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You might agree, you might not .....

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:30 pm    Post subject: You might agree, you might not ..... Reply with quote

Dear fellow football fans.

I am writing to ask you to join me in condemning the proposals for an extra round of Premier League matches to be played overseas, in a destination to be defined by ‘the highest bidder’. There, in 3 letters (the proverbial nutshell you might call it), we have everything that our beloved game has become. The highest bidder. The city or country that offers the most money can purchase a slice of our illustrious history.

How ironic that in a year that the rest of the world looked on in envy as Sheffield FC, the oldest football club on the planet celebrated it’s 150th anniversary, the fat cats that currently run our game take the first step in dissolving said history by dropping it into the murky pool of franchising and stirring it round like some sort of alka selzer.

Yes ladies and gents, the big F. Franchising. Because if we start selling our matches to other cities, just how long do you think it will be before the US system takes hold and we start selling our teams to other cities? The disgraceful treatment meted out to Wimbledon fans has been far too easily forgotten by many, but not by me, and not by any decent English football supporter.

Are you seriously telling me that if say, Wigan or Bolton (who don’t have a huge fan base, with the greatest respect) go and play a game in Hong Kong in front of 70,000 people, that their chairmen aren’t going to think, hmm, let’s have a bit more of this? Because when push comes to shove, they no longer see Wigan or Bolton as belonging to good honest Lancastrian folk (and I speak as a Yorkshireman, some things transcend even that rivalry!). They see Wigan and Bolton as belonging to whoever will pay the most money to host that club. Oh I know it’s only 1 match they’re proposing thus far but just you wait. The franchise iceberg is a deep, slippery and jagged one, and this is just the very tip of it.

The BBC have already shown their hand. Yesterday’s reaction on their 606 chat rooms was one of almost universal condemnation. Today, they served up the headline ‘mixed reaction to proposals’, concentrating solely on what the money men had to say.

I know there are a few who say that this is groundbreaking, inevitable and will open up massive gaps to be exploited. Well I say earthquakes do exactly the same thing in their own inimitable, destructive way, and I’m chuffed to bits there are no fault lines under our little island.

I know thousands on here post on other forums, are members of other fan clubs and are mates of fans across the country. If you agree with it, please take the time to spread this message as far and wide as possible. Print it off and take it to the boozer, the match, the works canteen. Cut and paste it into other footy forums. Stick it on a letter and send it to as many football clubs, newspapers, radio stations as you can. Because a few minutes of your time could save 150 years of football history from oblivion. I thank you.

Chris. A Blade, a footy fan and, like you, a tiny brick in a great wall of an English institution.

Sign it if you care, remember that the TV, Chairman, Managers, Players all come & go, the fans remain, always will, always have, thro' good times & bad.

The young are often ready to give to those older the benefit of their inexperience.
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