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Co-op on Market StreetSome shops that no longer exist but people may remember.

In Wallgate there was Ashtons (Tobacconists), James Star's (Bookshop) they also had a printers in Dorning Street. In Market Place, Maypole (Grocers), Meadow Dairy (Grocers). In Market Street, The Golden lion (Pub) does anybody remember the golden lion on the wall?, Lowes (Department Store), UCP (Restraunt and Tripe shop a Lancashire delicacy of yesteryear). Conroys also had some wholesale storage opposite the old market, then there was the two rows of wooden stalls by the side of the Market this is where you would buy your fresh fruit. In Standishgate there was the Rendesvous (Cafe), Woolworths also had a store, Woodhouses (Furniture shop), Mark Williams (Butchers) R O Laces (Cake Shop), and there was the Dog and Partridge pub at the corner of Church Street. In Mesnes Street there was the Scotch Bakery and Cafe, and in Station Road Pools had a Department Store.

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Thanks to Vivien Schrager-Powell for her message. Mr. Woodend the fishmonger was my grandad. He died when I was very young and I only have one memory of him. But I do have his watch as a memento. The fish shop was, I believe, in Hallgate (if I've got this wrong my mum will kill me), and my mum always said that her dad treated all the customers very well. Thanks Vivien! Nick Spencer, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Re: The Golden Lion. This symbol is from the White Lion Hotel, 1824-1958. Although called Hotel it was a pub. The pub was located at 2 Market St. Wigan. It was bought by Mr. Lowe in 1957 and razed in 1958 to extend his store. The White Lion symbol was imbedded in the back wall of the new building. Later, when the building was changed, the symbol was moved to the front of the building on the site where the old pub stood. It is there now in one of the peaks facing Standishgate. My father lived in the pub from about 1910 to 1923 when his parents ran it. Alice (Haselden) Pearson, rochester hills, michigan, usa
We seem to have forgot the JJB Sports shop near the old Gas showrooms around the market square. My Dad bought my first Hornby train set for me from there. There was also a bus station at the market square if I remember. Mike Allen, Norwich, England
My mother - Edna Cunningham - worked in Ashtons for a few years when I was little, I used to go with her on a Saturday and I was fascinated by all the stuff, they had loads and loads of stuff - they had a toy dog that barked and then walked and wagged it's tail. My mum eventually bought this little dog for my brother's little baby boy for Christmas - my mum died not long after (in 1972) (going back 'bout 35 years). I used to love going to Wigan on the bus from Lower Ince, and sometimes we used to take the other bus which passed up Ince Green Lane and through Higher Ince, it took longer, but it was a nice ride! Funny how small things were appreciated then, eh? Joy Jones (ni Cunningham),, Komatipoort, South Africa
My Great Gran owned a shop in Wallgate. I think it was called Seal's. She died in 1958 and her funeral was quite big as she was well known. Her name was Alice Seal. She wa married to Joseph. Does anyone know anything aobut her or know where I can perchase details about her? Melanie Denby, Bristol, Avon
Have I missed summat? Or has Chamberlain's Music Shop of Standishgate been overlooked? I seem to remember it being on two floors. At street level on the first floor you could buy anything from a spare violin string to a trombone. Down the steps at the lower level was the record department where if you convinced the girls behind the counter that you were buying that day, you could request the track of your choice, go into a booth and listen through a head set. They also sold sheet pop music which bore the words to the song in question. I think that the building now is an Antiques shop opposite the Royal Oak pub. John Shuttleworth, Winstanley, Wigan
Remember the Keller FAT LARRY Mamphis Slim George the baseplayer Kenny and Wally who could drink for England Newki Brown (Ugh ). What happend to Copper Kettle ? Rainbow Cottage ? Sunday afternoons in the park after the rugby club how many kiks are here now thanks to those guys ? Sean, Wigan, England
Such lovely memories. I remember a few others, Fred Dawes , in Library Street, the old HH Timberlake garage, also in Library street, later moved to Wallgate. I remember D Heaton tv Shop in Makinson arcade and Newtown. Leonards Shoe shop in The arcade( could still be there) Civic TV shop on the corner of Library street.Was called something else before that.Williams Deacons bank, later Williams and Glynn, then Royal bank of Scotland? Nostalgia is a fine thing , but soemtimes it gets in the way of today:) Happy memories though. John, Auckland, New Zealand
