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Co-op on Market StreetSome shops that no longer exist but people may remember.

In Wallgate there was Ashtons (Tobacconists), James Star's (Bookshop) they also had a printers in Dorning Street. In Market Place, Maypole (Grocers), Meadow Dairy (Grocers). In Market Street, The Golden lion (Pub) does anybody remember the golden lion on the wall?, Lowes (Department Store), UCP (Restraunt and Tripe shop a Lancashire delicacy of yesteryear). Conroys also had some wholesale storage opposite the old market, then there was the two rows of wooden stalls by the side of the Market this is where you would buy your fresh fruit. In Standishgate there was the Rendesvous (Cafe), Woolworths also had a store, Woodhouses (Furniture shop), Mark Williams (Butchers) R O Laces (Cake Shop), and there was the Dog and Partridge pub at the corner of Church Street. In Mesnes Street there was the Scotch Bakery and Cafe, and in Station Road Pools had a Department Store.

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The cafe at the top of Wallgate above Joan Barries, and opposite the policeman on point duty, was Makinson's.We used to meet friends there in the 50's.One coffee used to last you all night!! Happy days.If any of my friends remember this I would like to hear from them. Tony Johnson, Eccleston Chorley, England
Stumbling across this site, everything came back to me, McNulty's for Royals, ABC and Court Cinema. I used to go to Rathbones at dinner time from Whelley Middle for pie, gravy and chips. My fave shops were Chelsea Girl in the new arcade, Clobber, Van Allen and Dolcis. I bought loads of platform shoes from there! I used to go to a hairdresses above Dolcis, can't remember the name, I think it was John English, but it was really posh with mirrors all the way up the stairs with pictures of the days hairstyles!!!!! Irene Murphy (nee Delaney), Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
Yes I remember Veronica ALmonds, I bought my wedding dress there in '61 and later in the late 60s we bought our first babys pram from Howards Pram Centre,it was a HCB the Rolls Royce of prams.Another shop not yet mentioned is Lewis Seperates on the corner of Crompton Street/Standishgate.I worked there on Saturdays from 60 to 61 to get some money for our wedding. I remember when Pendleburys burned it was in the August.It was Ince Carnival the next day and there was a silver cup on show in the shop window, fortunately it was salvaged.I can't remember what the cup was going to be presented for maybe best float or morris dancers??? Wendy Brown my husband knows the Brown family in the off licence as he came from Newtown near St Edwards Church.I know of your Auntie Elsie through her brother Clive Welding and would like to know if your mum is the Margaret Brown[nee Wood] who is related to Bea and Sammy Wood who live in Pemberton. Evelyn, Wigan, England
I remember Andre Bernards very well - I married Barbara Jackson who was the permer and tinter in the late 1960s. Also, the Stantons crumpet man used to call at our house in Standish in the 1950s and, by coincidence, I ended up going to the Thomas Linacre school, with David Stanton. He was one of the bright ones ... Malcolm Ryding, Westhoughton, England
I remember Lowe's department store on the Market Place well. It had thick plush carpets laid with brass stair rods on wide wooden stairs. My mother took me to buy my Wigan Girls' High School uniform there including the dark brown mac with detachable hood and purse sewn into one pocket and matching velour hat with striped brown and yellow ribbon bearing the golden eagle badge. The cash went whizzing off overhead in a cylinder along a tube system and the receipt and change came back with a whoosh. Then it was off to Craddock's shoe shop in the Market Place for the brown leather winter lace-ups and rubber-soled strapped indoor shoes. Carol Coates nee Brown, Mallorca, Spain
i remember a girl i had a crush on when i went to st thomases school in caroline st her name was brender helen oaks she used to have long pigtails at school, and i think she had a crush on the cock of the school his name was billy holland brian johnson, wigan, lancs
my father owned oliver somers cycles/toys and controlled the michellin man on mesnes street. I worked there at weekends, what a fantastic town I have so many memories margaret somers, wigan, uk
Hi Pat.I well remember cheese and tomato rolls from Mcandlishes. I also worked at Taylors Bridge Baron and Sykes. Before Mcandlishes we used to call the shop Dickie Lees.Kitty. C.M.Cunningham, Wigan., Eng.
