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Wiggin University 1st Year Exam
Submitted by Neil Hanley. Saved from the 1970's while studying at St John Rigby Sixth Form College in Orrell.

1st Year Examination: English Paper II (Comprehension)

1.  Thammun gerrit thisell 25.  Les guturt pitchers
2.  Initot 26.  Ast gorratanner
3.  Giuzit 27.  Eenose nowt abartit
4.  Gerritetten 28.  Eez gooint gerit
5.  Gerofit 29.  Lerrer gerontbuz
6.  Supitup 30.  Ee sez ee antadit
7.  Azzee getniteer 31.  Atowdim buree wunt lissen
8.  Izmiatonreet 32.  Lerim purrizaton
9.  Eez geoinwom 33.  Eez goriz awom
10.  Ast getnit reet 34.  Thakon iftha wants
11.  Isit thi mam 35.  Tha wantsta wesh thi eerole
12.  Purrimineer 36.  Izeeonneeturn
13.  Eesezitintiz burra berritis 37.  Thisulpurers onthichest
14.  Thalaffot gerra newun 38.  Weevgoracar
15.  Lerrus gerrus answasht 39.  Eez nowt burrababi
16.  Summonus afert gerrrof 40.  Cont kumpt ar arse neet
17.  Wi afert gerrus inbooks 41.  Tha luks owder bart teeth
18.  Thamun gerrit lernt 42.  Sithineet
19.  Shutthigob 43.  Tint init
20.  Owzeeno 44.  Artawreet
21.  Buzztop 45.  Worart onabehtall
22.  Aberitinterz 46.  Allaya matenpraterpie
23.  Nethen worartdooin 47.  Eegetten runnoar
24.  Ast seenim ont telly 48.  Thagawmluss bugger


40 - 48  Thazdunoreetcocker (thacongerrer Wiggin carnselarse)
30 - 39  Sawreet miowdprater
20 - 29  Thaowta triarder
10 - 19  Guwomdehnsehth yignuruntsod
1 - 9  Oo smglt theeint cuntri
0  Thasayinmion arnt


1.  You must get it yourself 25.  Let us go to the cinema
2.  Isn't it hot? 26.  Do you have sixpence?
3.  Give it to me 27.  He knows nothing about it
4.  Eat it 28.  He is going to get it
5.  Get off it 29.  Let her get on the bus
6.  Finish your drink 30.  He says he hasn't had it
7.  Does he have it here? 31.  I told him but he wouldn't listen
8.  Is my hat on correctly? 32.  Let him put his hat on
9.  He is going home 33.  He has his at home
10.  Did you get it right? 34.  You can if you wish
11.  Is that your mother? 35.  I wish you'd listen
12.  Put him in here 36.  Is he working the night shift?
13.  He says it isn't his, but I bet it is 37.  This will do you good
14.  You will have to get a new one 38.  We have a car
15.  Let me wash my hands 39.  He is juvenile
16.  Some of us will have to get off 40.  Can you come to my house tonight?
17.  We must get our hymn books 41.  You look older without your teeth
18.  You must learn it 42.  See you tonight
19.  Be quiet 43.  It isn't inside
20.  How does he know? 44.  How are you?
21.  Bus stop 45.  Pardon
22.  I don't believe it belongs to her 46.  I would like a meat and potato pie
23.  Now, what are you doing? 47.  He was knocked down
24.  Have you seen him on the TV? 48.  Idiot


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