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    my school teacher

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I went to St Michaels infants and junior and remember Miss Cunliffe, Mr Boggis, Miss Lamberhurst and Miss Aspey. I then went to Hindley and Abram Grammar school and remember Miss Nicholas, Mr Britten Mr Dowell and Mr Harris. Lorna Gimson, Burnham, Bucks

23rd Jul 2009

I went to Wigan Girls High School in the 50,, I remember Miss Allen ( quite a tartar, but with a soft heart really ), Miss Bennet, Mrs. Tattersall, Miss Holland, Miss Shepherd, and who could forget Miss Little + Miss Whittle ( cookery + needlework ) Beryl Gibson nee Hedley, Braintree , Essex, England

15th Jul 2009

Read the message from John Jarvis, started Robert Lewis Infant School in 1958. We must have been in the same class I was Frances Brown then. Yes Miss Hill was in charge, it was a lovely little school and I didn't have far to go as I lived in Severn Drive. I remember everyone was quite miffed when they closed it down and we had to join with Pem Primary. Frances, Heide, Germany

6th Jun 2009

I went to Cardinal Newman in Hindley from 78-83. Teachers I remember: Mr Malone (English), Mr Tighe (Chemistry), Mrs Winter (Biology), Mr Duff (Spanish), Mr Birtwhistle (Maths), Mr Drake (RE), Mr Hart (Art), many more are still there in my head but I have forgotten names. I was in Barlow for the 5 years I spent at school. Sue Coleman nee Lewis, Lincoln, UK

3rd Jun 2009

Hi, I remember Cardinal Newman school in Hindley very well, but does anyone know what became of Kim Bale, who was there around 1972 to 1976 ? I was so in love with her, but was too shy to know how to tell her. I imagine shes married now with lots of kids, still, if anyone knows what became of her, even though Im living abroad now, Id at least like to know how shes doing, thanks. Timelord, Ireland, Ireland

25th May 2009

I was one of the unlucky ones to go to Skerries with St. Pats. I remember the bunk beds and I also remember falling badly off the top bunk. Joan Beckett(Wilding), wigan, UK

9th May 2009

I remember Mr Rigby - Head Master and Mrs Ryan deputy Head - are they still alive? Would love to know what Eileen Naylor who was my friend at school is doing? Angela Gibbs (nee Maalma), Hampstead, London

3rd May 2009

going to belgium with st pats in59 with mc dermott the first in the school to do so as they always went ti skerries before and sang mcs songs of finding a bug in the bed and telling it to go for mc dermott said no 2 people in 1 bed a weeks full board a trip to holland and france for 14 happy days fran, wigan, england

29th Apr 2009

Hi Rita Adama also Supuplad, if the slaughterhouse you talking about was in Hardybutts, my brother Robert Wilding worked there also. Joan Beckett(Wilding), Bolton, UK

21st Apr 2009

I went to Cardinal Newman'79-'84. I remember all the teachers that have been mentioned before, Ihave very fond memories of Miss Lee who became Mrs Cobban(English) she gave to me a love of books and the theatre. I have also good memories of singing in Joseph in Mr Baxters choir! I also remember- Mr Rossi (French) Mr Drake (R.E) Mrs Finch(R.E) Mr Roberts(Joe)(assistant head)Mr Wensley (science)Mr Wilson (wood work/R.E)Miss Flannagan(Head of 1st year,scared the life out of me!)Mr Packwood(Music)I now work in a primary school,imagine my horror when Mr Flannagan (Science)was a supply teacher! In the class that I do special needs! lovely man,would love to know how old he is though a my sister is 49 and he taught her! Donna Owen nee Gornall, Bolton Lancs, England

16th Apr 2009

I went to rose bridge boys section 1943 to 1948 and remember little hock agreat teacher and Mr Arkwright also little hewy, who loved to use the cane the first chance he got. and Mr Selsby ,he took class A1 and he Was A1. A parr, Adelaide, Australia

