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Buddy can you spare a dime?

Photo: Pat Maskell   Item #: 324

  Views: 3415

Comments: 47


Buddy can you spare a dime?
  Old busker near Wigan market.  

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Comments by Tabby Hollinsworth, 18th June 2010  
Poor old soul. I always leave a couple of coppers in their caps when I pass by. Dont like seeing old folk on the streets.

Comments by Baz Taylor, 19th June 2010  bazzzataylor@gmail.com 
At one time an owd soak like this poor devil could get a room at the workhouse in Frog Lane for a couple of bob or get a bed for a few coppers at the Royal George. I think with the way this Tory government are going we need the work houses back.

Comments by betty tute, 20th June 2010  
if I come across the old begger I will give him a few coppers. I like music on the streets.

Comments by Billy Davis, 21st June 2010  
Hey ... hang on a bit you lot .. this owl codger may not be as brassic as you think. Good buskers can make a good living. This feller probably drives a roller when your not looking.

Comments by Pam Shaw, 23rd June 2010  
Hey Pat Maskell thats not an owd busker. Thats my dad, picture taken on his way home from the Market Hotel. That dreamy look is 6 pints of guiness. My owd mon couldnt play pocket billiards let alone be a busker.

Comments by Maude Kettle, 24th June 2010  
Pam Shaw thats not your dad. Your telling porkies. I knopw your dad and he's bald with specs. This old codger is quite handsome. I bet he can still play a good tune on his fiddle.

Comments by Ernie Law, 26th June 2010  
Could this poor old soul be Don Partridge. I saw a similar chap on Chorley market singing Rosie. He was a typical one man band. Guitar, drum and harmonica.

Comments by K. Slater, 28th June 2010  
Your having a laugh Ernie. This old cock isnt Don Partridge. He looks nowt like him even without the Father Xmas. Its well over 40 years ago when he sang Rosie. I put Don Partridge at about 70 years old maximum. Your man man here must be 80 at least.

Comments by Joe Mitten, 29th June 2010  
Don Partridge is still working the streets of London. By the looks of this old geezer, that is, the cut of his jib, he's probably an immigrant from Eastern Europe. He'll probably get picked up as a vagrant and end up being channeled through the system. He'll get a council house and a pension. Better than life in Moldova.

Comments by Mary Roper, 30th June 2010  
Yes Mr. Mitten that is very likely to happen. But dont you think that this old gentleman has just as much right as yourself or anybody else to a decent life.

Comments by Joe Mitten, 1st July 2010  
Mary dont get me wrong. Nothing against folk making the best for themselves. Just thought this poor old rasberry looked a bit East European.

Comments by Curly Dowdall, 2nd July 2010  
Anyone can have bad luck to fall on hard times. We must do our best to help these unfortunates.

Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 2nd July 2010  
Poor old s--.

Comments by Wilomena Relish, 8th July 2010  aidforhelpless@gmail.com 
I've been down to Wigan market and The Galleries nearly every day looking for this poor old chap to offer help. If anyone has any information do let me know. Hope we dont find him in a nook or cranny one cold morning.

Comments by Nev Clarke, 14th July 2010  
Wilomena this chap regularly sits on the form outside the gents toilet in the Galleries. I dont think he's in need of help. I've seen him with coffee and sandwiches. I have also seen him in the upstairs market hall cafe. So I wouldnt worry about him if I was you. I dont think he is a down and out.

Comments by tricia, 15th July 2010  
Dead wrong....all of you. i know him well and his name is Fred. He is an undercover millionaire and has been on the telly.

Comments by Fred, 15th July 2010  fred@cumbriancrafts.co.uk 

You are so right. Now I did ask you not to tell everyone that I am an undercover millionaire...you naughty lass, you.

Now my cover is blown and everyone will be asking for handouts....gee, that's how I became a millionaire.....

Thank you also Miss Maskell for exposing me..

Comments by Nev Clarke, 15th July 2010  
What did he do on the telly, Tricia luv?

Is he an English chap or foreigner?

Comments by tricia, 15th July 2010  
what,you mean you never saw the undercover millionaire set of programmes???????????
he was also on another series. Apparently his father was a Chinese cook who married an Indian Pricess....must account for his handsome looks....

Comments by Nev Clarke, 16th July 2010  
Sorry Tric luv .. missed all that .. catch repeats on Dave!