hello adella i remember your nan, if its the same one she used to live in fitzadam street off frog lane and have a son called alan and a daughter called linda. i knocked about with alan for many years. and i used to go to sloopies. where your nan was on the door,most of the time she would let me in for nothing, i think they should remember me, eddie garrett, all the best to your family eddie garrett, wigan, england
In trying to find out about the Maypole Grocer shops i happened upon your site. My grandfather, Arthur John Brockwell was resposible for most of the outstanding tiling that used to be on the walls of the shops. Does anyone know if any of his work is still in existance? Sheila Chilton, South Woodham ferrers, Essex
Yes I remember Joan Barries dress shop does anyone out there remember A.& L. Smith, Darlington St. & Veronica Almond (Scholes) two highly fashionable ladies shops, both sold beautiful dresses & coats which were highly fashionable and of excellent quality.I still remember some of the lovely clothes my mother bought for me from these shops in the nighteen fifties, if only todays clothes were of the same quality.(at that time they would be British made and come from British woven cloth) Maureen, Aspull, U.K.
I remember Nora Websters hair and beaty salon it was situated above Lowes Hazel, Wigan, UK
an earlies posting mentions STARR,S the printers, hunting throught the 1881 census I came across a James Starr at 9, Wrightington Street (swinley area)......Printing Master, employing.. 2 men... 3 boys....7 women. Was perhaps the founder of the Company historyman, wigan, england
i worked in the newway caff from 1964 -1966 many happy times lots of good mem remembering all the pople friends and singing stars what used to come into the caff from the sixties who used to come for expresso at the caff denise johnson nee gaskell, wigan, england
re: pend /fire Kate Conroy ,I stood on my bedroom window sill and could see the sky full of smoke and the flames , lived in kitt green Maureen, wigan, uk
Does anyone remember the day Lennons supermarket opened, the had packets of tea at half price, the town came to a standstill!! I was there. I remember Kays of Darlington St being the most exciting shop, everything was army surplus! Anyone remember Myers chippy Manchester rd Ince, next door to Grundys furniture shop. What about Johnny cometomorrow the chemist, Lance Lucas tempereance bar at Higher Ince,Fishing in the canal and Ince Park Lake, and going swimming in the green waters... happy days. mark heaton, ross on wye, uk
Wot hapened to Mayburys pie shop in on the corner in whelley. great pies great gravy proper meat. satday afternoons great. todays pies - b. awful give me jip. wot hapened to Higsons chippy end of longshoot scholes. friday tea - wet misures and fish great. make your butty with fish and chips and dip in the pea wet. great - take your basin - just fish chips peas and babis yeds them days. always fresh. comelate - get nowt. today curry chicken susage warmed up pies - wots all that about. b. awful. frozen fish taste likes wallpaper paste. tinned mushy peas. wots mushy peas. steep em boil em proper. lets have some pea wet. make a fortune anybody opens a proper pie shop or a proper chip shop. todays pies and chippies. b. awful. Blue. Blue, wigan, uk
i remember the Bridgewater pub corner of bridgewater st wallgate.. sissy ryans toffee shop..farrs motor repair place corner of egerton st.. mrs livseys chippy . grimshaws cippy.. ogilvys toofee shop .. the temperance bar .. malleys shoe shop molly, queensland, australia
I remember the Golden Lion in Wallgate very well that's where I first met my husband about 39years ago. My eldest sister Jean worked behind the bar for a while. Hazel, Wigan, England
My Great-Grandfather, Stephen Gorman, was the barman at the Golden Lion for a few years before he took his family to Providence, Rhode Island USA in 1905. Stephen (1901), Harold (1903), and William Gorman (1905), the children of Stephen Gorman and Annie Pomfret, were born in the flat above the Golden Lion Pub. If anybody has a photo of this Golden Lion Pub/Hotel in Wallgate, please contact me: billdorgan@billdorgan.com Bill Dorgan, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Hello Sully,of course I remember Crass and Discharge at Trucks we supported Discharge and played Trucks another couple of times on our own. Also remember Killing Joke blowing the electrics up those were the days. Remember all the trouble we got into because we were scousers? Still loved Trucks though. Rob Lloyd, Moreton, UK
