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    my school teacher

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To Freda, What a memory. Makes me wonder what that poor little boy had done that was tied to the door handle.He must have been about 4 and half like you. He was probably just crying like you that teacher must have been insane to do that. linda birch, wigan, UK

18th Jan 2012

I remember Miss Holbbrook. Most it seems remember her for the cane. I once had the ruler off her. I had dropped my knitting needles. What a punishment. Some pupils however either got the cane or ruler almost every day. How mad is that. Pupils today would go into shock. At the end of the day though we all respected her and we all survived and most did well. Wonder what happened to Miss Holbrook. linda birch, WIGAN, UK

18th Jan 2012

I went to Moss Lane Platt Bridge for about a year just before it closed then we were transferred to Rose Bridge. I recall one of the best school memories of my life every Christmas. It was hearing Slades 'So here it is Merry Christmas,for the first time in the school hall. I was dancing with the PE teacher Miss Pierce. Every time I here the Lyrics 'Look to the future' it takes me straight back to that Christmas Party it was the best Party I ever remember. linda birch, WIGAN, UK

18th Jan 2012

Hiya Christine nee Jones dont think you were in my year at school but remember all those teachers you mentioned. Remember having a fight with Lorraine Walsh on that bridge that went to Mrs Davies 's class. We both ended up with bald patches on our heads. Remember where the boys played footy we called it the Big Boys Yard. The girls were never seen in that yard. Miss Round was there too she is 103 or 104 now. I think those teachers made us who we are today they were the best. And miss Holdbrook who used to send her favorite pupil of the day to the chippy at Lower Ince for Steak Pudding two lots of chips and a portion of gravy. Wonder if she is still alive. linda birchmore, wigan, UK

18th Jan 2012

I went to St. Michael's primary and junior school carole phillips, wigan, england

23rd Dec 2011

Chainy started with two people holding hands. They would chase other children around the playground trying to tick them. The ticked child had to join the chain which grew longer and longer as the game went on Only the two kids on the end of the chain were allowed to tick. Skilly was two teams and a base, the home team had to catch all the opposition and return them to the base. All captured players were released if one of the opposition touched the base. Alan Hill, Preston, England

8th Dec 2011

I remember Miss Whiticar deputy head she was eval and she enjoyed giving the girls the pump - and Banger geographie teacher and my tutor. He would never get his QTS now! Ann Wright, Hindley, uk

7th Dec 2011

Hello Alan. Could you describe those games, 'chainey' and 'skilly'? I'm trying to picture them and remember if we played similar games at my school in Scotland. Andrew O'Hagan, London, UK

7th Dec 2011

hi Neil you must remember me from the Freemasons.i use to live in Highfield Grange Ave.i remember the time you came in the masons on crutches when you had come of your bike.i worked there when Jack Fernley had it and then Mick sorry cant remember his last name. Pam,Susan and Dot worked there at the same time.i also remember your mum and dad they were a lovely couple.dont know if your mum ever told you about the time she got locked in the loo and she climbed on the cistern and over into the next toilet we did some laughing about it lol.hope your all well. margaret s, wigan, uk

6th Dec 2011

Argyle Street, Hindley. 1975-1980. I remember the head Mr. Davenport, Mr Collier and Mrs Bebbington who took us rambling in the countryside. I remember playing 'chainey' and 'skilly' in the playground. My friend Desmond Coop getting scalded by a boiling kettle in Art. I remember the walk to Hindley baths. I also remember the football team in '80 won the league, cup and 5 a side. Chess team wasn't too bad either. I went back to visit a while back but seemed like half the school had been knocked down. Is it still a school? Alan Hill, Preston, England

4th Dec 2011

i remember going to cardinal newman rc school and when it shut down me and anothe lad lee hewitt were the only 2 i can remember going to mornington high i wonder were the rest went alan, radcliffe, uk

29th Nov 2011


31st Oct 2011

To Christine Webb. I remember Rosie Reynolds, Mr. Tatum, Mr. Beddard, Mr. Yates, Mrs Hurst, Mrs Cheetham, Mr. Heyes who was always lovely to me. There was a new cookery teacher called Miss or Mrs. Savage and her name suited her. She was horrible to me every chance she got. Maybe she couldnt cook!!hahah. Loved Mr Bithells class, he was a fantastic artist, and if Mr Beddard caught you eating in class, he made you give the whole class some, because he said it was rude to sit there and not offer them around. He had to have two he said because he was only small and needed the sugar. You didnt take sweets in again or you had none left!! Wish I could go back sometimes. Christine Dunphy(formerly Jones), Wigan, England