How dare we forget the old Ribble Bus Station opposite Wigan Pier? The well to do used Ribble buses as I remember it. Remember the deep red colour they were painted? The ticket machine also was different than those of a "Corpy Bus". You couldn't get off between Wigan and Orrell Post and they would never stop at Corporation bus stops!! Their old garage is now a tyre bay / tile centre. John Shuttleworth, Winstanley, Wigan
In reply to Kate Conroy of Madrid, and her contribution about Pendlebury's burning down, {Circa 1956}, yes I remember this. We owned Hall's grocer's shop on the corner of Tunstall Lane / Hare & Hounds Pub {Proprietor Billy Bland of Wigan Rugby fame} & Billinge Rd. When the fire started my dad took me over the road to the corner of Little Lane to point this out. The store was well alight and could be clearly seen from that distance. On Standishgate the following day you couldn't move for onlookers. That viewpoint has now been overtaken by houses and the Little Lane Gipsy Site. John Shuttleworth, Winstanley, Wigan
anyone remember tomlinsons d.i.y shop on darlington street, my ex husband used to work there. there was a van driver called geoff who was also a keen fisherman. doreen, wigan, england
I know it's out of town a bit but who remembers the Carleton Cinema at Halfway House? As with the ABC Minors they had "the tanner rush", sixpence to get in. Hundreds of snotty nosed kids all queued up at the side entrance. {The posh ones went in through the front foyer}. Cowboy chases were the best, everybody stamping their feet and cheering. We'd all come to see BLOOD. And when the action was over and the talking began, everybody started booing. Zorro was another. You went in your gabadene mack. Top button only fastened and didn't put your arms down the sleeves. This was of course your cape. The lady with the flash light had a full time job keeping control. Afterwards there were some wooden garages behind the Carleton, and we used to climb up to re enact what we had just seen, everybody making the Z sign with a pretend sword. Happy days Eh? John Shuttleworth, Winstanley, Wigan
Oppsosite the Boro chippy in Millgate used to be 'Slow Joe's' a small fish and chip restaurant. The meals were always superb but the wait always seemed like an eternity. As youngsters on the way home from the baths, if we opened the door to see anymore than half a dozen people sat waiting, our hearts would sink, but it was always worth the wait. Andy Jarvis, Basle, Switzerland
Omg .. what memorys... i worked at RO.Lace ( Cake Shop)... went to blutos ,even the saturday mornings at the Cinema .I went to Mesnes High school . and remember going into the old market hall for 10 regal for 27pence on the way to school.. Kathryn O'Donnell, Leigh, England
Does anyone remember Crawford's Wool Shop? I used to love going in there and just looking at all of the different types of wool on those dark, old wooden shelves. I was destrought when it closed because it was a brilliant place to buy wool. Catherine Rosbottom, Louisville, USA
Does anyone ever remember the Michelin man that used to sit on the window ledge of the bike shop in Wigan. He used to constantly lean forwards slowly the sit upright again. Fond memories of asking my dad to slow down in the car so we could watch Mr Michelin over and over again !! Paul Barker, Perth, Western Australia
Adele, I remember your nan, Molly she did work for Barbara (who i'm still in contact with) She worked at Sloopies also next door at "Puffers"(Puffers as in Trains) Later to be "Pemps" Also i remember your reletives Barnes boys,sorry,can't remember their christian names or their relation to Molly,maybe was Molly's sons,it's a long time ago now,can't place you either,but maybe if i met you i may know you,will speak to Barbara about this! Good to hear from you anyway. Alf. Higham, Torquay, gb
My Nan worked in Sloopies, later changing its name to Pemps- Pemps is still there and still has the same name (the infamous Barbara still owns & runs this!!taking over from Kevin Pemp I believe!)- the decor is still the same, even the barrell tables. Trucks was next door later to become Giggalos among other names. Does anyone remeber my Nan? Hilda known as'MOLLY', she ran the door in the 60's 70's - she was a large jolly gorgeous big hearted lady who never judged anyone - she had friends from rockbands/punks/bikers to top businessmen and would always be ready will a pan of lobbys and advice for anyone in trouble. She died around 15 years ago, her funeral was held at the Parish Church, there were so many people there it was unbelievable! So if you were a punk in the 70's & remeber MOLLY leave a comment.... Adelle, Wigan, UK
