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Greenough StreetGreenough Street. (Changed beyond recognition)

Maidwells was a sewing factory but what did they make? Down by the side of the River Douglas was Water Heyes Electrical. The Quality Hotel now occupies this position across from where the famous old Wigan Rugby Ground was, but now is a Tesco Supermarket.

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I went to St Georges School and do you know we won the Smith Cup more times than any other school. The headmaster, Billy Spencer, kicked soccer into touch during the 50s so none of the kids could play footy for the school after that. Fortunately I managed to play. I used to like playing against St Catherines who we always used to trounce, because I knew a lot of the lads. Tez Jones, Wigan, UK

22nd Jan 2010

As a newcomer to this site, I have been reading over some past comments to bring me up to date and give me an insight into what topics are discussed. I was surprised that people seem to be using this site to be critical of other adults . . . Namely B.U. I know B.U. and his lovely family, and think you might not know that B.U. has been in hospital since March of last year, so when someone posted a message and everyone thought it was him, they were all very mistaken because he was still very poorly in hospital, and actually is still too poorly be commenting on this or any other site. Well, I hope that I will find further messages of more use and am able to chat to people who have something of interest to say, instead of their useless, childish comments. Especially Mr Yates, who still has some kind of interest in continuing with childish talk. sandra johnstone, wigan, lancs

19th Jan 2010

Remember that geezer wh used to boast that he had a barge of some sort on Lake Windermere. Well a watched a programme Michael Portillo in the Lake District. He was on a smashing looking, well preserved owd boat. The owner was complaining about the tatty vessels cluttering the lake now days. I thought yeah that bragging geezer on Wigan World is probably polluting an otherwise picturesque lake with his owd wreck. Something should be done about it. Yatesy, Wigan, UK

14th Jan 2010

Oh oh Mona..tell you Mona what I’m gonna do…build a house next door to you.. Happy New Year Mona ... and everone else. Get with it man! Beatnik Fly, Aspull, Wigan, UK

7th Jan 2010

appy noo yeer clif an too everibody. stan arkwright,, wigin, inglund

3rd Jan 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL cliff higham, Wigan, uk

31st Dec 2009

Happy xmas Cliffy luv. Hope to see you at next St Georges reunion. Much luv XXX. Babs, Wigan, UK

23rd Dec 2009

Ah! The sweet fragrance of Mona Spring. Glad to hear from you again Mona. Hope you are well. Wonder how the Beatnik Fly from Aspull and the rest are getting on. Yatesy, Wigan, GB

22nd Dec 2009

Hi Guys. Have a wonderful Xmas and dont break the New Year resolutions. Mona, Wigan, GB

17th Dec 2009

Hi Fats. Merry Christmas and to one and all. Yatesy, Wigan, UK

14th Dec 2009

Here's wishing everyone who contributes to the page a merry Christmas. Tez Dainty, the Dowdalls, Mona, Stan .... everybody, the Highams and Eggsy.. one and all and even Bu Bu Sandside. Peace and good will to all. Fotmery Fat Walter, Wigan (x-Windsor), GB

13th Dec 2009

Right on fats. Filled in for Blue Diamonds a couple of times. Remember them,,there were thousands of em. Eggs, Eureka, US

9th Dec 2009

Eggsy - did you ever play at the Paradise Club? Formerly Fat Walter, (Ex-Windsor) Wigan, UK

8th Dec 2009

Chris. As you know your cuz Clint Higham was rhythm guitar and vocals, Tommy Rimmer on drums, Jesse James on bass and me on lead and vocals. catcha son. Eggs, Eureka, USA

1st Dec 2009

Hi Eggsi, how you doing. Remember seeing you play at the Wellfield and that pub in Norley that Keith Holden ran. Great version of Memphis Tennessee. Remind me of the other lads in the group. Chris Higham, Wigan, UK

1st Dec 2009

I used to play in a group called the Beech Hillbillies. Eggs, Eureka, USA

30th Nov 2009

I used to sell the Lancashire Evening Post and Manchester Evening Chronicle in the streets around Greenough Street. Eric (Eggs) Marshall, Eureka, Montana, USA