11th Apr 2009

hey supuplad i remember miss holland at the girls school my grandDAD WORKED AT THE SLAUGHTERHOSE WOTS UR NAME IM RITA ADAMS I LOVED ST PATS AND FISHER rita adams, wigan, lancs

10th Apr 2009

I remember my very first day at St.Cuthbert's Infants on Ormskirk Rd. I was holding my mam like I don't know what. I remember crying my eyes out. I Remember getting those little bottles of milk which sometimes would be frozen and also a jammy dodger at break time. How about peeing up the wall in the outside toilets. I went to St. Cuthberts Juniors too in Norley Hall, good times. There was me, my 2 sisters and brother there all at the same time. I remember Mr. Toman teaching us rugby with his little mustard coloured mini and Mrs .Barber in her little Triumph Herald. Yep, I got the strap once from Mr. Murphy. Some of the people I remember are Paul & Elaine Cumberbatch, Ian Fisher, Brendan Phillips, Anthony Lamb, Francis Winstanley, Anthony Klossic, Malcolm Reddy, Jeff Pemberton, Carl Ashcroft. Where are they now? Tommy More was my next school 74 -79. I have read some of the other posts, all those teachers come to mind, Mr. Riley, Mrs. Baron, Mr. Lee, Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Wild and all those others I forgot. I remember living in Kitt Green and getting the 622 or 621 and 611 bus to and from school. I would even go home at lunch times and sit upstairs on the back of the bus thinking I was hard as I was in the Army Cadets. Whatever happened to Mandy Smout, Margaret Turner, Kathryn Burley, anybody know. Good times, great memories. Martin Doherty, Alberta, Canada

29th Mar 2009

quote"hi joan what year did you work at the Freemasons? i worked there when jack fearnley was landlord and they had disco on Thursday nights" Jack was my dad, (well he adpoted me) vicky vicky, bolton, uk

9th Mar 2009

i attend the "Cardy" from 72-78,teachers like Paddy Moran,"Alf"Hart,Pinky Wilson(his catchphrase was "walking slowly boy") ,Graham Naylor,Miss Senior,Brian Sharples,and "golly"Blackledge all the great teachers that made me so intelligent ! so i keep tellin the wife ! carl briscoe, hindley, england

26th Feb 2009

Thanks for putting Miss Anderton's passing on here Carol. My mum told me about it at the time. 84 years of age - my word! God bless her. Shirl, Wigan, UK

22nd Feb 2009

does anyone remember Miss Boardman Head of St Cuthberts infants also Mr Murphy Head of St Cuthberts juniors Miss Howard Mr McCardle also i was one of the first to go to St Thomas More Sister Rose head Miss price maths sister julie sewing catherine jolley nee mccormick, wigan, lancashire

14th Feb 2009

hi les gaskell hope you are well yes a lot of people i remember from st thomas,s but could not remember names been on facebook for help recently take care al alan bland, st helens, england

11th Feb 2009

To John Dennet I also live in Ashton.We were at the Bluecoat to-gether.I started the year after you.Ask for me any night at the Jubilee club in Wigan road.A good friend of mine is Jim Yarwood,our old school captain at All Saints. Brian Halliwell, Ashton, England

3rd Feb 2009

Aye up Joan Beckett! I used to live in Darlington Street East too! Remember Billy Seddons well! I went to St Pats, I remember my 1st teacher was Miss Dickenson then Miss Blake, then Miss Lenegan, no problem with any of these fine ladies!! Went to juniors and encountered Miss Rynn - not too keen on her! Mr Mallin was next - great teacher! Then Miss McArdle, then finally the wonderful Miss Underwood. Great and happy memories at St Pats! Ste Jordan, Wigan, England

2nd Feb 2009

hi allan bland long time i remember you same class , paul irving wayne preastley tony cornish mary fisher mandy cust ect lol les gaskell, hindley, uk

17th Jan 2009

Rose Bridge Secondary Modern.1956/60 Teachers & nicknames: Mr Winstanley ( Owd Wink ) Mr Clitheroe ( Owd Click ) Mr Hughes ( Little Hewy the hardest caner in the school) Mr Ocleshaw ( Little Ock ) Mr Selsby ( Can't remember a nickname, possibly the nicest teacher I remember ) Mr Wright ( Magwa ) Jeff Unsworth, Wigan, UK

