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    Saturday morning pictures

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Collect all the badges A B C M I N O R S and you had to go up on stage to get a big one with your name stuck on it, remember the manager Uncle Derek, used to love the childrens film foundation films , Danny the dragon etc Nick, Brisbane, Australia

5th Sep 2008

There was only one place to be on a Saturday afternoon and that was the Queens in Pemberton. "The Tanner Rush" as it became known, started about 1.30pm. First there was a western; usually Hopalong Cassidy; then came the cartoons (and the ice-lolly woman). At the end there was the serial: over the years I went there, I saw: Batman; Superman; Bruce Gentry; Flash Gordon; Zorrow; King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table and many more. It was a great place. At the end when the doors opened, it was bedlam as we all spilled out on to Ormskirk Road. I also saw nearly all the Elvis films on Friday nights and big films like South Pacific and Whistle Down The Wind. Wonderful place and still sadly missed by many older Pembertonians... John Jarvis, Pemberton, Wigan, UK

15th Aug 2008

A B C Wigan sat morn praying for flash gorden to survive yet another crash or blast from a lazer gun angie greer, benidorm, spain

8th Aug 2008

I remember going to the Abc miners and also to the Court School of Dancing.Once my picture appeared in the paper and I got some money because I had a circle around my face.Happy days! Anne Fairhurst, Wigan, England

4th Jul 2008

i remember the ABC minors every saturday , and sometimes one or two would pay to go ,then open the exit door at the bottom , then all your mates came in for free , int that awful ....nobody had much money then maria, wigan, lancashire

17th Jun 2008

I remeber the saturday morning minors. I got in free because my mum and auntie winnie worked there as cleaners! I used to love singing the abc song too, stamping my feet and clapping as hard as I could. It would be the early 60's. There also used to be a compare on stage and I remember singing "bend it" standing up and siting down to the music. Happy days!!!! marie Alexander, wigan, u.k.