29th Nov 2009

Hi Becci, I'm not Cliff Highams brother - honest. In fact I dont know him and he probably doesnt know me. There are loads of Highams in Wigan. Cliffs probably younger than me. I knew Bu Bu though, a little brat. We'd clip his luggs and he run off scrikeing for his mam. You're dead reet though - its time we forgave and forgot. So here's to Mr. B.U. and lets hope he behaves himself in future. Like you say Becci - theres a place for his poems and if thats not good enough Im sure the Council have a place. Seriously though, I can not speak for the other Higham but as far as I am concerned Bu is forgiven. Chris Higham, Wigan, UK

29th Nov 2009

I think that it is awfully sad when grown men participate in this silly baiting. Having had grandparents who lived in the Greenough Street area I have read the comments above extensively. It seems the nub of the issue is that a former resident of Greenough St who wishes to be known as B.U. from Sandside (Cumbria) was chastised by a number of contributors for his bad “poetry” and being mistakenly responsible for posting a filthy limerick. The limerick had actually been posted by a regular contributor, Cliff Higham. Although it is true that B.U. had a tendency to boast on various subjects including owning some sort of canal craft, a subject of derision by his detractors. He also seemed to have an unhealthy obsessive dislike of Grammar School boys. This site is meant for pleasantries so lets all try to make life a better place for each other. I suggest that the brothers Higham cease to abuse B.U. and keep their comments pertinent to the Greenough Street area and keep them pleasant. I suggest that B.U. ceases to boast about what he perceives to be personal achievements and comes to terms with his phobia about Grammar School boys. With regard to – lets call it his “prose” rather than poetry is kept to the page on this site which makes provision for literary “wanna be’s”. Mr Higham should apologise to B.U. for posting the filthy limerick although I do appreciate that B.U. did nothing to protest his own innocence. It would be a nice conciliatory gesture on the part of Mr Higham. Hope you can all be friends. Rebecca. Rebecca Parker-Jones, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, GB

28th Nov 2009

Are you a brother, brother as in "monk" or another brother of say Bu Bu. Or are you a brother as in "soul brother". Oh brother! So many brothers. Why bother. P.S. message for Bu Bu. Hello sailor. Sale, shocking pink sailor suits in your local Debenhams. Free sailors cap with every suit purchase before December 10th. Hurry. Hurry whilst stocks last. Chris Higham, Wigan, UK

25th Nov 2009

Bu Bu is a better man than either chris or cliff higham (probably related) will ever be. dont bother replying with your childish comments brother, wigan, england

25th Nov 2009

remember dicky plums barbers, hildas ice cream parlour, harry fairhursts cloggers, unsworths grocers and that brat of kid brian who lived there. broughs cleaners, church o christ church, lennigans, stans radio shop. derek halsall, marie higham, laurence nevin, barabara and grham culshaw, loads o tarbucks, brian appleton, margret smith, jennifer gardner, derek holcroft. I could go on and on... Chris Higham, Wigan, UK

17th Nov 2009

WAWaw! thats strange, my guess he,s stayin out out your way. annabel, montreal, canada

12th Nov 2009

Degs I went to Canada last month but I didnt see you. B. Tarbuck, Ince, UK

11th Nov 2009

Yea thanks Cliff it's good to keep in touch.Hi Liz , yes I remember you very well how are you ?(after 40 years or so)When i talk to Jean I'll mention you .And Hi to you too Norman (45 years or so later) we sure got up to a lot of stuff didn't we it's a wonder we survived.Good to hear from you .Bye for now. degs, fernie, canada

10th Nov 2009

Degs, no probs, I know I just been sendin funnies but I,ll let you know whats goin down, here. regards to your gang. rock on catchya C cliff higham, wigan, WIGAN

8th Nov 2009

Degs n' Cliff. Remember when we dressed up as Guy Fawks and sat on corner of Turner Street to get a few coppers. Penny for the guy and all that. Dennis Smith used to sit on our heads and we couldnt say owt cos the punters would realise it wasnt a proper guy but me or Cliff or Degs. N. Ashurst, Gateshead, UK

