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Co-op on Market StreetSome shops that no longer exist but people may remember.

In Wallgate there was Ashtons (Tobacconists), James Star's (Bookshop) they also had a printers in Dorning Street. In Market Place, Maypole (Grocers), Meadow Dairy (Grocers). In Market Street, The Golden lion (Pub) does anybody remember the golden lion on the wall?, Lowes (Department Store), UCP (Restraunt and Tripe shop a Lancashire delicacy of yesteryear). Conroys also had some wholesale storage opposite the old market, then there was the two rows of wooden stalls by the side of the Market this is where you would buy your fresh fruit. In Standishgate there was the Rendesvous (Cafe), Woolworths also had a store, Woodhouses (Furniture shop), Mark Williams (Butchers) R O Laces (Cake Shop), and there was the Dog and Partridge pub at the corner of Church Street. In Mesnes Street there was the Scotch Bakery and Cafe, and in Station Road Pools had a Department Store.

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does eny one remember henry and allice ashurst thay had a shop down catherine street thay had a daughter named vivien she was my mum would love to hear from eny one ho rememberd her karen ellis, blackpool, uk

30th Jan 2012

In reply to Sean re. the Beer Keller, if we're talking about the same person Wally was actually a guy I went to Wigan Grammar with and later worked with at BT (Post Office Telecomms as it was called at the time). His name was Steve Walters and, yes, he was a great drinker. He held some kind of town record for drinking a pint standing on his head. I'd love to catch up with him again, assuming that the drink hasn't put and end to him in the meanwhile. Bill Parkinson, Milton Keynes, UK

19th Jan 2012

Does anybody remember Crabtree's Grocers shop in Darlington Street, Wigan. I was born in a bedroom above the shop in 1959, on a Wednesday afternoon when it was half day closing! Julie Evans (Crabtree), Dwygyfylchi, North Wales

5th Jan 2012

what happened to lennons supermarket bottom of king st,now a 5 per day car park. brian, hindley, lancs

30th Oct 2011

I remember most of the above and would like to add my own memory of Lacey's cake shop on Standishgate. My first job when I left school in 1974 was at Laceys and my boss was Mrs Henshaw. My first wage paid for two dresses from C&A and a single from Hursts in the market (When will I see you again by The Three Degrees) On Saturday I loved to go to the outside market where you could buy 4 singles for a 1.00, they were all ex juke box and had no middles. Oh happy happy days. Gillian Morrison, Wigan, England

15th Oct 2011

"Kay's (Army) Surplus Stores! What a fantastic shop it was. I remember buying a bandsman's suit and a sou'wester. My brother bought a gas mask and a bee keeper's hood" Posted earlier by: Philip Hodkinson, Nelson 20th Aug 2010) Hi Philip ... you couldn't make it up. Yes, I do remember this shop in (Darlington Street) - a veritable cornucopia of goods that were stacked from floor to ceiling (and with more 'out in the back' I'll wager) and the window was jam packed with all manner of second hand goods, too! "My brother bought a gas mask and a bee keeper's hood" MAGIC!!! THIS MADE ME CHUCKLE. Hours of fun for you both I'll bet ... and (no doubt) ALL for the princely sum of (erm?) 1/10d. Nothing like it today - thanks for sharing, Philip. Richard Mather (formally Aspull), Pattaya, Thailand

9th Sep 2011

Having studied for my Mining HND at Wigan Tech the highlight of the week was a visit to Walls publishers to purchase a copy of the booklet "Science and Art of Mining", not only for the content but as importantly you could often get the homework answers as most of the contributors were lectures at the Tech. Does anyone know if these treasured booklets are still available? John, York, England

24th Aug 2011


2nd Aug 2011

Does anyone remember Olivers pie shop in newtown. We would take our own jug for the gravy, then we would have to wait on the bench for the pies to come out of the oven, always red hot and delicious and worth the long wait . julie ready, wigan, lancs