Hello Alan Sullivan in Oz. I saw Crass etc play at Trucks in 1981. Does anyone remember the CND benefit around the same time (the System played).It was filmed and shown on BBC1 (Nationwide).Since my last entry on this website (a while ago)I've had an interview for a job in Wigan and am due to start at Christmas.I couldn't help noticing that they've flattened the shops that used to be on Station Road, including the cafe where the Sex Pistols played pool after the Casino gig was cancelled. As for a Trucks reunion, quite bizarrely I've discovered that my new boss is currently in a band with Andy Coward (ex-the System). I also met Tony Singleton after he came to a gig I put on at the Tudor (Len Price 3)with the Club Rendez- Vous boys (Mel and Dave Arnold). Tony might take some convincing but I think a Trucks reunion will be on the cards for the new year.There's a chapter on Trucks in Stuart MaConie's book 'Cider with Roadies' (all about growing up in Wigan) for anyone who's interested. Blimey. One last thing; Keily- that Notsensibles album ('Instant Classic') should go for 30 tops ! (even the early version). Cheers mate. Punk rock and pies. DAVE GREENALL, HASLINGDEN, ENGLAND
What memories reading all this brought back. I lived in Wigan right up until 2005 from 1960 so I saw a lot of these changes. I remember the large bathroom and plumber's shop on the corner of Woodcock Street and Hope Street. The Wishbone cafe on the corner of Hope Street and Marsden Street. Gore's neswstand in the old bus station. JJ Bradburn's sports shop in Market Street (I think) that is now the JJB Sports empire. Oliver Somers toy and cycle shop in Mesnes Street with the Michelin man outside. Waiting for the 25 bus to Beech Hill outside the Happy Palace Chinese in Market Street. Latimer's grocers also in Market Street. Jacksons the Tailors and the Fleece Hotel opposite Lowes. I used to work in the Natwest Bank in Standishgate and we had a little bank in Woodcock Street as well. I remember Whelans supermarket in Hope Street and Oobidoo's (spelt correctly) when it started in Wallgate opposite the Post Office. Warring and Gillow's furniture shop down the side of Woolworths on Station Road. The old Boots at the top of makinso's Arcade. Syd Smith's stall in the Little Arcade with top and bottom Legs pretending to be the longest pub in England. I used to have my hair cut at Moot Hall in Commercial Yard by Ted. Such memories are priceless. I remember St Andrew's primary school in Springfield, Gidlow Middle and Whitley High. Do you remember Alf Peacock's stalls in the old Market Hall selling curtains and material? I recently heard that Peter Peacock (who ran the stall up until the Market hall was demolished) had recently passed away. Condolences to his wife and two children. As the theme tune to 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads' said "the only thing to look forward to is the past". Not strictly true but as we get older, memories are to be cherished. Thanks everyone for those memories. Stuart Parkinson, Stretford, UK
does anyone remember the British Restaurant in king street , was next to the court cinema, also new square at bottom of standishgat owdben, wigan, uk
I stated work in 1961 at Edmondsons barbers in Library Street.I worked there for 10yrs. I remember many of the old places Iused to go to th UCP for lunch.Does anyone remember the first Chinese to open in Wigan?There was one above Joan Barries and one down the Royal arcade (upstairs).I think one was the Happy Palace.Great to think back. David Owen, Euxton( Previously Orrell), UK
Does anyone remember Crass playing at Trucks or Discharge ? Discharge actually stayed at my mates flat in Skem that night ! Who said punk was dead .. Allan Sullivan, Sydney, Australia
MY auntie HIlda and uncle Cyril were the landlords of the Golden Lion pub in Wallgate, their last name was Livsey, I remember a young man by the name of cliff worked for them behind the bar. They are long ago deceased and also their only son, my cousin Kenneth died also quite a few years ago. I lived with them for about 3 or 4 months before returning to Canada. I have wonderful memories of Wigan. Lillian Barnes Ruiter, Niagara Falls, Canada
I remember as a kid, 1950's, leaving home in Fairclough St, along Darlington St, then King St. Old Fire Station and Police garage, Hippodrome burned down and became Lennons, old Trustees, 2 cinemas, bridge to north western station. Another bank on the corner, then turn right past the Dog and Partridge, Ashtons ? Howards ? biks shop. Round the corner, Lowes, down past the old cobbled Market Square, Gas Showrooms, cricket field with fives court, then past the Grammar School into Mesnes Park. Ducks everywhere, immaculate lawns flowerbeds and rhodedendrons, then up the hill or the steps and past the cafe to the grass we were allowed to play ball on. It's changed a bit, and not all for the better. Reckon George Orwell would recognise the place, but at least he'd be unlikely to pick it for the same reasons. Latics doing better than the rugby, Central Park a memory, Springfield park also gone. Millgate baths now an International pool, is it true about the tiles stopping it being an Olympic Pool? Planned by someone from St Helens, I bet. bob schofield, Dublin, Ireland