22nd Oct 2011

Hi Margaret S. Sorry so long replying, but yes I did go to the Freemason's pub. Neil Batho, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

4th Aug 2011

I went to Whelley School from 1968 to 1973 and we had some great teachers Mr Millar was the headmaster before Jack Edmundson who we all called Dracula because his hair came down his forehead to a point just like Draculas. Mr Thompson was the woodwork teacher and we called him "Timbertash" or "Timberd*ck" depending on how polite you wanted to be.There was a fantastic old type teacher called Mr Beech (Tom) and he took Maths and Technical drawing and sometimes wore a black teachers gown. He had a fearsome reputation for discipline and would routinely send you to "Timberd*ck" to choose a piece of dowel with which you could be caned with, and another form of punishment was for him to grab your sideburns and lift you up and crack your chops as you dropped back to earth. Mr Farrimond (Ken) was the science teacher and used to run a chess club at dinner time. Mr Simm (Tom) was the History teacher and had the biggest hands you ever saw and would slap you on the back of your nylon shirt if you misbehaved, but he always recorded the top 20 for us on Sunday night on this reel to reel tape recorder and play it back for us on Monday morning.Mr Birchall (Derek) previously mentioned was the PE teacher and had a size 15 plimsol in his cupboard and would take great pride in whacking you on the backside for a misdemeanour. Mrs Ashley (Connie) used to take Home Economics and tried to get all the boys doing cooking. Mr Buer (Paul) was the English and Drama teacher and would organise any social functions and was a great comic. Miss Pass (Barbara) who was our geography teacher and brought back some honey cakes from her holiday in Greece. Happy days indeed, although it sounds as though we where battered senseless everyday it was done without malice and helped shape me into the person i am today ( a raving phsycopath ) only joking as Mr Beur would say. Thanks to all and any teachers who remember me at Whelley school, sorry if i have missed anyone. Any former pupils get in touch. Tommy Salter, WIGAN, U.K

27th Jul 2011

iwas at cardy 1966 1970 i remember all of the teachers mentioned from that era aiso mr boardman sports teacher i think carl sharpe, hindley, wigan

22nd Jul 2011

i rember the drawing on the black board at st williams but i remember it as a polar bear i left st bills in 1966 then went to cardy 1966 1970 carl sharpe, hindley, england

22nd Jul 2011

linda, spring view school is still going frank beddard died a few years ago now, (heart attack, harold tatum and "owd block" both dead, don't know about the women teachers as it was a boys school when I went in 1954/55 to 1957/58, I lived up taylors lane then, moved into golborne when I got married. bryan johnson, golborne, england

19th Jul 2011

I remember Miss Reynolds English and needle work teacher Mr Heyes and Mr Tatum Mr Bithel Mr Jamieson Mr Beddard Is the school still going ? Miss Tigg Mrs Trickett Mrs Tigg And Mrs Trickett were teachers there when it was the infants then I went to St Marys Juniors so many memories miss Fairclough use to be headmistress linda Housley Nee Higham, Metung, Australia

19th Jul 2011

I left spring view school in 1957/58 (it was an all boys school then) and remember mr heyes("owd block") who was the headmaster (he used to do a bit of wrestling in his younger days, he was a right so and so, had the cane off him a couple of times, there was mr.frank beddard who then taught english and geography, mr harold tatum taught science and maths.(he caught a group of us looking at a book of naked ladies in the outside toilets needless to say we got the cane,there was mr.anderton who did woodwork and tech drawing. mr.hilton ("owd aggie")he did maths and english, mr.quale did arts,they was all thugs exept frank beddard and harold tatum, one who was known as "owd sally" and there was mr.frank wardle (who went on to be the headmaster at moss lane school,platt bridge. all they ever churned out was rugby players,railway workers, miners and factory fodder. but they were still good days had some good school friends,and caneing never did us any harm,it taught us more respect. both for other people and their property ) b.johnson, golborne, england

18th Jul 2011

dors any one remember some of these teachers from spring view mr heyes[owd block] lovely mr bedard maths teacher, miss reynolds, mr tatum,[he hated my guts for some unknown reason] mr bithel art teacher and mr yates geography christine webb, wigan, england

