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    my first job

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My first Job was at Lowes department store in Wigan , Those blue counters , very swish and the pipe system for the money we used to put the money and off it swooshed to the cashiers office. In ladies fashion there was a round seating area where if we were quiet we used to sit on. James Lowe was in charge a really nice man.Mr Kay was assistant manager. I look back on it fondly, had some great friends and often think of them.Does anybody remember Jean Tunstall from the hat department a smashing lady. If anybody does I would love to hear how she is. Ann, Kent, England
My first job was an apprentice compositor at Lockie Press, Golborne Brian Naylor, Ashton-in-Makerfield, England
Ashton`s Tobacconist Shop in Wallgate. The Warehouse was in Barrack Square next to Frank Best`s Plumbers. From the warehouse a trap door led down to the garage where the two delivery vans were kept. The main garage door was opposite Timberlake`s Garage in Arcade Street. The main driver who also serviced and repaired the vans was Jim Talbot. The warehouse `gaffer` was Bill Hardman. Bill Jordan, Bolton, UK
my first job was in a textile mill.... does anybody remember clifton mills in poolstock..I would be interested to hear from anyone.. pictures, memories,anything.... thankyou.... janet, wigan, lancs
woolworth's cafe bar sold the most wonderful bacon barm cakes. Auntie maggie took us to the UCP; we all had the best egg n chips ever, then bought savoury ducks on the way home. Another foodie treat we enjoyed was pasties smothered in gravy in the old Coop cafe. chrissie Hardman, bolton, uk
my first job at starrs printers in1965 as bookbinder anybody rememder there shirley, wigan, lancs
doreen come and ask that question on forum some owd uns will know they might even have a photo Big harold, wigan, uk
does anyone remeber tomlinsons diy shop? my ex husband worked there straight from school until they pulled it down doreen, wigan, england
Pilling's Bespoke Tailors. Corner of Wallgate and Caroline St. We worked above Marsden's Pork Butcher's and the smell of pork pies cooking used to waft up through the open windows. Earnings: £1-10s-7d.per week. We made gaberdine macs. The place closed down within 12 months of me and my cousin starting. I do hope it was nothing to do with us young uns messing about. Frieda, Wigan, England
Frieda, wonder if you worked with my mum, Annie Ashton? She worked on the tea bar. Not sure of the dates but before '56. Jean J, Wigan, Lancs
I used to work at Woolworths during the mid 40's does anyone remember the rabbit that was served on a roll I think with onions,tasted like chicken,I also attended the Blue Coat School & later All Saints Sec.School. We were poor but wow did we enjoy little things like, dancing at the Empress Hall, movies, and walking in the park on Sundays,I used to feed the ducks and swans and listened to the band that played at Menses Park.I enjoy this Wiganworld a lot Thanks. Frieda A.Coronel, Las Vegas Nevada, USA
Aspinall's wallpaper shop in Mesnes St. I was 15 and for the princely sum of £2 12s 6d a week I worked in the shop. I was shown how to trim rolls of wallpaper on a trimming machine and made a pig's ear of the first batch of expensive paper - the customer brought it back and I got into trouble!! It was difficult to keep the sides even and in parts I had trimmed too much pattern off the side! Looking back I should not have been allowed to do that particular job at the age I was. I did not stay long I'm glad to say. veronica, westhoughton, Bolton
i got my first job while i was still at school. it was in the offices of a famous Catalogue company, and i said i had finished school, (although it was in the summer holidays before i went into my last year). i just wanted a job to earn some extra money. the work was ok, but extremely boring, and i remember i got £6.00 a week, and i thought i was so rich! it was really hard to give in my notice at the end of the six weeks, and even harder to think of a good excuse why i had to leave! susan, skelmersdale, england
Taking newspapers and funnily enough, cigarettes to the wards at Whelley hospital. I was only 12 yet I was allowed to take them there. They where ill, yet still smoking. The matron used to give me more tips than I earned wages and more tips from the patients if the next day I brought something back they wanted, usually lucozade or barley water. Jean J, Wigan, Lancs
Ashton Tobacconists - 14shillings and twopence a week. delivering cigarettes to Newsagents etc, Cleaning. Remember the sweet smiles of the shop assistants as they lied to non regular customers, telling them they had no popular brands, when they had them under the counter for the regualrs. "Of course sir we have Pasha!" Raytben, Tillamook, Oregon, USA

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