Albert Hurst, my Dad, delivered your bread, Bill Deluce,but did not collect the rent. That was his brother, my uncle, Jack Hurst. He lived in those flats with his wife Alice. I remember Crawfords Wool Shop.My mum used to buy our brown school cardigans there for Ashton Grammar School. I got my wedding dress from Joan Barries. Does anyone remember a clothes shop called Wilson's, I think,opposite M and S, and near the dentists, "butcher" Brown's on Standishgate.I used to be terrified of going to that dentists. Edna Harris (Hurst), Banchory, Scotland
I remember oobidoo's on King street. My Nan used to take me, my brother and my cousins during school holidays and we'd all spend our 50ps that she gave us. everyone got christmas and birthday presents from us that we bought at Obbidoo's. Also the old market hall(eurrgh! that fish smell from the stalls outside)and petticoat lane sticks in my mind, it was just a corridor that ran parallell with market street, from one end of the market hall to the other. loads of stalls selling allsorts. The big co-op was ace as well (seem to remember it being where index was - and upstairs from there, at the bottom of centre arcade) pre galleries. Nik, Wigan, Lancs
Remember buying winkle picker stiletto shoes from kays in the 70s brilliant for us punks, got loads dead cheap too. sheila, wigan, england
Dave Greenall.... i remember the record exchange well, there used to be a sign in there saying please dont put records up your jumper bring them to the till and we will put them in a bag.... i wonder if anyone did :), i remember trucks, only went a few times as i moved to Bolton when i was 17 & there was a lot more going on there, i met a girl in Atherton bike rally last week who used to go to truks, and anytime theres anything happening in the area truks always seems to still get a mention, nice to see someone still remembers the Insane & the System, i still annoy the neighbours with them, i also remember the Notsensibles, `i`m in love with Maggie Thatcher ` Little Boxes` Happy days eh ?, their album fetches around 200 in mint condition...... Nice memories Keily, Bolton, UK
I've stopped going to our local reminiscence group; its not as good as it used to be... Dave Greenall, Haslingden, Lancashire
Does anyone remember the old Tescos supermarket on King Street with its white marble effect facade and blue tiled interior now unrecognisable as The Chicago Rock Cafe? I also remember M.A.S. Stores (Does anyone know what M.A.S. stood for?) taking over the lower floor space soon after Tescos vacated the building. They sold all kinds of junk just thrown loosely into cardboard boxes marked with various prices and placed lined up on the floor for you to rummage through at your leisure. You would find allsorts of things in these cardboard boxes from odd cupboard shelves made from chipboard and planks of wood costing 70p each to toy cars with a wheel missing (No kidding!) for 5p each. I remember M.A.S. Stores also trading briefly across the road from Tescos in the old County Playhouse building now the Ibiza Bar, around the same time where all these boxes of junk where just placed on the street at the bottom of the steps and a hastily hand written sign beckoned you to follow the arrow and go inside with the simple words "More Inside. This Way". It may have been basic to say the least but you couldn't resist having a quick rummage through those boxes as you passed to see what they were selling. Ah happy days. Roy Harrison, Wigan, England
In the late 50's I used to go into Woolies snack bar for a HOT DOG, with real sausage, Butter and plenty brown sauce. OHHHHHHhhh JGMAC, Wigan, England
I remember going to Kay's also. Mum used to by us Army surplus gear to wear. I used to look really funny going to school dressed as a Japanese General. Getting the 343 double decker home from Wigan to Shevington on dark winter rainy afternoons. Gasping for breath as headscaved women puffed on Woodbines....Happy days!! Frank, Perth, Australia
the cafe opp the abc was the newway cafe we used to go there and drink hot vimto pj, oldham, england
My goodness all these old memories came flooding back, I used to work in McCandlishes, in Darlington St: in the early 6os fond memories of all the places mentioned, newway cafe with the juke boxes on the wall, dancing at the emp: woolies, were did those years go. Eileen Ryan Eileen Ryan, WIgan, Brisbane Australia