Comments by Tricia, 16th July 2010  
Freddy darling I think that this is a wonderful picture of you and doing all that you do for poor brings tears to my eyes.
Darling you are as handsome as ever and I'm glad you made all that lovely money.
When can we get together again? XXX

Comments by Wilomena Relish, 16th July 2010  
I am glad everything has turned out well for this lovely old gentleman. I was having sleepless nights.

Comments by tricia, 16th July 2010  
....not the imposter.....
very droll....that is what happens when you reply to the TROLLS...

Comments by R. Mason, 16th July 2010  
He's not a millionaire, he's a con man.

Comments by Ron Barnes, 19th July 2010  
This tricia and this fred seem to be cahoots here ... are they trying to pull some sort of scam?

Comments by Jackie Brown, 19th July 2010  
There is definetly something dodgy about this chap. The face seems familiar.

Comments by Nev Clarke, 20th July 2010  
Yes Jackie I thought him a particularly shifty looking piece of work. In fact I would have said he was an undercover bobby had it not been for his advanced years.

Comments by Tricia, 21st July 2010  
Freddy darling we must meet at the Casbah in Loret and please dont forget to bring all that lovely money we have appropriated. Until we meet again my love. XXX

Comments by anastasia, 21st July 2010  
!anda ya! JF

Comments by Margaret Lumb, 27th July 2010  
Shifty looking old gentleman isn't he!

Comments by Eileen Woods, 29th July 2010  
If this chap is really a secret millionaire who has been on TV you would have thought there would have been some mention in the local papers?

Comments by James Bailey, 30th July 2010  
Eileen treat everything you read on the web with a large dose of scepticism. "Tricia" and "Fred" are selling some rather large "porkies". So if I was you I wouldn't beleive the stories about millionaires and appearing in the TV.

Comments by Tom Rourke, 30th July 2010  
Hee hee ,,, your reet about the porkies Jemmy lad. I knew Fred when he was selling porkies on Wigan meat market in the 60s when I was at Greens. And beleive me auld lad yon mon was a master at selling porkies.

Comments by bazz stard, 30th July 2010  
when I walk past em I say "gerra job"

Comments by Muriel Caine, 31st July 2010  
Its absolutely disgraceful these reprobates tricia and fred misleading the public and especially a nice lady like Eileen. They should be flogged.

Comments by Ed Rudd, 2nd August 2010  
Obviously Trish and Fred are the Bonnie and Clyde of this site.

Comments by Ailath O'Higham, 5th August 2010  
I wonder if Freds mol looks as worn out as the poor auld bum on this picture?

Comments by Baz taylor, 12th August 2010  bazzzataylor@gmail.com 
Yoe Freddy ... Bonza or wot! You may be a dashing, handsome, loveable rogue Freddy lad, as your mol Trisha portrays you.
But I am more interested in your lover and partner in crime ..the lovely Trisha. I see her as a dark eyed, dark eyed Marta Hari ... an intriguing femme fatale!
Can we have a picture of Trisha on the site Freddy lad!

Comments by R. Mason, 14th August 2010  
Dont be taken in by Fred. He's not the loveable old gent that you all think he is.

Comments by Ailath O'Higham, 17th August 2010  
Maybe someone should send this pic up to the TV - to whatever the current name is for Police 5. Maybe he's a wanted villain.

Comments by Seamus O'Holding, 19th August 2010  
Face is somewhat familiar. By all accounts a bit of a rum character.

Comments by G. Kearns, 16th September 2010  
Fred is that your woman Trish selling pies with you from that white van?

Comments by Baz Taylor, 17th September 2010  
Mmm! Trish doesn't look like the dark haired, dark eyed Marta Hari I had imagined.
Then again like Fred she's an old timer. What can you expect.

Comments by tricia, 5th February 2014  
If you keep on with these inane puerile posts in my name I will do something about it. Trolling is illegal and you need to get out more....and don't tell me that there is more than one Tricia, It wasn't funny first time around and is pathetic this time. Its time the mods did something about you. Want me to name and shame?????

Comments by Fred Mason, 5th February 2014  fredgourmet@gmail.com 
Well said, Trish...

This troll is a sad sack....

What a shame, he is wasting his life away...posting as someone else...

Comments by tricia, 6th February 2014  
Yes, and if he didn't behave like this he would probably be
part of our email circle.His loss , not ours.

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