6th Jul 2011

i was at Whelly Middle School in the mdd 70s ..the teachers i remember are Mr headmanson (headteacher)MRS Ashley(deputy head)Mr Paul Buer(French and Drama)Mr Birchall games teacher ,he used to give the royal chin ..any 1 remember that ..it hurt ..Miss Pass, Mrs Rigby,Mr Jarret,Mr Medows,Mr Dandy.. Miss Par,Mrs Birchall.. I have some good memories from there .. Jeff herring, wigan, england

30th Apr 2011

Hi Brian don't know you but I went to Ince Central left in 53. Tommy Gerrard was the headmaster, Miss Rider, Mr Howarth, and Mr Heaton, Miss Phillips, Miss Howgate (say the name with fear) E Sayer, Wigan, England

7th Apr 2011

I remember Miss Horrocks she taught English at St Thomas More in Fifties. Does anyone remember Hazel Whittle marie theresa Winnard, Wigan, England

5th Apr 2011

i'm looking for old pupils that went to borsdane brook school, or even old teachers, it will be nice to hear from people who attended this school it will be very greatful, and have reunite, my mobile number is 07871541727, it will be nice, i started this school in the around 1983 and left in the 90's thank you i hope to hear from some one xx susan, atherton, lancashire

1st Apr 2011

I have fond memories of Ince Central. I was there from 1966 and remember my very first day there! All the coat hooks in the cloakroom were animals -, mine was a lion!!Can`t remember any teachers names but I remember being happy there. I remember the school nurse twanging the elastic on my knickers!!! Debbie Roberts (Crabtree), Abergele, Conwy, N.Wales

26th Feb 2011

Joan, I remember the good old days at St. Patricks Girls School and the Mass on the 17th March. One year it was our classes turn to sing in the choir and when we were practicing the hymns Mrs Benson came and put her hand on my shoulder and told me to MIME. I never sang again for years !!! I was also one who knelt in front of the statue of the Sacred Heart in the hall, sadly for me, my sister Winifred was the bell monitor, so every time she saw me there, she told my parents when we got home, so I had a double Whammy !!!!!! I've forgiven her over the years though Marie Wallace (Aspinwall), Wigan, UK

18th Feb 2011

Miss Darwen, Head of Hindley Green Council School in 1939. Let me in under-age because she did not want to discourage keen children. Miss Smith, top class, would wellie you for bad behaviour! But they got me to Hindley & Abram Grammar School! Once there, thank God for Mrs Forshaw and Miss Nicholas, who gave me a love of English language and literature which has never left me. Jack Lowe, taught history, went on to Head of Mornington Road. I never heeded him - but somehow he gave me a love of history! I was so lucky to have all these excellent teachers throughout my childhood. I was an idle and bolshie little slob, who did only what I wanted, but they persevered with me. My thanks to all of them! They did good for me! Edna Booth, Warrington, UK

26th Jan 2011

b brown he taught re 1960 1966 he was such a lovely man very young only about 25years old then there was mr bleesedale he went out with miss lynch she was our netball teacher oh happy dayscardinal newman hindley does anyone remember mr paulineflynn, wigan, uk

26th Jan 2011

I went to Cardinal Newman 1970 to 75 (good vintage!). Thanks Mike Morris for reminding me of Mr Birtwhistle - he taught English. Have fond memories of woodwork (whistling Pinky Wilson) and metalwork (Mr Higham). Mr Higham taught me how to make a horse shoe… absolutely useless piece of kit if you’re not a blacksmith but hey… as they say – one man’s waste is another man’s good luck charm. Miss Partington (music) broke my finger with the cane… I’ll blame her for my poor guitar playing! If you read this mike, I still remember our Moped days after school – with Mike Hetherington, Tim Mullaney, Shaun Warton et al… Mike Appleton, Bristol, UK

10th Jan 2011

Did anyone go to Moss Lane School from 1970 to 74 just before its closure.Would like to here from you and have you any photos. Linda Ellison nee Darby, Wigan, England

5th Jan 2011

I also remember Miss Pilling from pemberton secondary,very strict but a wonderful teacher. I also remember Miss Hornby, god help you if your cookery wasnt up to scratch! Also remember Mrs McAvoy music teacher. JANET HOLLEY(TYRER), LATHERON, SCOTLAND