29th Jun 2011

Does anyone remember Grafton House, a fashion shop at the bottom of Makinsons arcade? I frequented this shop in the 50's and used to buy beautiful 'duster coats' in fabulous colours and then go into the Market hall and brows the material stall Harts where I would co=ordinate the material with the coat and buy three yards for about 2shillings and eleven pence which I would then take home and make up a beautiful dress to go out in the same night. Those were the days. We went to the Emp and Palis and Gees in Dorning street. Woolworths in Standishgate was a treasure trove of cheap jewelery and often I would ring the changes by getting one of my duster coats dyed at the dry cleaners in Market Street, can#t remember if it was Johnsons but it was near the Kendal rainwear shop and I did on several occasions go out in these dyed garments and get rained on, result all clothing was ruined, they were not fast dyed at that time. celia fairhurst, skelmersdale, lancashire

15th May 2011

When I worked at Joan Barries in the sixties Carole, Anne, Joyce and Winnie worked there too. Are any of you out there? June Wainwright, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

11th May 2011

does anyone rememner a shop in, or around Harrogate St owned by a Miss Lamb. It used to be an agent for the Grove Laundry where i worked. It was like going back in time in , the 1960s when i delivered there, old metal signs advertising various products and gas mantles were still in use. It fascinated me david H, upholland, england

22nd Apr 2011

I was a window dresser at Joan Barries in the sixties.We once saw the Everly Brothers walking up Wallgate.McCandlishes used to sell jelly creams.Does anyone remember them,they were delicious! When I was a child my Gran used to take me to Gorners? in the arcade. Fab steak puddings,I remember the smell to this day! june wainwright nee smith, skelmersdale, england

4th Apr 2011

Don't ask how old I am!!!! But I remember all of these shops - and more! Outside Lowe's Department Store was the place you stood to meet the fellow you had picked up at the Empress on the previous Monday night. (Having met the lad you went to the Ritz, the Court Cinema, or even the Pavilion, which had a bad name! - or even the Hippodrome Theatre.) Poole's Dept Store (later posh-Pendlebury's until taken over by one of the London Dept Chains) was the place we were sent to buy our Hindley Grammar uniforms - too expensive for us, so my mother had a good look at them, then made them herself, or purchased identical cheaper elsewhere! If you went into the Meadow or Maypole Groceries for half a pound of butter the assistant would cut a piece off the huge block, weigh it and wrap it in white paper! I remember Lace's cakeshop, but wasn't there a Lace's ironmongers? Somewhere near the bottom of what was then the Grand Arcade? The Rendezvous Cafe (locally pronounced "Rendervoos". When I did a short spell as a nursing student at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary we used to go there in the evenings, buy one coffee, and sit at a window table watching the world go by! That was when we hadn't enough money to get into the Emp! It was above a very posh ladies. dress shop, Joan Barry's - if you had a frock from there you had made it! Not shops, but local dancing! I had many very happy hours in the mid/late 50s at the dance school run by Tommy and Hilda Moss! And many years later I actually had the experience of nursing Tommy when he was dieing in Billinge Hospital. It was sad, but I felt privileged to be able to care for him! Which puts me in mind of another Wigan-character....Billy Davies, who was a doorman at the Ritz Cinema in the early 50s. Used to stand outside, uniformed. calling "Seats in the one-and nines" (one old-shilling and nine pence) in a "camp" voice. Anyone remember him? He was a good man, and very kind and helpful to people who had troubles. Puts me in mind because I also had the experience of nursing him in his final extremety! I never go to Wigan now if I can possibly avoid it. It has gone totally down the nick - how very sad! Edna Booth, Warrington, UK

27th Mar 2011

Friday Night, 1971, a 1 note in your pocket. Bus into town, prop the bar up in every town cente pub, 6 pints of best bitter and bag of chips on the way home. Heaven! Chris, Wigan, England