6th Nov 2009

Jean was my best friend from the first day at st.George,s then all saints,then after leaving school,we use to go out drinking.I remember you,I once went with Jean baby sitting at your house,that was just past the boars head.And the home brew you once did.I remember your mum and dad,they were very nice people.Not seen Jean for a few years now. liz, wigan, uk

6th Nov 2009

liz, yes that's me, lived right at the bottom of the street .Good days great memories .Liz let me know who you are.Hi Cliff keep the e-mails coming. degs, fernie, canada

6th Nov 2009

Where have all the guys gone? Penny for the guy an things. cliff higham, wigan, uk

5th Nov 2009

Look out for his poetry - tin helmet time - Bu Bu Sandside is back!! Chris Higham, Wigan, UK

5th Nov 2009

Degs do you have a sister called Jean and did you live in burlington st. liz, wigan, uk.

3rd Nov 2009

sam Mellings bike shop ogling at the claud butler bikes with Campagnolo gears but could never afford one.Lets meet half way Saskatchewan maybe. degs, fernie, B.C.

3rd Nov 2009

Pull yourself together Bu Bu Sandside. Stop being so mard. If you want to write rubbish you call poetry ,, then write it. If the readers have to suffer they will have to fend for themselves. Are you a man or a mouse? Fred Higham, Wigan, GB

1st Nov 2009

was Joan, Charlie Fairhurst's daughter? Chris Higham, Wigan, Engkand

27th Oct 2009

iwas born and bred in scholes neville st off scholefied lane lived in brook house st went to st catherines whelley school remember dr garry drjohnson in greeenough st my aunty joan fairhurst worked at the wallpapershop in greenough st opposite maidwells sandra coxhead nee fields, preston, england

26th Oct 2009

i worked at maidwells they made overalls blouses for marks and spencers in the 1980s sandra coxhead nee fields, preston lancs, england

25th Oct 2009

Strange thing this diatribe by A.N. Other. Starts in the 3rd person and finishes in the first. Whatever the MA is in it certainly isn’t English Language. Probably an MA in scrounging from the Platt Bridge Institute of Stumblebums. Billy Boothroyd, Bickershaw, UK

23rd Oct 2009

I gather your a happy bunny then BU. Anne Other-Nother, Windermere, GB

22nd Oct 2009

The new picture of Greenough Street, claiming to be taken in 1972 is worth a look. Half a picture....... john, wigan, uk

20th Oct 2009

I address this to the vile pack of wolves (you know who you are), who saw fit to persecute B.U. from Sandside - and for what i ask ?! A few patriotic poems !! I ask each and every one of you, what actual harm did any of those poems do?? BU was born in Wigan and worked all his life in his home town, and from sheer hard work, after 62 years of living in Wigan, was fortunate enough to retire to the beautiful Lake District. Does that make him any less loyal to his home town? Of course not!! Yet, a set of people continued to hurl abusive remarks to this individual, just because he had pride in his retirement to the Lake District. I have to offer thanks to the gentleman who kindly corrected Mona (completely and utterly aptly named) when she wrongly criticised BU for a phrase that wasn't even maded by him. Mona you may have apologised - but too little, too late I feel!!! I ask you Mona, why you saw it necessary to state on several occasions, that you was a teacher - why? Does this make you a better citizen? Your teaching requirements and ability wouldn't come anywhere close to the teachers we have today and their academic ability. Did you think that by being a teacher stood you on a pedestal setting you apart from BU because he had proudly stated that he didn't attend grammar school? Oh how naive you are Mona !!! I am proud to say that I have a masters degree, but i am more proud to say that i am able to recognise true value of people regardless of academic ability and qualifications. I shall close my comments now and i ask each and everyone of you are you able to sleep at night with a clear conscience? I can stand tall and answer that question with an unreserved YES !!!!! I wake up every morning and i am grateful for everything myself and my family have - a wealth not of material goods but a wealth of the more important aspects of life - good health and happiness. Every day my number 1 aim is to help somebody and make people around me smile. I suggest that the pack of wolves take a leaf out of my book and try to be nice to others for once, and value what you all have and most importantly use this site to show consideration to the people that take time to type their inoffensive words - whatever they may be I feel nothing other that utter disgust for each and every one of you . . . . A.N.Other, lancs, uk