19th Dec 2010

I have a nightmre memory of being at St. Nathaniel's school Plattbridge. it was my 2nd. year Junior class. The teacher was Miss Rimmer. I had 2 faults, I was a girl, & I was a Methodist. The bullying was non-stop, not just me, there were other sufferers. My Mum went out to work to pay for the fees for me to go to Wigan High School for Girls. One of my best memories was getting my first homework back from Miss Taberner - a wonderful lady - & she had written "Good" at the end. maggie, Bath, UK

5th Dec 2010

i attended St johns RC Primary School / Brick Kiln lane and have a few fond memories of the place , being called up ter top o yard during "playtime" were teacher was sat on a chair , you had to read out loud from a ladybird book , may have been a Miss Hall or Miss Myers ? , cant recall.(Mr Myers was in charge of the metalwork Dept at Fisher). i do have distinct memories of a Mrs Benson she took the last Year pupils prior to "gooin Fisher" , her class room had a piano near her desk , she was very strict no one dared to utter a word out of place or mess aboot in class and you had to learn "proper writing" in italics using a fountain pen , Happy Days... Peter (P), Wiggin, *still in Wiggin

2nd Dec 2010

Hi Colin dont remember going to Hindley Green Social Club at all but did go to the Casino and Tiffanys in Wigan later on,moved from Hindley Green to Wigan in 1969 so lost touch with the area. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

22nd Nov 2010

Thanks for replying Dave,I was in Mrs Lathams form class,Do you remember go'int Teen-a-GoGo at Hindley Green Social Club on a wednesday night?. Colin Barnes, Hindley, England

21st Nov 2010

Hello Colin seem to remember you from the dim and distant past,I remember David Brockley he went to St Johns as well he lived in Laurel Crescent off Woodlands Avenue at Hindley Green I think there was a few Brockleys not certain the reason I recall David is that he once punched me in the stomach (I wasnt very old) not forgot that Ill bet he has long time ago (1960s).Ha Ha!Which class was you in at Morny Rd? I was in class 5G Mr Collier was the form teacher. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

19th Nov 2010

Dave Bennett,your a year older than me but i know all the name you mentioned went to morny 1967-72 ,spent a lot o time round Hindley Green wi my then best mate Dave Brockley(Brock).My nickname at school was Barney. Colin Barnes, Hindley, UK

17th Nov 2010

i'm looking for old pupils that went to borsdane brook school. if you remember mr fox as the headmaster, and mr fielding as the woodwork teacher and mrs hart as the maths teacher and mr jones has the science teacher. could get in touch with me at purplesue.haley59@gmail.com susan haley, atherton, lancashire

16th Nov 2010

Just to mention that I was very sorry to hear of the death of my old headmaster Mr F Hardman on 27th December 2009 I found him strict but fair although he did give me six of the best for playing football in the rain in the playground,I was warned but chose to ignore him silly boy!!my condolences to his family I know its belated but only just found out. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

15th Nov 2010

As mentioned I lived in Athol Crescent, Hindley Green from around 1960 to 1969 and went to St Johns C of E.Teachers I remember at that school are Mrs Jackson,Mrs Sharples,Mr Robinson,Mr Gaskell,and the head Mr Hardman(Fred).Classmates and friends were John Angus,Derek Rigby,David Martin,Malcolm Wigman,David Flanagan who lived at the side of St Johns in East St,Roy Starkie,Paul Sharrat,Tina Hamar,Linda Walker,Marie Boyle. Sheila Pendlebury (already mentioned).Friends at that time I recall were Ian McAllister whose dad went on to be Mayor of Wigan,David Croston,Christine Croston,Carol Croston,Geoffery Eardley,Gillian Eardley,Barry Eardley,Stephen Hunt who lived around the corner on Swan Lane,Michael Halliwell.Pamela and Sharon Physic,Carol Lowe,David Pilling,Trevor Hesketh,Anne McAllister (Ians sister)Elaine Gill who I think lived on Swan Lane-does anybody know what happened to any of the above mentioned (apart from Sheila Pendlebury).Many Thanks. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

15th Nov 2010

i want to get in touch with old school friends from borsdane brook school i left there in 1991 and he headmaster at the time was mr fox. if anyone knows could they contact me on my email address purplesue.haley59@gmail.com susan haley, was atherton, lancashire