6th Mar 2011

Grafton House, ladies dress shop at end of Makinson Arcade facing old Market Hall. Kath, Wigan, Lancs

27th Feb 2011

Denise Dickinson in New Zeland. Do you know anything more about the dawbers and their shop? Am trying to research this line and keep being told of this shop, but no one knows anything! Stuart, Wigan, Lancs

14th Jan 2011

I remember the golden lion on the wall very well. When I was a small child, my Grandad used to take me past it regularly. He always had me put my hand in it's mouth to see if it had grown any teeth . Happy days. Pat Worthington, wigan, lanc's

6th Jan 2011

does anyone remember berry"s butchers in the market hall i worked there 1969-72 used to buy records from hursts in market happy days eddie, wigan, uk

2nd Jan 2011

I remember toy an hobby in wigan :-) jenny y, port sunlight, wirral

29th Dec 2010

The bakery at the top of Bradshaw St/the Gossips was Gaskells. Jimmy, wigan, lancashire

23rd Nov 2010

Does anyone remember the name of the bakery that used to be in the gossips,(top of Bradshaw Street) opposite Lamberhead Green Primary school. sheila lucas, Port Sunlight, UK

31st Oct 2010

Just a few of the places I remember in Wigan. Countdown (Bought my first Ben Sherman there) Chelsea Girl ( future wife was never out of it)Oxleys, Park & Market Pubs, Hal's Kitchen (Over M&S)Whelans store, The Baked Potato on the old bus Station, Rumbelows (You could listen to all the latest records before you bought any)Beachcomber (Under Casino)Roy's Records in the Market Hall, Penningtons Furniture shop (Bought first table & chairs on credit)Chamberlain's Music Shop.Grapes Pub, Commercial Yard, Gorners Cafe in the little Arcade, Fair & Pot Stalls on the Market Square Norman Cullen, Wigan, Lanc's

14th Oct 2010

I remember the Las Vegas club we all used to the grand and then on to the las vegas' there used to be a place over the top of british home stores entry was next to the arcade i think? a steak house used to go there for Tbone steak I used to be in the navy at the time at faslane near glasgow and I couldnt wait to get back home for a good time TALKING about chippy's i was born and bred in a chippy ion pemberton they used to call it maudes after my aunty maud who served in there the chippy was my grandmothers on the corner opposite pemberton caravans steve coleman, metung, australia

7th Oct 2010

I remember Woolworths ,we used to go in there and get a bag of broken biscuits,after we had been at the baths,we would spend our bus fair and walk home,but those biscuits were so good Carol Naylor, Melbourne, Australia

20th Sep 2010

Kays Surplus Stores ! What a fantastic shop it was. I remember buying a bandsman's suit and a souwester. My brother bought a gas mask and a bee keeper's hood. I took a photograph of Kays in the late 1970s which I'm sure I've got somewhere. Philip Hodkinson, Nelson, England

20th Aug 2010

where all the laundrettes gone ? kitti, wigan, Lancashire

10th Aug 2010

Mark Williams butchers on Standishgate. Me and my dad used to love the cooked pigs feet and tails in jelly. Luverly. linma, preston, england

5th Aug 2010

Can any of you ladies remember the name of the ladies dress shop on the right hand side at the bottom of Makinson Arcade facing the market hall. linma, preston, england

4th Aug 2010

Does anyone remember when the Oxfam shop 80 market st was Taylors outfitters love to hear some memories. wendy wendy, wigan, lancashire

7th Jul 2010

I remember working for a solicitors office at Bank Chambers, Wallgate, just above the post office. We had to walk down a ginnel at the side of the post office to the front door, then up umpteen flights of stairs to the offices. I remember during power outages in, I think, 1972, the girls were allowed to wear pants to work because it was freezing, but at soon as the power was back on we had to go back to skirts. I remember the office junior being sent home to change because she came to work in hotpants! Then I moved to a different solicitors in King Street (Arthur Smith & Broadie-Griffith) and the power being out. We had to type with candles on our typewriters so we could see to read. brenda m, Vancouver, Canada