11th Jan 2009

i went to rose bridge boys section from 1950 to 1955 does any body rememder little hock and mr arkwright he was the actor type at wigan little theatre b kellie, blackrod bolton, england

10th Jan 2009

I remember Mr Robinson and company from Wigan Grammar in the mid to Late 60's. I was especially impressed with Jem Hall (Geography) all 6ft 8in and his Gym Slipper Rupert. Never met Rupert myself but the number of boys I saw get a bad mark on homework of a test and then met Rupert (and then had trouble sitting down) was enough for me to work hard in school. So many more unique teachers.... I could write all day dave, South Glastonbury, USA

9th Jan 2009

Any one remember Warrington Lane Primary School during the years 1941 and 1947 Gordon Rouse, Melbourne, Australia

9th Jan 2009

Whelley Secondary School 1947 to 1951. The headmaster was Mr. Dean. Teachers were Mr. Woods, "Tubby" Edwards, "Much" Miller. Tom Beach took us for sport and P.T.Those were the good old days. Gordon Rouse, Melbourne, Australia

9th Jan 2009

R.I.P Nora Anderton.....02-01.2009.Aged 84.EX headmistress of St Johns school pemberton much loved.......... carol, wigan, england

8th Jan 2009

i went to abrahm guest high, left in 87. mr woodhouse (grrrrrrrrr that man). the head mr woplington (woppy) was brill, well i thout he was.we had sum good teachers and sum real crap ones. mr laithwaite (ernie) car main, he was funny but grumpy also, he used to ask us has any one got any fags. bet most people will never forget mr slinger, he was there for years n years him. what about the cross country course, me n sum of my mates got grassed on for takin a short cut. wish i could go back. also does any one remember woppy on the tele doin his history bit. i do. i remember him at the bridge near the vavigation. BRI, WIGAN, uk

24th Dec 2008

Yes I also went to St.James Worsley Mesnes and I do remember Miss Heyworth, I can always say when ever I saw her in town, always remembered me. Even though my mother took me out of her school& sent me to the horror domeSt.Paul's Goose Green. Miss Heyworth was lovely in fact brilliant. I must say Miss Unsworth the head infant teacher at St.Paul's was always lovely & Miss Swift she was amazing, the 2nd & 3rd year junior techers were a nightmare. WENDY QUILLIAM (JOHNSON), wigan, england

2nd Dec 2008

re Anne Marsh I am really sorry to here of your idol Mr. Gibson at St.Paul's C of E schhool Goose Green. I really loved Miss Smith who taughrt sewing she was the 1st yr junior techer & Mr.Gibson was the 3rd year one, but golly my memorries are from yours & I am sorry to burst your bubble. He was a very violant & cruel man always reaching for the very thin cain from the back of the cupboard near the exit stairs. He used it considerabley on four lads and would come into the dining hall, picking out David Shaw. He would stand him infront of the serving stables infront of everyone including the dinner ladies, then clap his hands together with almighty force,but not before he ensured David's head wad inbetween. David Evans was also another of his toys for violence. He was brutal. I can also remember Miss Lowe leathering my hands with a 12inch ruler for running out of class to be sick,which I was on the stone steps as I did not quite manage to reach out side. When I came back to the classroom I was never offered any assistance, nor was I sent home, just rulered quite bad don't you think??? My memories there where also of great favoritism for those children whoses parents constantly went to church. Our headmaster was nice though. I was not at all sad to leave it was like an asylum. I think it made loners out of a lot of people. WENDY QUILLIAM (JOHNSON), wigan, england