I too remember the UCP cafe. Every Saturday we went into Wigan my mum my day and myself and we allways went to the UCP shop (correct me if I'm wrong) and got the most delicious steak and cowheel pies. I can still imagine the taste. I also remember the Empress where I spent many happy evenings always making a dash for the last bus otherwise had to walk and if not in by certain time latch on the door. I also remember the Tommy Walsh Dance school over the Cinima been there a few times.There was also another night club I think facing the bus station and it used to do all nighters. Came out of there worse for wear. God we could go on all night. But they were good times. Wigan was a good place and I'm sure still is Kate, Berwick, England
Caz King you are right! It was Oxley's I remembered as soon as I posted that last message but never came back to put it right. Christine Davies, Wigan, England
I remember the UCP my nan used to take me in there and they did the best liver and onions I ever tasted. The department store on station road wasn't Oxendales but Oxley's Caz King, Wigan, England
Mc Candelish's for me was the last stop before catching the Abbey Lakes bus home to Pemberton. After a morning at the old baths we used to call in for 1d of broken biscuits, (those which could not be sold). Later that day it was on to the "tanner rush" at the Carleton bug house at Half way House. What a day it used to be! john, wigan, uk
The cafe opposite the Ritz abc cinema was called the NewWay I think. It was indeed a great meeting place before going off to the Casino or wherever. Kate Conroy, Madrid, Spain
I fondly remember the UCP I used to go there on a Saturday with my Mother and Father after walking around Wigan for most of the day. My Dad would wear his best suit and tie and my Mum her best frock. For a special treat we would go upstairs to the restaurant(after queing on the stairs) and I always ordered the same thing, pudding and chips. The gravy inside was almost black in colour and it was full of steak, no fat or sawdust like the ones today. Remember also Pendleburys, Oliver Somers sports shot, the old arcade with the "Try weight friend" chap, the Legs of Mann pub, and the man who appeared from time to time selling a kind of whistle that you had to put in your mouth, he could make bird calls with it, but I never mastered it. Lynton Prescott, Ashton in Makerfield, UK
Yes, I remember the miners, and the childrens library. Also St Pats old infant and junior school in Hardybutts. Pendleburys used to be the epitome of department stores in the 1960s. Does anyone remember the name of the furniture store that was almost opposite? or was it further down, opposit what was C & As? jacqueline perrins, Barnoldswick, England
I well remember Frank Tickle's shop in the Weind! In the 70's there was a bit of a clog revival, and I used to make clogs for Mr Tickle to sell in his shop, made from materials bought there. There was a small counter through a door in the back of the shop where Jack Cartwright sold the clog bits and leather, etc. The clog uppers were kept upstairs, and the soles in the cellar. A fascinating place with fascinating people. Nev Buchanan, Wigan, England
Fruit & Veg stalls outside Market Hall,Market St.Powells.Hayes.Conroys.Lewis's. Brimellows.Dawbers.Winards.all voiceing their wares.Gas tilley lamp stall,hired lamps to stall holders...for ever bursting into flames,panic!panic.Favouite haunt for stall holders cuppa'n homemade meat'n tato pies.Barnses Cafe next to Queens Hall.Market St.Yes!Pooles though,were still the greatest!!! Ken Dawber, Newton Stewart, Scotland
i think the big store opposite woolworths going down towards the ritz was==POOLES== wasn't it feint recollections of men standing outside saying come and look at this lovely three piece suite and dinning suites you can afford them on the never never onlycost you 2/6 a week or such as i say only vague memories /. does any one remmber the palais de dance up millgate , and wasnt there a very small cinema up a alley before stylo shoe shop and the wiend and the fifty shilling taylors down wallgate i rmember sneaking in the bodega at the interval at dances at the court hall king st , my mother would have shot me if she had known i had been in the bodega all for a very weak shandy with pat philbin muriel boardman joyce warburton john rafferty david jackson jack latham don robinson oh happy days margaret, Baughton, Worcestershire