9th Jun 2010

Fred, I too worked at Nimans. I was there straight from school. Only did a year there as the junior, until another junior came,who'd mother used to work there. I was sent in the cellar cleaning the epns cutlery before it was displayed all shiny & new. It was a never ending cleaning job, whole cutlary boxes with drawers. Then I was given teapot sets & trays. I loved being able to watch how the windows where displayed. One was rings and jewellery. One was bags etc. One would be china & silver. But had a run in with the Wife Mrs Cowan large lady with a small husband. I remeber runnin up the backs to the other shop in all kinds of weather, to bang on the back gate to be let into rear of the other shop. When a lady wanted a precise coloured handbag, or a matching coloured necklace. I had to run & hurry & not keep the customer waiting. Loved the new items being delivered, and watched how they re-hung a pearl necklace. Using corrugated card to line the broken necklace, so that it could be re-knotted. But I finished after having words with Mrs Cowan for me being picked on. Over the new junior. Happy Times. My Mum made me apolgise and return to the shop. Mrs Cowan was really nice about it saying I was a little feisty. But I gave a weeks notice anyway. Then went into the mills. dorothy, Wigan- Western Australia-Wigan, England

17th May 2010

was it toy and hobby near maximes alan lad, wigan, england

19th Dec 2009

I remember Joan Barrie clothes shop in Wallgate, Van Allen in Standishgate and Polly of Piccadilly. Also Roy Hurst Records in the Market Hall. Does anyone remember a toy shop near Maximes in the 80's? Larraine Ince, Wigan, Lancashire

9th Dec 2009

Re. sloopys Alf Higham.As there is no date to your reply to Adelle you said you were still in contact with Barbara.i must inform you that Barbara passed away earlier this year. Brian J Green, orrell, uk

27th Nov 2009

Remember Miss Winkelmanns boutique in the 60s, also in the eary 60s we used to do some food shopping in a shed type building somewhere off Wallgate. It was a supermarket basically but the building had no windows. I remember sugar was always cheap but only one bag per customer - my mum used to make me and my sister get a trolley as well so that we could get extra sugar! I can't remember the name - can anyone else? Possibly around where Office World is now. Esther jackson, Wigan, Lancs

19th Nov 2009

Bluto's pub and night club, ace place, the music played in the basement was beltin. Andy Measey, Halifax, England

10th Sep 2009

My God I can remember them all. While at school I had a Saturday job at the UCP used to eat myself sick on the boiled ham! Mum bought me my school uniform at Lowes right down to the brown knickers and daft hat. I am sure that wouldn't know Wigan town centre anymore but did work there for years. I have "fond" memories of a very run down haberdashery shop opposite the Market Hall, you could not ask for the wrong thing, it came complete with the cockroaches that jumped out of the drawers when opened!! Also wasn't there a weighing machine that you sit on in the Old Arcade? Frances, Heide, Germany

8th Jul 2009

Viv, I remember the restaurant in Station Rd, it was next to the hairdressers. I think it was called the Olive Grove. Jimmy, wigan, England

8th Jul 2009

Can anyone remember a place on the same side as the casino but a few doors away towards the cinema? It was a restaurant and I remember going there in the early 70's for my first ever Christmas dinner out. We had prawn cocktail, never tasted anything like it in my life before. My mum had melon with a cherry on it! Also at the top of Makinsons arcade, where there is a sports shop now, there used to be a ladies boutique you went downstairs I usually remember what it was called but its gone. John English hairdressers, i used to go as a model when i was at tech for a cheap hair do, it was above Dolcis shoe shop when it was a huge shoe shop. viv, Wigan, England