28th May 2008

I remember being Chased by Johnnie "Moggie" back in the 40s,also being in the balcony causing an uproar as usual,then old whiskers or even the manager would come round spraying that awful disinfectant all over the place.The Saturday afternoon matinee serial at that time was"The Clutching Hand".I now possess a copy of it on DVD..Happy Days.. Alan Hunter, Tamworth . Staffs, U.K.
i remember goin to the abc on satday mornin with my mate simon fleming.his mum would often drop us off outside and when we got in we would buy a badge.we stamped our feet so hard when the baddies came on our feet hurt.they had contests an all.i remember a yoyo one.i didnt get up.too bloody shy dave williams, exeter, england
many happy memories of thePalace in bryn st pocket full of peas and a peashooter for firing of the balcony anybody remember old wire whiskers as we called him he was the doorman frank walford, ashton in makerfield, england
We used to go to Kennards Chippy for penny arrows which was in the small room in between the shop and the cafe then go to GIDLOW PICTURES then on our way home call in Kennards again for a six peneth with pea wet on Dave Hill, Wigan, Lancs
i remember the abc miners on saturday mornings in the early 1980s all my kids used 2 go every saturday morning. 2 ov them even won a mothers day card competition and ive still got the newspaper clippings ov it lucky_lady_0404, wigan, uk
Who remembers the Unit 4 in Pemberton great memories does anyone remember ordering a hot dog and the woman would come and find you and if you were sat nearest to the wall every person in your row had put there grubby hands all over it just to pass it along. I remember they did a double bill of Chariots of Fire/Gregorys girl joanne thompson, Upholland, England
The Lyric Cinema was built by Ernest and Herbert Dickinson in 1939. I am wondering if Helen West nee Bradshaw was Hebert's granddaughter Carol. Her surname was Lucas but she lived with her grandparents in Holland Moor and was a regular visitor to the Lyric in the 1950s. Carol, was my wife for thirty years until she passed away ten years ago. I would be delighted to hear from Helen if she thinks her friend was this Carol. John Young, Harlow, Essex
I remember the regal at ince My Grandad use to take me there Went to a sweet shop across the road to get a Quater of marshmellows before we went to the movie good memories and good films Linda, Vic, Australia
I remember going to the Nupro in Ashton on a saturday morning where they set up a screen and showed really kitch dinosaur movies ! Denise Melling, Ashton in Makerfield, England
i remember saturday morning pictures 2 ov my children used 2 go there i av a pic ov them making easter cards good old miners lucky_lady_0404, wigan, uk
the wigan casino what a great place to go dancing all night long to all that northern soul then we went to wigan baths them were the days so sad to see it gone keep the faith kitzzy stuart, ashton in makerfield, england
this not about the above but i was on the net wendnesday 3/10/07 and was looking at youtube.com I was looking at the catergory wigan casino. It was great watching and remembering how great the place used to be pity the powers that be decided to pull the place down maybe they were frightened of what the young uns where getting upto not like todays kids mugging drinking smokeing and who knows what else ahwell they must be kicking themselves now the place has gone not to return. as people who went used to say KEEP THE FAITH. sorry its not about the above but it is a memory that should be remembered. Brian naylor, hindley wigan, lancs
I remember going to Bluesvill in Scholes in the 60@s, great music, some big groups and artists. Does anyone remember the Minxs? Bill Gregory, Inverness, Scotland
I used to go to Ashton palace and have to back the following Saturday to see if Zorro .managed to escape a fate worse than death then it was always normal to have a mooch in johnnie moggies. jeff hallsworth, toronto, canada
Yes, John... I remember the ABC Minors and the competitions - the Tarzan competition, Easter Bonnet competition and the prettiest doll. It was threepence to get in in the mid sixties... Janette, Adelaide, South Australia
i used to go to the regal cinema in ince with my brothers and cousins who lived in front i cant think of the name of the road does enyboby remember hansons dairy tou could go in and buy a small bottle of oringe juice and mortons shop ince green lane buter in a slab creamola foam ann, barcelona, spain
going to ashton palace cinema and buying broken biscuits from the market, going into johnnie moggies shop and asking for a pound of rusty nails, and being chased out of the shop by a pitch fork wielding Johnnie moggie. 5 a side at ashton baths and the thursday night? under 16's disco. mains colliiery "powder mag and generally making a nuisance around ashton. Ivor Collins, ashton in makerfield, England
"We are the boys and girls well known as the Minors of the ABC etc etc" Saturday mornings in Wigan in the bedlam of the Cinema. We all loved what now would seem to have been simple naive' tales of daring do with the likes of Buster Crabbe and Hopalong Cassidy. Many of the films we were treated to where already pretty old then; but did we care? I know that in retrospect times often seem better but there was great joy in singing along together and we flew our rockets and rode our horses in pursuit of the villians all from the safety of a cinema seat. fred howarth, truro, uk
The picture place in lower ince was called the regal,i remember my brother taking me ,he made me sit at the front while he sat at the back with a girl,my mum also used to take me watching the three stoogies ,i used to spend most of the time on the floor cause i didnt like them. ellen heaton, wigan, lancs
i remember the bug real name the doric in hr ince it was 3 old pennies to go in on sat morning having a ice lolly red at thh bottom icecream in middle i think yellow at the top delicious.olso the regal down ince green lane in deligate st happy day,s. also palace at wigan frances, wigan, england
