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    the old market

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yeah i remember cassinllis, BIG BUTTIES, i miss the owd market have it back anyday. carole, wigan, lancs.
the casinellis cafe on the corner. mmm nice big thick slice of toast with loads of butter. i used to go with my mum n nan. think it may of been about 10p for a slice of that toast. sorry if i have spelt casninellis wrong. oh them were the days. brian, wigan, uk
I remember having to buy a quarter of tripe of the seam for my grandma and take it to her when checking she was okay. I had the smell in my nostrels all the way there on the bus. Yuk!! but she loved it. Bought it from a little stall in the old market. Good old days! Not the same with the Galleries. Julie Kocot, Wigan, England
In the 40s my grandad used to work at Smailes the Butchers in the Old Market Hall.He used to bring me comics from a stall in Makinsons Arcade.Funny Wonder,Comic Cuts,Chips,Film Fun,plus Dandy & Beano....they were happy days. Alan, Tamworth Staffs, U.K.
Working in Dewhurst butchers in Makinsons arcade going into the market hall in my lunch hour. Going round the stalls on afriday and saturday during the 1950s and 60s graham grange, christchurch, new zealand
Roy Hursts record shop is remembered by many and me also. I used to buy from ther and Smiths on Mesnes Road. All Roy's records had his name stamped on the cover. I still have a copy of "Free - Live" with the Roy Hurst stamp on the back. Also remember all the fruit and veg stalls as you walked in from the Park Hotel side Dave Ingram, Bromborough, Wirral, UK
Cockles and Mussels for a Shilling while waiing for the bus. Late Sixties. I still crave them in the paper bag with a little salt and vinegar. YUM JOHN CLIFF, Poncha Springs, Colorado
Me old man worked on the old market. He started as a porter. He still works in the new market 25 yrs later, but he misses the old place a lot. People often remember stall holders or folks that worked on stalls, but few remember the porters and cleaners who had the most horrible but essential work to do. There was 'young' John, Porky (sadly deceased, Reg (too ill to work)and Joe among others. Years ago I can remember taking our dog into the market one night to try to catch a ferral cat. He nearly broke his neck trying to get it. It was caught soon after as it decided to nap in a basket in the pet stall and 'overslept'. It mustve thought it was in heaven with all that free pet food!! Val, wigan, uk
what about the dead rabbits and pheasants hanging outside the stalls ? Ilaughed when they smashed the old market down but my mum said one day i would remember it with fondness ??? yes she was right , those were the days 1970's where did you go ? andy sixsmith, wigan, england
i worked in market hall on wilsons stall best place to work one big happy family dorothy nee rimmer, hornsea, england
Greens sausages!! Are they still going? please e-mail me! jeff ryan, wigan, ENGLAND
The weigh scales that were on the outside market at the bottom of the old arcade. They were under some kind of canvas covering. Two elderly women ran it and they were the real jokey scales, a seat suspended. My mother used to get weighed there every week. Avril Cottam nee Taylor, Halifax, Canada
I thought i was the bees knees because I worked in the old Cassinellis cafe on the corner of the old market and my first proper boyfriend worked on a stall on the outside market. I used to gaze at him through the window of the cafe..........Ahhhhhhhhhhh happy days!!!! Nicki, St Helens, uk
I remember in the70s and 80s Once we had been to the baths i would go shopping with my mates on a Saturday at the old market.Going either to the cafe on the corner(can't remember name) or the bus station cafe.Messing around on the revolving doors,buying clothes at the Teenage Trend stall and the joke shop stall.I used to put farting powder in my Dad's tea A visit would not be complete without doing our tour of the outside market and screaming and laughing turning the corner to the smell of the fishmongers shops.What a stink! kerry, wigan, lancs
i worked on kings butchers near the doors,absolutely freezing in winter but always too busy to notice.was a sad day when we left to go into the galleries.felt like a big family had split up,we used to have a riot!best place i ever worked. denise hastings, wigan, england
I remember Roy Hurst my departed mother paid for me to buy a k-tel or arcade LP for christmas but when I got ther I bought Motown Chartbusters vol 3 Which I still Have to this day best Record I have ever bought.It was a boy and girl collection box for the RSPCA I think & the dog was a yellow Labrador & the bull watched over everyone.My Grandad ( Benjamin/Benny Naylor scott ln Newtown ) had a fish stall roughly facing TSB Bank Callands Toy shop to the right.those were the days. Brian Naylor, Wigan, Lancs
I remember in the 1960's going to Redmonds (I think) with my Grandma to buy yeast so she could bake bread. K.Rutter, Wigan, England
my first memory of wigan market was the dolls hospital my favorate dolls leg broke and my nan took me there to have her fixed i thought it was great my childhood memory lynne roe, wigan, lancs
i remember as a toddler being very scared of the big bulls head complete with huge horns over the top of smales ?butchers,i was sure its eyes were only ever looking at me!!! later memories were of hot toast dripping in butter and a mug of horlicks from the little cafe ,ah happy days bernard farrimond, wigan, uk
I also bought my records from outside the market hall the ex jukebox ones. does anyone remember Roy Hurts records which was in the market hall? Russ Winstanly also has a stall outside the market hall. James Myers, Up Holland, England
Anyone else remember the the fish market at the bottom end of Woodcock St.This before they built the fish shops now demolished. Remember mostly the man with a fish stall, who always wore a straw hat and a long blue apron with white stripes. bolton, wigan, uk
Going round and round in the revolving doors. Putting pennies in the dog with a slot in its head for the blind. Think there was a boy and girl collection thing too. The best toy stalls, clothes for my Tressy doll. (Her Hair grows) as the advert said. Yea if you pulled it out of her head, poor love. Then stuck a key in her back to wind it back in, where did it go? Ha. Jean J, Wigan, Lancs
Santus, Redmonds, Waterworths. The Friday and weekend fellas outside of the market across from the arcades, selling their wonder soaps and cleaning materials. Scrubbing on some old piece of carpet to impress the crowd at their product. Raytben, Tillamook, Oregon, USA
I have fond memories of mooching about the old market in the early 70s. I used to buy all my records from a couple of stalls outside near the doors. Across from the entrance to Makinson Arcade. Ex-Dukebox singles with the middles missing! I think they cost about 30p in those days! Oy, Wigan, England

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