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  Posted by colin on 30th November 2005  
  Where are you? westhoughton
  How did you find wiganworld?    browsing
  Comments I have come to the conclusion that Whosfar Ted and his brother Ivefar Ted are actually Art, acting the goat. You can't hide, Art, your writing style gives you away. And if the 2012 Olympics ARE held in Wigan, it's to be hoped that Wigan Council aren't in charge of things 'cos they couldn't organise a p*$ in a brewery !

  Posted by doodellio on 30th November 2005  
  Where are you? at work
  How did you find wiganworld?    in my turnup bottom of my jeans
  Comments I would like to wish wiganers everywhere happy christmas and a fantastic new year.
dont,t forget buy a wigan monopoly for youselves.

  Posted by Vivian on 30th November 2005  
  Where are you? West Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    reli in wigan
  Comments My dad Wilf Grange did a documentary with Tommy Blackledge of the Northern Anglers Assoc. on the pollution of the River Douglas I think it was on scene at 6.30. Anybody know how I can get a copy.Also does anybody know if they are still giving the cup we donated to Northern Anglers when my dad died.It was for the Schoolboys.

  Posted by Ivefar Ted on 29th November 2005  
  Where are you? Real Billinge
  How did you find wiganworld?    Off Bert.
  Comments Our Whosfar has been sad ever since he found out that his part of Billinge is in Wigan. We are still in PROPER BILLINGE.

  Posted by Whosfar Ted. on 29th November 2005  
  Where are you? Our House.
  How did you find wiganworld?    You What ?
  Comments Steve, I should imagine the quarries you used to swim in, in the sixties, are still near Eccleston or Mawdsly, miles from Wigan !

  Posted by Ged on 29th November 2005  
  Where are you? Knocking about Sinthelin
  How did you find wiganworld?    While leaving sinthelin

  Posted by steve coleman on 29th November 2005  
  Where are you? australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    friend
  Comments trying to find hunters hill quarry and a quarry near ecclston or mawdsley we use to swim there in the sixties wereabouts are they?

  Posted by melanie ashton on 29th November 2005  melanieashton1@hotmail.com 
  Where are you? beech hill
  How did you find wiganworld?    great
  Comments great site luved it i go on all the time n now i av 2 do this project in 1 of my lessons n im usin wigan world 2 get sum pics off but i did hope that there was more about beech hill n spring field on anyway lv ya all great site

  Posted by stuart evans on 28th November 2005  seva78945@blueyonder.co.uk 
  Where are you? hawkley hall
  How did you find wiganworld?    the reporter
  Comments a great site and full of information. i gonna put it in my favourites list.

  Posted by Zoe Pearson on 28th November 2005  
  Where are you? Hindley Geen
  How did you find wiganworld?    Searching for other stuff
  Comments What a fantastic site love the photos. It gave my dad alot of happy memories to look back. Quite suprised there are no photos on hindley green cp being one of the oldest schools in the area. :-)

  Posted by Naomi H. Nankervis on 28th November 2005  nhkn11@yahoo.com.au 
  Where are you? Warwick, Qld. Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google
  Comments Thank you, your site has inspired me to continue re-searching our family genealogy. To actually see your first page, JOHN MASON & SONS. just blew me away. Yes. John is father of Edward [1865] his grand-daughter Eda came to New Zealand, md. Walter Bristow, three generations later all flourishing. Thank you...N.H.N.

  Posted by Whosfar Ted. on 27th November 2005  
  Where are you? Wagon.
  How did you find wiganworld?    Medium.
  Comments Don, what an absolute 'Joey' you are believing the olympics story. Bert (St. Helenser) was making it up, because he says he could make a Wiganer believe anything. And, guess what, he's right ! HA HA HA HAAAAAA !

  Posted by eric on 27th November 2005  
  Where are you? wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    browse
  Comments fred bryan i sent message and e-mail address via friends reunited

  Posted by don on 27th November 2005  
  Where are you? wigon
  How did you find wiganworld?    here
  Comments i think it is just a joke about the olimpic games being held in wigan . i asked around and nobody else has heard about it. i think if it was true it would have been in the papers. can anybody confirm if it is true or if its just a roomer.

  Posted by harry mumford on 27th November 2005  tandaross@btinternet.com 
  Where are you? liverpool
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments re the message left by bob ohara on 25th november. i remember billy woodcock who lived in herbet street/miry lane. my family and i were evacuated to wigan from liverpool, i was 4 when we arrived there, and we were there until i was 12. i have great memories of growing up there. billy was one of my mates, as was john locke, freddie billinge, arnold lord and various others. i would love to hear from anyone who remembers the mumford family from wilcock street.

  Posted by TOMMY BUTLER on 27th November 2005  
  Where are you? DAWLISH DEVON
  How did you find wiganworld?    Found Wigan World O.K .
  Comments Anybody out there who used to go to All Saints Sec Mod School from 1959 to 1964.Do you remember our form teachers.I can only remember Roy Jackson Dereck Hurst and Jock Shaw who used to tell us about when he was in BURMA.

  Posted by Dave Marsh on 26th November 2005  davemarsh@jerseymail.co.uk 
  Where are you? Jersey
  How did you find wiganworld?    Couldn't miss it
  Comments Hi Tommy,
Yes that's me.John is my youngest brother.He worked at westwood power station when he left school then went into the merchant navy and sailed the world for free.After that he worked in South Africa and then in Jeddah where he was eventually arrested and deported in a mis-understanding over a bottle of whisky.If you wish you can e-mail me at davemarsh@jerseymail.co.uk
I am away now for 7 days.

  Posted by Tommy Butler on 26th November 2005  
  Where are you? Dawlish
  How did you find wiganworld?    Found It On The Computer
  Comments To Dave Marsh Did you have a brother John,who was in St Thomas's Scouts.Like you the name rings a bell.If you lived in York St would you know Ian Braithwaite and Alan Carter who lived in the Clayton St area.

  Posted by phil sutton on 26th November 2005  philsutton4@aol.com 
  Where are you? peterlee but from aspull
  How did you find wiganworld?    voices in my head
  Comments anyone from aspull high school bout 1980-85 gis a bell.wots happened t'runners its fallin down.

  Posted by Whosfar Ted. on 26th November 2005  
  Where are you? Wogan.
  How did you find wiganworld?    Top.
  Comments If the olympics are held in Wigan the main event would probably be the Pie Throwing.

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