I can remember going to the Ritz on Saturday mornings in the late 40s. I still remember well, the ABC Minors song, I have sung it to my grandchildren here in Melbourne. I am so sorry to hear that it is to close down. Another big change for when I next come to visit my home town. Barbara Guy (Singleton), Melbourne, Australia
I used to go to ABC Minors in 1972 to 73 with my mate Gary Stewart. I used to meet him at his house at the bottom of Scot Lane and his Mam used to make him porridge for breakfast which he hated and I used to end up eating . We caught the bus into Wigan joined the queue trying to get near the front. When the doors opened we used to rush like mad to get the front seats!We used to watch the films and when the ushers had gone back we used to do rolly pollys on the big area in front of the screen, and flick lolly sticks at the screen.We used to love collecting the badges and singing the theme tune ABC Minors Forever! Peter Boyd, Ince, Wigan, Lancs
The chipshop near the Gidlow picture house was for many years called Kennards Gerard Gleeson, Ashton-in-Makerfield, England
hi i reamber going to the ritz cinema on satersdays . we were in a childrens home in severn drive at christmas we had to go on stage and get present given to and thankyou to peole how help us to get present on christmas day i had good times then .and after ritiz we whent baths i loved my satersdays . christine, wigan, lancs
the pie shop re bellegreen lane. this was owned by a mr cain.i use to pick up pies for a grocers shop on rosebridge wherei was employed circa 1939-1944 frank, cleveleys, england
the chippy next to the gidlow cinema was kennards.alice and eddie kennard ran it for many years.we always seemed to end up there at night. d orrell, billinge, uk
I remember the joys of going with friends to the ABC minors on a Saturday morning. It was brill . We all used to collect badges to put on our jackets and I had loads on mine. It was hanging over the back of the seat in front and while I was busy snogging someone pinched them all , I was heartbroken and I didn't go again for a while. Viv Walker, Wigan, England
I remember going to the ABC minors and getting a bag of broken biscuits from Wollies next door.Mary O Neill Sydney Australia Mary O Neill, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, Australia
There was a cinema in Lower Ince in the 60's and we used to watch "the blackhawks" One of the pilots was French and always said "Sacre Bleu". My parents later ran a chipshop opposite the Fox Tavern in Higher ince until my father died in the late 60's Terry Wilding, Glendale, Isle of Skye
I remember the yo-yo contests at ABC minors on Saturday mornings. Patricia van Vliet (nee Johnson), Zutphen, Netherlands
I remember going to ABC minors on Saturday morinings. Late sixties, used to get badges that said ABC Minors. Was it really a penny to get in? Anybody remember the costume contest? john cliff, Poncha Springs, Colorado, USA
I also remember the pictures on a Sat. morning.More than likely the ABC as I remember the minors song. My father drove the red double decker buses so he would drop us off. I thought it was a penny to get in or was that the bus fare. Not sure now of the particular film but remember vividly a man being pushed down into a concrete room then the roof or concrete slab was slowly coming down on him and we had to come back the next week to see how he got on. Carol Orr, whakatane, New Zealand
a.b.c. minors at the ritz in wigan(soon to be demolished) it was 5p to get in and i can still remember the song we used to sing,it began we are the boys and girls well known as minors of the a.b.c and every saturday all line up,,,etcthen we would stamp are feet like thunder,brilliant linda byrne, wigan, englany
I can remember being sent to The Court School of Dancing, this was situated above the Ritz Cinema, I went once,the rest of time I went to the pictures to watch Roy Rodgers,Zorro,etc. I neverlearned how to Dance. Raymond, Loggos, Now in Greece
Was it Lawlers chippie at the end of Throstlenest Avenue? John Dennett, Ashton in Makerfield Wigan, England
I remember going to the Lyric in Grove Road, UpHolland in the mid 1950s. Later when I was `15 - 16 going to the Majestic in Orrell and trying to look older so we could see the X rated movies ! DENNIS DICKINSON, Palmerston North, New Zealand
How about the Gidlow, in Gidlow Lane for saturday morning pics. There was a chipshop on the corner near the cinema, anyone remember the name, Margaret Hegan (nee Dawson), Elmswell, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
I remember going to to the Labour Pictures and watching The Lone Ranger. Ken, Wigan, UK
i remember going to the Majestic at Orrell on sat.morning with my brothers stan,raymond and ken.We used to call into the tuck shop across the road for a cup of horlicks.Good old days marion campbell(nee green), preston, lancs eng
i remember the doric cinema known locally as the bug at ince bar wooden seats and big jack the bouncer we use to take empty jam jars to get in and got a orange free one xmas kathleen, ince wigan, england
Thanks to Joe Wynne for news about the old Lyric at Upholland. Sorry to hear about the Ritz being demolished....is there much of Wigan left ? My sister & I were sometimes allowed to go to the Ritz on a Saturday night, I remember queing outside if it was a popular film. Cinema's ain't what they used to be ! Helen West ( Bradshaw ), Binham, Norfolk, UK
My parents used to take my brothers and I to the ABC Minors at the Ritz in Wigan every Saturday morning. I used to be in love with the Man From Uncle - blond one! There was a huge photo of him part way down the stairs. I can still remember the words and tune to the ABC Minors song... sad isn't it! After the show we would go to the BHS cafe for toast with Adam's Best butter, then on to Mesnes PArk. Lovely days! Andrea Gaskell, Wigan, UK

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