9th Oct 2009

hello everyone, I enjoy reading the memories of this street, my wifes granmama was born in this street in 1948 she often tells me stories of the times she had in her younger days and of many of her friends she had, I have seen some names on here she has mentioned, I read them to her and she smiles much. I was born in France but I have had work over in UK for many years, I will ask her more about her friends she remembers later. Maurice Piper, lille, France

22nd Sep 2009

Yes Margaret. Cliff was always a a good looking charming lad with a mischevious sense of humour. I remember him on the Bowling Green opposite St Georges. Always singing the latest pop songs. Vera P., Luton, GB

18th Sep 2009

Cedric. Dont recall you. Give us a clue. What no. Windmill Terrace. I came from there. Do you recall Tommy Norburn. You're right that Fairhurst lad was a right tinker. I think some you mention have gone but the youngest Higham lad, Cliff, is still around. Saw him in the Brocket Arms the other week. Hasn't changed you would easy recognise him. Still looks young and sprightly. Always was a good looking lad but a bit cheeky. Any more memories? Margaret Culshaw, Chorley, UK

17th Sep 2009

I just came across this wigan world,ANGELA the bout this, grandaughter told me.I was brought up in windmill terrace, I rember most of the things wrote in here, the names norburns, ethil in the corner shop in turner street, toffee shop sedons was it? not sure Halliwells from oxford street and thr fairhurts from across facing, they had a chippy in greenough street didn,t too good mac,s was cross the road best chippy in wigin and I rember the cheeky lads playing jokes an runnin around cant remember many names thomas porter I think was his name, fairhursts lad was a little tinker,a whittaker,denis smith always with his pal one of the highams youngest I think his mother used to sing in the clubs I saw her sing a few times she was good anyway I hope I do this right I try let you read and thank you all for reminding me of the old times, cedric cedrric ollerinshaw, plat bridge, englund

27th Aug 2009

Sorry Peter no I have not bumped into Degis, but then Canada is a big country. Neil Pennington, Ontario, Canada

25th Aug 2009

I used to visit my aunt in Turner St when I was a little girl. I knew two little blond lads Clifford Higham and Alan Addlingtn. They used to come around asking for me. Alan was nice and jolly. The naughty lad from Windsor street was Clifford. He used to tell me he was a member of the Ovaltinis club and was always singing the hit songs. He used to ring my aunts door bell and run away. Carole Smith, St Helens, UK

25th Aug 2009

Neil, have you bumped into Degsi? He moved to Canada. Peter Dwdall, Bamber Bridge, UK

22nd Aug 2009

Hi Cliff glad to hear that your Son has s settled in Australia, seem that there are a lot going there. I left Wigan in 1957 when I joined the Forces did almost six years and came back to Lancashire worked in the Rossendale Area, My Sister had emigrated to Canada in 1952 and my brother emigrated there in 1957 at the time I joined the Forces, My Mum died in 1967 and we left to go to Canada, to join my Brother and Sister. I have been back many times visiting over the years, but do not have the urge to return and live in the UK. Question I want to aske, there was a young lad on Windsor Street, who had an accident one bonfire night in the late 40's he had a load of fireworks in his pocket and a spark set them off and he received injury to his side. do you know of him. Also was Eric in the Boys Brigade, at St Georges I seem to think he was in at the early stage, but I'm not sure. Lennigans also had a Car tire garage at the top of Mount street. All for now. Neil Pennington, Ontario, Canada.

21st Aug 2009

yeah neil. always sad to family pass. Molloy! butcher, I remember the name now you mention it. So tell me Neil, when did you emigrate to Canada and what made you decide to move over there? My son Richard emigrated to Australia with his family 2yrs ago, he loves it, many have tried but soon are back, he wont be. wev,e been over to visit twice, wonderful place and lifestyle, he,s happy, I,m happy for them. nice hearin from you Neil, drop a line now an then, tell us all, let your memories out. take care. cliff H, wigan, uk

20th Aug 2009


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