15th Jun 2009

Tickles the weind - when the weind was re vamped Mr Tickle went to work in Times Craft in mesnes street. He looked so out of place and unhappy, it was always a joy to go in his shop - whatever you wanted he would eventually find it for you. Wigan has sadly lost all of it's individuality now as with most towns. It is and always will be dear to my heart liz, bolton, England

7th Jun 2009

I had to say that I ceratinly remember Walleys pet shop and the amazing animals in there. What memories have come back to me. I have lived away for an age and rarely go into the town centre. I grew up in Ashton and went to the grammar school. Does anyone remeber the old gentleman who poured icing onto ice buns at the traffic lights top of Gerard st and bottom of Liverpool rd ? So fantastic we had to hide on the way home !My grandfather built Wigan cattle market , now knocked down but was a thriving centre. He had an office ,John Trickett and sons in Kng st. next to a confectioners called the black boy where my dad bought my mum pontefract cakes every Friday. Opposite was a gents outfitters called Roger Roden. My greatest mouth watering memory is Mcandlishes pasties, I was actually allowed to eat in the street as long as it was hidden behind the bag. Every morning my Grandfather, Uncle Oswald and my Dad would stroll up to the Mallorca Hotel for morning coffee, what a treat it was to go with my Dad ! Gill, Wigan, UK

31st Mar 2009

Response to Jennifer Grundy re Casino: I also frequented the Emp and later the Casino, remember the groups who played there. Ray Simms ......... I remember having a date with him once, I was about 16 at the time; I seem to recall a few girls had a crush on him. Great times! Pat van Vliet (nee Johnson), Amsterdam, Netherlands

12th Mar 2009

Hi Kitty and Marian, nice to see a mention of Taylors Bridge Baron & Sykes, brings back memories of when I worked there for a couple of years. Started in 1962 as office-junior then worked as Hubert Taylor's secretary. Mary Mills was Gerard McHugh's secretary at the time and Irene Baron was secretary to Cyril Sykes. I was working there when Beatrice's dad died. The last time I saw her must've been early 70's when we still lived in Wigan. We used to frequent McCandlish's, cheese & tomato cobs were my favourite. Occasionally we would treat ourselves to a lunch in the UPC. Pat van Vliet (nee Johnson), Amsterdam, Netherlands

12th Mar 2009

I also remember the Brigadiers a good punk rock band. They looked a bit funny but I think that the drummer was the brains behind them. There was a punk jazz band that sometimes played at the john bull with a spaced out bass player and a woman on percussion, they had a brilliant young drummer that kept it all together, I think that they were called inside out or something Brian Holden, Finike, Turkey

12th Mar 2009

Punk was very popular in Wigan in the late seventies but does anyone remember wigans The Friggin Brigadiers,they would leave any visiting punk group for dead,they had a totally origional set including a song called White Man in Wigan Casino. jim kershaw, palm coast, america

13th Jan 2009

I worked in Times Craft. when it changed names to Conrad office and Art.... Joan retired whilst I was there. Frank Tickle moved from the Weind to a corner of this shop ...He was a lovely man and his wife Agnes...lived in Hornby Street.. He had a fantastic assortment of buttons... I loved looking thru all the different varieties.... Susan Rynn, Wigan, England

13th Jan 2009

Semi-skilled scowser! C. Higham, Wigan, UK

1st Jan 2009

I had a Saturday job in Times Craft Centre around 1985 when I was a teenager at Wigan College. I really loved that shop and the people who worked there (Barbara, Alan, Ann, Joan, Cath and Peter) - we used to have a good laugh. I really miss that shop although I spent my wages there every week because they always had interesting things to buy. Carol Littler, Wigan, England

16th Dec 2008

I remember when I worked at Coop & Co in Dorning Street, and we used to go to the UCP for our dinner. 3d plate of chips, with gravy becasue it was free, and a free glass of water. It all eeked out my spending money in those days. We sat on a bar stool at the counter and I can still recall how good those chips tasted. celia fairhurst, wigan, lancashire

10th Dec 2008


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