I remember frequenting the Record Exchange off King Stre between 1980/82 and buying second hand punk lp's and brand new 72 singles by bands like the Notsensibles and the Insane (these go for twenty quid apiece now!). It was a great place to hang out. Strange thing; I met a bloke from New York in Manchester the other day who was wearing a 'System' t-shirt (Wigan punk band from the early 80's). Funny old world. Anyone fancy doing something to commemorate twenty five years since Trucks stopped being a punk club (early 2007). Maybe at the Tudor? Tony (Trucks DJ) are you out there ?! Dave Greenall, Haslingden, Lancs
i rember the 2 ugly women in kays shop they were sisters 1was called jean bithell and had teeth missing and the few teeth she had was black the other 1 was called margret moran they would av frighened a police horse they came from scholes i think does anybody else rember them stey, wigan, lancs
Starr's Printers - Both my Father Ken Foster and Grandfather Harold Foster worked here for years. I used to 'help' my dad when he worked overtime on Saturday mornings. There was also a flour mill next door that used to smell fantastic - can't remember what it was called though. Paul Foster, Wigan, Lancashire
I remember Albert Hurst's shop on Downall Green Road Bryn and if I'm not mistaken he later became the local "Rentman" collecting rent around Bryn and enjoying his cuppa whenever he called at my mothers house. If its the same Albert Hurst that was mentioned in a previous message then we knew him well as he lived in the flat above us for a few years??? Bill Deluce, Bryn Ashton-in-Makerfield, England
Oh I remember the Michelin man. He was a real favourite of mine when I was little. I called him the mishman as I couldn't quite manage Michelin Man. I was sad to see him go. I also have many happy memories of the children's library and I went to St John's for a year before my parent left for Parbold. Nick Savage, Cambridge, UK
ay by gum!! how i was tickled to read about the chap who shopped at kays on darlington st and bought a pair of army surplus short for school.i used to love that shop and all the rubbish it sold.brings back good memories.of the many things i bought i remember buyin a gas mask for ten bob then running home chuffed to bits wi mi mates proud as punch. mi mam she saw it,took it off mi and hit mi ore back of yed wi it. i wr gutted. bring back thee old days!!! g hilton, wigan, lancs
How well I remember Joan Barries. My aunt started to work there as Saturday staff (she was a war bride from Holland) and eventually worked herself up to Manageress. Another of my aunts bought a fur coat from her and I now have the coat in my Attic some 45years later. My dutch aunt was named Rita Cobley and the lady who bought the coat was Aunty Marjorie Cobley. C. Farrimomd, Wigan, England
I'm in that photo! You can see the back of me, and the guy with the long hair is my ex husband, holding our daughter. It was really strange to see the photo on here, since we didn't know it was being taken. Sue Ashcroft, Wigan, England
Memories are flooding back to me. I remember Victoria wine sales, where I used to purchase my Coke when it was hot and stuffy in the arcade where I worked. such nice people in that store. I remember Oxleys shop and they had a rep, who called to collect your money each week for things you bought. My favourite memory was when school was finished for the day, I went into woolworths and bought a huge bag of borken biscuits for a tuppence old money. and if u were good u got chocolate biscuits thrown in. There was a really neat antique shop up standishgate on the right going up which I bought a pair of lovely binoculars when a kid for 2 pounds . Great times great place. john ( NZ), Auckland, New Zealand
Is the one above "Fred Bamber". Remember me Fred your old mate Geof. Do you remember the lad who used to hang over the wall at the rear of the Savoy and pinch pop bottles out of the crates. He would then take them back into the Savoy chippy and get 3pence back on each bottle, enough to get him a bag of chips. Geof Brown, Wigan, England
Can i just say i`ve just sat and enjoyed reading all the posts, i don`t remember most of the places as i left Wigan at aged 17 to sample life in Bolton, but enjoyed recollecting some places i do remember such as Kays, my mam used to buy us green wellies with laces in the top from there, probably because we were always playing on the tip in Hindley when we were kids, but it became like the kings road of London to us in the late 70s with the arrival of Punk Rock, we could get kitted out in some real out of the norm clothes for next to nothing which was great if you was a Punk, also one of the posts mentioned oobidoo (may be spelt wrong) well it was only a few weeks ago i heard the word used by a mate from Manchester and was curious as to where the word had come from as he`s not from Wigan & didn`t know the store, finaly does anyone remember my mam & dad`s second hand shop in Platt Bridge ? it was at the traffic lights facing the King Bill pub. R Keill, Bolton, England

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