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Th' Ceawncil Meetin'  by Cyril Ashurst.

Neaw here's a grand owd story
Which Ah'd like to bring to leet,
It's abeawt some Wiggin ceawncillers
Who met one Mund'y neet;
Well it seems they had a backlog
O' topics to debate,
Which wur listed o'th' agenda
As th' chermon handed eawt.

Neaw one o'th' topics listed
Which had bin left i'th' dark,
Wus th' ways an' means o' breetenin' up
Th' teawn's municipal park;
So when th' chermon oppen't th' session
An' axed "Wot con wey do"?
Aw th' ceawncillers i' teawrn
Wur gi'ed a chance to air their view.

Well th' fust mon said,
"Some fancy plants an' trees a'll add new face,
An' there's no deawt abeawt it
They'll breeten up th' owd place";
"Statues i' stone o' famous men",
Said another, "They'll add mystery,
An' they're beawn't attract thoose soart o' foalk
Wot like a bit uv history".

Neaw, there wur mony mooer ideas
Wot wur browt up fer debatin'
An' while th' meetin' talked abeawt 'em aw
Owd Tummus set theer waitin';
Then he said, "Ah've getten a proposal
Wod Ah would like to make,
Why don't wey ged a gondola
An' pur it eawt o'th' lake".

Well th' meetin' talked abeawt it
An' gi'ed it a gradely do
An' mooest uv 'em admitted
As it would make a lovely view;
Then th' chermon cawed fer order
An' when th' noise ud deed away
He said, "Ah'm gooin' t'caw fer th' vote
Iv nobd'ys owt else t'say".

Neaw Owd Jem ceawered deawn i'th' corner
Ud ne'er spokken a word aw neet,
But suddenly he storred hisel'
An' geet up on his feet;
Then he said, "Mesthur Chermon, Ah'd like t'amend
That proposal made bi Tum,
Instead uv us geddin' a gondola,
Let's get two an' breed off 'em".


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