Ah yes, how could anyone forget the minors/miners at the Ritz every Saturday morning? Batman and Robin, The Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy. Coming out to be met by mum to go shopping, (dont hold my hand mum, my mates will think I'm soft). Standing with legs crossed at the tea bar in Woolworths whilst mum chatted to friends. Does anyone remember the milk bar that was situated at the bottom of King Street opposite the Court Cinema? No walking up King Street and down Library Street nowadays for an hour before meeting girl friend with a quarter of quality street caramels. Did we really do that? Raymond Summers, Wigan, England
I remember the Bier Keller very well - does anybody remember Trucks or Sloopies? I think Sloopies had some connection with Pemps but I can't remember what it was now. Does anybody also remember Tiffany's? This would have been about the mid to late 1970s. Does anybody remember a pub called the Ship Hotel? My very best friend who I met at St. John's lived there, her parents were the landlords. We used to go to Wigan Baths after school many nights - even in the winter when it was freezing cold, we'd still have wet hair then we'd go back to the Ship for hot chocolate and the warm open fire. Does anybody remember the Miners or maybe it was the Minors, it was Saturday morning cinema for kids I think? There used to be another cinema in Wigan, there was the ABC and was it the Ritz or something? It was on Station Road I think, actually I can picture exactly where it was but I have forgotten the street name. Kathy Beirne, Tustin, California
i rember the cafe across from the cinema had jukeboxes on the walls small ones used to go thier before going to wigan casino, was always verry busy. ann, kitchener, canada
I am now answering the question i posted, after talking to a friend at the weekend he reminded me the cafe was the empress, so what was the name of the cafe opposite the ABC cinema, it sold coffee and had a juke box. and does anyone remember the dance school above the abc cinema, Tommy moss school of dancing.....i still have my badge!! And yes to the Veg story, its not the same margaret seddon, wigan, england
The department store in Station road was, I think, Oxendales. I remember going into it when it was running down its stock ready to close. Station Road is a bit of a dump now isn't it. Nothing seems to take off down there. I also remember Andy and Doris Clark. Fruit and veg just doesn't taste the same from a supermarket. Christine Davies, Wigan, England
Fond memories of old wigan, the large Boots store, with two floors. Does anyone remember the name of the Dept store in station road, I remember going to see father christmas in this store and also in Lowes. also does anyone remember the Cafe also in station road, where you paid and got a tally with the amount you had paid on it, my husband said you could get pie chips peas and gravy with a cup of tea for 2/6p. He also reminded me of the long teabar in woolies where you had to stand with your drink and food. And what about the bier keller, and king of clubs and the bodega bar. in king st. margaret seddon, wigan, england
I remember McCandlishes. I used to work at a solicitor's office nearby, Taylors, Bridge Baron & Sykes and we sometimes got lovely crusty cobs with cheese and tomato from there for our lunch. Pat van Vliet nee Johnson, Zutphen, Netherlands
Does anyone remember my dad's grocers shop (Albert Hurst's) at 183 Downall Green Road, Bryn? We sold loose butter. He delivered orders free of charge.He also delivered bread/cakes/pies.He had the biggest bread round in the area.We used to leave the loaves on the doorsteps, even unwrapped ones. Edna Harris(nee Hurst), Bryn, Ashton-in-Makerfield, UK
I remember goint to my Aunts hat shop in Mesnes St. somewhere around 1956 and the main topic of conversation was that Pendlebury's had burnt to the ground the night before. Does anyone remember this? kate conroy, madrid, spain
Does anyone remember my aunt's hat shop (I think she also sold coats and handbags.) Her name was Evelyn Parr and the shop was somewhere left of R.O.Laces cake shop. kate conroy, madrid, spain
What about Kays in Darlington Street?..You could buy almost anything, and also McCandlishes bakery. Bernard Dowdall, Wigan, England
does anyone remember j.h. hurst wholesale and retail grocers 58 wallgate. i left school in 1962 and worked in the shop for 3 years. i hated it. long hours and freezing cold in the winter. next door to hursts was cholertons photographers. opposite was a little work shop that made lovely saddles. Olive Fallows, liverpool, uk
