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    school dinners

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I remember having to walk in pairs in all weathers to get to our canteen. Everyone went there was no bringing sandwiches. You either went home or got what was on offer there was no choice. Some days it was ok like sausage pie with manchester tart for sweet. Other days it was awful, stew and cabbage and sago or frog spawn as we called it for sweet. You got a lump of jam with either sago, rice pudding or semolina and we stirred it up to make it go pink Viv Walker, Wigan, England
St Thomas More Scot Lane. WE had a big family so we had free school dinners and it was the best meal of the day for us. You could smell the cabbage cooking from miles away but i can't complain about them I thought they were great especially the manchester tart!Lets face it they were much better than the fast food crap that most kids eat these days. Mary O Neill Sydney Australia. Mary O Neill, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, Australia
I remember school dinners most times they were good and the puddings were even better the only one I hated were prunes and custard,if you were unlucky enough to be sat at end of the table all the plates would be passed down to be collected with an arrangement of prune stones around the edge of the dish an woe betide anyone who left any. pauline, wigan, uk
Semolina pudding that I was made to eat - ugh! the rest wasn't so bad. Patricia van Vliet (nee Johnson), Zutphen, Netherlands
I also loved the Irish stew and, although I didn't really have a sweet tooth as a child in the 50s and 60s, I absolutely adored that fruit tart with clotted cream and the pastry melted in your mouth. I can't remember what sort of fruit that was now but it was very tangy? Mollie Matthews, Wigan, England
I remember the lumpy mash potatoes and the meat pie which wasn't too bad. I liked the sponge cake and custard. Going to St Pat's school meant you had to walk to a tin hut on John St for your dinner - called the canteen. The canteen was also another playground in the school holidays! We used to climb up the spouts onto the roof after climbing over the gates to get inside. I dont know how I survived sometimes with all the climbing I did. I always went home with ripped frocks! veronica biggadike, westhoughton, England
i remember school dinners. it was only proper food we had. i remember a mrs belshaw our dinner lady. she was evil but as i trained as a chef i now know why she was strict with us. i loved her manchester tart. sandra crompton, hindley, lancs
I remember the big stainless steal water jugs all battered and dinted. Before you poured the water you always checked the bottom of your glass for the number! Was you higher (better) or lower (worse) than your class mates? I dont have fond memories of delightful appitising food but I do remember then being fun. Joanne, Atherton, Lancs
I remember having school dinners.I had two bags on string round my neck every Monday with money in them. One was for milk money the other dinner money. I think the milk money was 5d,while the dinner money 1s-3d. I always enjoyed school dinners, especialy the stews, most of the other kids didn't like stew so I used to eat there's too. I remember my dad getting hurt down pit, and I got free meals then,even during the long summer hollidays too. I had to go to the dinner hut in the girls part of All Saints school every dinner time, then go and play rugby on the Rectors field close by. John Dennett, Ashton in Makerfield Wigan, England
we had a boys table and a girls table for school dinners and one day i was naughty so they put me on the boys table, i was only 5yrs old and i cried my eyes out! i told my mum when i got home and she went to the school to complain BUT THEY DENIED IT! SODS! denise twist, ashton-in-makerfield, england
My first experience of school dinners was in 1948 when I was 6 years old.Whenever I remember the lumps of fat and grisel floaing in a pool of grey water,I still want to throw up. Dave Marsh, St.Clement, Jersey
i remember in the 60s at tommy moore. in the school canteen there would be eight to a table and the two at the head of the table had to serve the food. if you where at the bottom you'd usually get the smallest portions. ive bin starved they'd say. the best spot was next to the top so you could see what was going and get a bit more jackbit. one day my plate was piled up and dennis mc hugh our rugby teacher spotted it. he and gave me such a crack round the head i can still feel it. happy days dennis joe pendlebury, wigan, uk

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