2nd Dec 2008

My school was in Hindley at Argyle St. Infants,Juniors,and Seniors from 1952 to 1962 and i had the best time of my life. i read a memory from Brain Webb earlier,page 5 i think, he mentions Mrs Valentine and her stories, how true this was, along with her famous Purple hair dye. someone also mentioned Mr Robinson and how strict he was, with the boys yes, but a pussy cat with the girls, and myself being a Prefect he was always nice to.Other names mentioned like Miss Milligan, Mrs Pilkington, who read the best story of Riki Tiki Tarvi i,ve ever heard. But does anyone remember Inf.+ Jnr teachers ??? Head was Mr. Devenport, who was also still the head when my children went there, and in my infant years Miss Bowerace,also Miss Shepard. and not forgetting the long seving Mr. Collier - Depty Head.Other names escape me now, but i,m sure once i post this, they will flood back. I can also remember many of my class mates names, and still have some old group black+white photos. Susan Spencer, Carol Daniels, Margaret Gibson, Eilee Lowe, as for the boys Frank Liptrot, who has sadly died, Joseph Roughly, John Ollerton to name just 3. Thanks to Wigan World and the writers on here for bring back so many very Happy memories for me. carol - nee Taylor, hindley-ashton in makerfield, england

23rd Nov 2008

i remember goin to school at woodfield primery school and one day i was playing football and my shoe came off and went stright up in the air and on its way back down it hit a man in the head who was painting a wall and he well off his ladder Jordan Wilson, Wigan, Uk

7th Nov 2008

any one out there still remember the best school in Wigan in the sixties?, thats right Thomas Linacre on Parsons Walk, all lads together not a girl in sight, no distractions to stop us all studying. Here are a few teachers names to conjure with, "jasper" the metalwork teacher with a wicked jab to the chin, Mr Thorpe the music man and "Clarence" his punishing cane, Mr Robinson the pt teach with the size twelve smooth soled plimsole when you had to touch your toes ready for punishment, and the teach who's name eludes me but he could throw the board duster the length of the room and still hit you between the eyes with it,or if you were leaning back on the chair could kick it out from under you and catch it before you crashed to the floor, a bit like the tablecloth trick. Oh happy days and even happier memories. to all the ex "Linacre Lads" thanks for the good times. pete peter banks, kew yed city, lancs

22nd Oct 2008

heres an owd un anyone remember Beech Hill primary school in the mid forties Miss TAGART the CLEATON sisters MARY and CONSTANCE SHE WAS THE BAD TEMPERED ONE also two dogs who used to come on the playground daily ROXY and MONTY HAPPY DAYS owd dave, wigan, england

21st Oct 2008

I still see Miss Anderton from st johns pem, I remember miss phythian with great fondness, she chose myself and lillian bowls to make the staff tea and do the washing up, we got out of many lessons.miss matthews horror and also mrs miller.Miss Starkey could scare you too death, mrs lowe was great.Mr starkey, no comment!!! carol birchall(nee adamson), wigan, england

2nd Oct 2008

Your right about the headmaster Shirl, his name was Starkey. Jimmy, Wigan, Lancashire

20th Sep 2008

Hi Joyce. Of course - Miss Anderton - a robust lady, right? Never liked the headmaster for a couple of reasons. Not a nice man at all - a bully with some boys, as I remember rightly. Otherwise, happy days right Joyce? x Shirl, Wigan, UK

14th Sep 2008

I have vivid memories of my time at Scot Lane school between 1955 and 1963 I loved it although Miss Docker was a bit hard to take at times,I loved Miss Roscoe who went on to be headmistress in later years and now they have knocked that lovely little school down for the JJB Stadium complex I believe,what a shame all those memories,oh well that is progress I suppose..or is it really.I remember taking reading with Mr Bavin in the spooky old 'tower' anybody else remember that time? Carol Naylor nee Myers, Melbourne, Australia

11th Sep 2008

hi i used to attend st thomas,s primary school in caroline street and remember a few teachers mr ashcroft {english} i think miss grimes,and i think the headmaster mr headley this would be in the late 60,s early 70,s school long gone but good memories. alan bland, st helens, merseyside

29th Aug 2008

hi is that denise molyneux who lived in welland rd stubshaw cross? we were mates when we were younger remember me jeanette rogerson? its been a long time! jeanette price nee rogerson, upholland wigan, england