I remember Atkinsons the grocers in Mesnes Street selling bacon and smelling of newly ground coffee. They moved their shop to Mesnes Road opposite the Brockett. Arthur Atkinson died recently. Baileys bakers also in Mesnes street selling lovely butter pies. Mr Bailey had a race horse his daughter has Galloways shops. Opposite to Atkinsons was a Highams florist. Roy Turner sold prams and toys in Mesnes street and behind there was a Smithy. Christine Reddington, Standish, England
From what I can remember Ashtons tobacconists has only recently stopped being a tobacconists or am I mixing reallity with old photos ? Another shop that used to amaze me when I was a kid was the old Dixons that shared an entrance into its lower sales floor with Lowes (Dixons now being the Lunn Poly). Also does anyone remember the small shop (think it was down the bottom of King Street probably where the new through road is) that had a carousel in the window. and finally the old childrens library on the road that runs from the swimming baths up to the bottom of Station road. Kiddiland, The Penny Farthing Cafe, the electronic map in the old bus station, Baldwin Timberlakes, also does any one remember the small model railway shop in the row of houses across from Pemberton Station when it still had its footbridge. Brian Cooke, Wigan, UK
it was the dog ith thatch at top of church st i lived in church st opposite the drill hall i remember the prisoners of war being brought there a culshaw did you live in turner st dorothy unsworth nee finch, calista, western australia
Jacksons tailors at the corner of Market Street opposite Lowes. There is still a Lowes sign behind Barclays bank. I remember Frank Tickles well, also Anne Conroy and if Pat Van Vliet is nee Pat Johnson, I remember you. Eileen Edgar, Chorley, UK
Opposite Pools pie shop in Wallgate was Addisons off licence. Above this in the early 60s Jack and Grace Hurst started their taxi business - much to the dismay of Middleton and Wood. One of the best pubs I remember was the Dog i Thatch in Standishgate,Eric and Beth were the landlord and landlady. It was demolished in (I think) the early 70s. david brogan, worthing, UK
I remember a fishmonger called Mr Woodend. That lovely clean sawdust covering the floor - you could nudge it into thick drifts with the insteap of your Start-rites while mum discussed the price of....well, fish actually! The produce was laid out in the window with ice to keep it cool. He was such a nice man, gave me a mint humbug once. Retired to the coast....but all this was back in the early 60's. And Shannons.....sold dried stuff, lentels, beans, dog biscuits. The staff were forever heaving open the huge wooden cellar door and dissapearing down to fetch whatever it was you wanted. The air was always dusty and they wore brown housecoat-type overalls. Mrs Smith along Wigan Lane. A small grocery store selling everything. I remember noticing some young hitchhikers on the other side of the road and her commenting that "Young people of today have no sence of values..." And that was in the early 60's. The lovely Clarkes. Brother and sister who ownded a greengrocers on Wigan Lane, next door to the old Wigan Girls High School which became Woodfield Juniors. Their shop was in their back yard. Miss Clarke was very fond of animals and collected for the RSPCA. Mr Clarke drove a dilapodated green van with the day's deliveries spilling out...... Last time I went past it was a nail salon. Vivien Schrager-Powell, Loudwater, Rickmansworth, UK
The shop that housed Ashton's tobacconists is still there in Wallgate, opposite The Raven, in fact , it's still a newsagents. I remember as a kid, watching the flashing sign over the door come on in stages, thought that was really high-tech!! Steve McEvoy, Wigan, UK
I remember Tickles in the Wiend. My best friend in those days, Anne Conroy, and I used to buy moulds, placques and moulding powder there for our hobby. It was a fascinating shop, as I remember. Pat van Vliet, Zutphen, Netherlands
In Standishgate there was also Pendlebury's in the Christmas Holidays from school I and Margaret Prendergast was allowed by Sister Edith, Headmistress of the Convent to work there. We were on 10/6 a week plus one penny in the pound commission and closed at 6pm I was put in the china dept . The next year we both went to Boots Chemist in the Handbag dept upstairs . in Standishgate . Happy days E. M. Finch, Baughton, Worcestershire

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