15th Nov 2010

Just remembered who Chuffy was it was ofcourse Mr Goodwin always used to scratch his head from one side to the other and also would pull his hand down across his face why I dont know then there was Sid Robinson who used to pick you up by your sideburns so that you were on tip toes ouch!!Couldnt get away with that these days! Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

15th Nov 2010

Is there anybody out there that remembers being in class 5G at Hindley County Secondary School (Mornington Rd)around 1970/71 some names I recall are Ian Baron,Colin Dearnley,Denis Hill,David Flanagan,Roy Starkie,Ian Taylor,Dorothy Sargeant dont recall many girls some teachers I recall are Sid Robinson,Jack Lowe (Head) Mrs Turton,Mr Melling,Mr Collier (form teacher),Mrs Ross,Mr Manifold,Mr Rafferty,Mrs Woosey,Mr Euxton (English)Miss Dickinson later Mrs Horrocks and one with the nickname Chuffy who was very handy with a pump or was it a slipper!! Forty years now since I was there happy times. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

14th Nov 2010

Hello Sheila is it really nearly 50 yrs since we were at St Johns Hindley Green? Yes I did live at No 7 Athol Cres until 1969 when we moved to Worsley Mesnes.You indeed lived in Swan Lane do you remember a lad called Terry McHugh he lived close to you I didnt like him he was a bit of a bully as a I remember.Can you recall any other names from the foggy past who went to St Johns and lived around the area we lived in?Glad that you still remember me hope to hear from you soon. Dave Bennett, Wigan, England

14th Nov 2010

Castle Hill school Hindley is where i was educated, i started school in 1957 and i remember all the teachers, they were, in ascending years....... Mrs Rook, Miss Downham,Mrs Holt, Mrs Gill( she was also the milk woman)Mr Deacon, and the head was Mr Banks jean, hindley, england

31st Oct 2010

does any body remders the teachers from INCE central school the head was a MR GERRAD MISS RYDER MR HOWARD these are only the ones i can rember but there was more just rember a MR ECOCK brian kellie, blackrod bolton, uk

31st Oct 2010

HI Am looking to find gordon ALLEN HI Am LOOKING TO FIND gorden allen , ALSO HIS FRIEND JIM BISBROWN of hindly green WIGAN THEY MUST HAVES ABOUT BETWEEN 65 A 68YEARS OLD ? they comes over to brugge belgium in19 62 for a holiday in my mothers home can somes body help me pl thanks alot annie annie Fernandé, namur, belgium

7th Oct 2010

Many of the entries I have read have brought back lots of memories. I remember Miss Lynch PE Teacher, can't for the life of me recall which teacher she married. He taught English Language - any suggestions? Remember Miss Foster Housecraft teacher. She left and I heard that she had gone to live in Barbados - any know whether she is still there? She soon got uptight and stressed when our cookery sessions went a bit "pear shaped". I remember her telling me to keep cooking something, I told her it was burning, she was adamant that I continue and suddenly the food set ablaze - but soon put out. She went bananas and blamed me!!! Remember the Browns (Mr and Miss Brown brother and sister). He taught English and wore a brown suit, she taught PE. Miss Flanagan with her artwork and clay, pot making wheel. To Eileen Allister, Mrs Ryan sadly passed many years ago. Heard she married a Diplomat and went with him to live in Geneva, was involved in a car crash over there and was fatally injured. Unsure about Mr Rigby. There were also the following teachers: Mr Liptrot, Swift, Sharples,Naylor, McParklan, Mr McAllister (husband to Mrs McAllister teacher too). Mr Naylor, Mr Sharples and Mr Swift all maths teachers. Madame Franks (was never taught by her) and many others that don't spring to mind at this moment in time. Kathleen Horrocks (Nee Walsh), Many as Listed, Cardinal Newman School - Hindley

2nd Oct 2010

does anyone remeber steven blundell. Once in RE, the teacher, she had mad hair and holes in her tights, cant rememebr her name. Asked us all to come around her desk to look at some religious pictures. while we were alll studying the pictures, Steve dropped an open copy of a mens magazine on top of the religious articles..Tits replaced halos..lol One of my everlasting memeories is of her horror stricken face and all the kids laughing their heads off.. andy wright, milton keynes, UK

8th Sep 2010


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