28th Aug 2008

MRS Mcavoy was my form teacher in 1972 did she ever get married? and mrs smith always in a leotard always walked like a ballarina! jeanette rogerson, upholland wigan, england

28th Aug 2008

i remember mrs smith she taught drama miss mcavoy was my form teacher at ashton secondary modern in the 1950 boys and girls were seperated with a rope a james, ashton-in-makerfield, lancs

26th Aug 2008

Hi Shirl, i remember Miss Phithian, at St johns, Pemberton,Do you remember Miss Anderton, she was the music teacher, ,i loved that school, joyce roughley(howard), wigan, uk

21st Aug 2008

I remember mrs Jolly at rectory school. downall green Peter Painter peter painter, wigan, lancashire

20th Aug 2008

I remember starting at Robert Lewis in 1958 and Miss Hill was Infant One teacher and Headmistress. She was a great teacher and taught me to read and write. Also, Miss Bradley who was very attractive and Miss Parkes, who later became Mrs Rutter. In the Junior school there was Miss Saxon who was the Headmistress; Mr Brown; Mrs Davies; and Mrs Blinston who would fall asleep while she was reading to us at "story time". Mr and Mrs Causey were caretakers. We had to walk to Pemberton Primary for our dinners( as there was no canteen at Robert Lewis). Getting there is another story, but before we set out the kids would always ask: "What's for dinner Mr Causey?). Of course, he always knew...Very happy memories of little happy school and some great kids who went there... John Jarvis, Pemberton, Wigan, UK

15th Aug 2008

I went to Lamberhead Green School in Pemberton (infants) and then to Jnrs in Loch Street after passing the scholarship (later beoming the 11 plus) I went on to Upholland Grammar School. I remember the French Teacher very well indeed, he was called Dr. Muller (Filch was his nickname)he was Belgian and everbody was scared stiff of him.There was also Miss Penman - Science teacher very strict but her bark was much worse than her bite! Maz, Sheffield, S.Yorks, England

29th Jul 2008

Miss Phythian I remember with fondness from St John's Junior School in Pemberton. We once went on a 10-mile sponsored walk over the Dalton area where she lived, and we all went to her house later for tea and sandwiches. She wrote to me on more than one occasion after I left junior school - wish I still had her letters. She was a beautiful writer. At the Deanery, I absolutely loved Mr Leach, Mr Sharples, Mrs Boote (most of the time!) and Mr Hurst. I've seen Mr Leach on more than one occasion since who fondly described me as 'impish.' I loved school. Shirl, Wigan, UK

15th Jul 2008

ST PAT'S!! How nice to see some names I vaguely remember - Mr McDermott, young Miss Brown etc. I was there only for a short time - 1957 or 58 until 1961. My mother had also attended St Pat's, Mr McDermott was a young man then. My mother's maiden name was Walsh. My best friend was Anne Connor. Other friends were Janice Unsworth, Kenneth Brown, the Cunliffes. We lived in Teck Street, off Cambridge street until we moved to Upholland. Many happy memories of "walking day". My uncle Eddie Kelly's claim to fame was being on duty at the railway station the night the Ronnie Biggs train went through. Christine McGugan, Tweed Coast NSW, Australia

8th Jul 2008

ST PATRICKS oh happy days,I loved st pats Mr Macdermott the finest headmaster ever born and sister Mary Monica headmistress of the senior school she was lovely,favourite teachers were Mr Rynn,miss Underwood,miss Brown,young miss Brown and many more,remember dancing lesson and had a tie to keep my skirt up and the tie came undone and had to stop dancing to retie it ,never been as shamd in my life.Only really got good memories of St Pats.Walking days were brilliant everybody was so proud none more in our year than Marion Conway who crowned our lady but I forgave her"wish it had been me though".I for one am proud to have been to St Pats the school the church and the parish,for me don't come any better! jacqueline pnman, wigan, england

29th Jun 2008

Eric Podmore!! u might know my dad Tony Abram Fiona, Hindley, lancs

23rd Jun 2008


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