bridge leading to Ince Moss over the rough ground at the end of the pens towards your house by Peter Foster. Unknown to me, your father was watching from the upstairs back bedroom window. He later told my mother that I covered the ground so fast that she should enter me in the Olympics?! I also remember us mucking about on the building site on that very same land that would become Pinewood Crescent. And one dinner time breaking ice formed on the puddles and my mother coming down that cobbled street shouting "your late for school". No iPads then of course.

Comments by Jim Miller, 26th July 2017  
Carol, Linda Tongue had a friend called Susan Tresize but I bet you knew that already didn't you, it wouldn't surprise me now. You must have lived near Mr Heaton's dad to know that, I'm still amazed!!

Comments by irene roberts, 27th July 2017  
My Mam used to visit Mr. Heaton's mother who was a very old lady and I remember going to her funeral. I found out later that my great-great Grandma had been a Heaton and that I was very distantly related to Mr. Heaton. Mr. Heaton had a banjo and used to have us all singing "Polly-Wolly-Doodle"!

Comments by Elizabeth, 27th July 2017  
Hi Ann,
I do remember your brother Dennis.I also remember Alan Saile being in my class, (perhaps brother of Philip,)they lived up Petticoat Lane.

Comments by carol, 28th July 2017  
Jim,the answers yes i did know Susan Tresize, she lived near my cousin Elissa Hilton who was in the class above us. Barbara Wilkinson her friend was Jacqueline Jones who lived up Belle Green Lane.I do see her every so often in the Central pub in Wigan. I also see Richard and Billy often around the pubs in Wigan. The last time i spoke to Joan she was still living in the Grove, not seen Barbara for years,i think she lived Abram area.
I lived in Christopher St. Lower Ince not far from Manley St,and every Saturday I had to accompany my grandma and her friend down the Lane to carry their shopping baskets home for them. We took the same route same time every week going past Mr Heatons parents house so i usually saw him going into the house.

Comments by Jim Miller, 31st July 2017  
Having plumbed the depths & recesses, I now recall the misdemeanour that was the cause of Mr Heaton's displeasure. We'd reached the classroom with our hymn books ahead of our illustrious Teacher, when I proceeded to slap my book down on my desk to mimic the sound of a gunshot, whilst my hand, shaped in the form of a gun, pointed at my intended victims. Alas, although NOT alone in this quest to obliterate my classmates (Billy Green excepted, he would never have stooped so low) it was me who Mr Heaton spied through the small square window of our classroom door. Summoned to the front, Mr Heaton stood behind whilst extolling the value of books and why they should not be abused, at the same time attempting to lift me by my ears, my very body weight working against me, as I was being transformed into the Vulcan, Mr Spock?! When eventually released, the relief was immense. It was wrong of me, so very wrong, lesson learned.
Had Mr Heaton produced his never seen Banjo and had us sing Polly-Wolly-Doodle, my lasting impression may have been a little more favourable. Then there was Mr Lowe.... but that's another story.

Comments by Bill Green, 1st August 2017  
Mr Heaton looms large in this discourse, eh, gang. I like to think of him irreverently as TBH, after he signed my 1965 autograph book, adding with a flourish: ''If you can dream, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it''. An inspirational adage for any ten year old. I'd forgotten he played music ; maybe the message was subliminal. I have three banjos myself! Top geezer.

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