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Posted by james riding on 12th January 2016  james.riding'@ypostoffice.co.uk 

Hello on
James Myers
birth 1816 at Wigan
Marriage Mary Ann Wilson birth in Kendal
1814 Wigan Lanchashire
Mary Ann

Posted by james riding on 12th January 2016  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Patricia

Baptism john Waring 27/11/1802 At, St Barthholomen church Westhoughton Lancashire
parents Thomas & Jane Waring

Posted by Roy Huxley on 12th January 2016  r.huxley@btinternet.com 

I seem to have hit the proverbial brick wall researching my great great grandfather,s parents, he was James Myers, born abt 1814/16 in Wigan and died 1881 in Wigan, he married a Mary Ann Wilson who was born in Kendal, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on which direction to take, i am having no trouble at all with the rest of my family research.

Posted by james riding on 11th January 2016  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hello again
Thomas Waring batcholor marriage to Jane Easton Spinster at the church Thomas the Martyr UpHolland 19th August 1799
Witness Thomas Lowe & Luke Foster

It seems that Jane Easton/Eastom? I founf on the OPC site as Eastom

Posted by james Riding on 11th January 2016  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hello Patricia

Thomas Waring marriage to Jane Eastom 19th August Upholland 1799

Son John Waring birth 27th November 1802 at Westhoughton Lancashire Thomas & Jane Waring

Hope it helps


Posted by Patricia Waring on 9th January 2016  purplepat26@hotmail.co.uk 

I am looking for more information on John Waring who was baptized 27 November 1802 in Westhoughton. His parents were Thomas Waring and Jane. I wonder if this couple were Thomas Waring and Jane Easton/|Eastom married in Upholland (uncertain how far away this is) on 19th August 1799. Does anyone have any further information on them. Noted there is a John Waring llisted on members site but no email address for contact. My brick wall is a John Waring later found in Herefordshire for last 16 years. Any help very much appreciated

Posted by james riding on 4th January 2016  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Gary

The Armstrong & Speakman,married 1912
There seems they had births , don'tknow if the children 6 in all .
James Samuel Speakman 1913 mothers Maiden name Armstrong
Mary Ellen Speakman birth 1916 mums Maiden name Armstrong
Elizabeth Speakman birth 1918 Mums maiden Name Armstrong
Joseph Speakman birth 1921 Mums Armstrong
Harold Speakmanm birth 1924 Mums Armstrong

Regards James

Posted by james riding on 4th January 2016  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Gary Speakman
Marriage of Samuel Speakman to Mary Armstrong at 1912 Christ Church Millgate Wigan
Hope this helps

Posted by Gary speakman on 2nd January 2016  

I'm looking for any information about the Armstong family that had a shoe shop or cobblers on Millgate from the turn of the 20th century. James Armstong was my great great grandfather and had the shop, having come across from Ireland originally. A photo of the shop would be great. My great grandmother married into the Speakman family early in the 1900s.

Posted by james riding on 19th December 2015  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Brian

Tom Fielden Uren birth 1905 Rawtenstall Lancashire Mothers Fielden Ref R.A/16/14

Jack Uren birth 1913 Rawtenstall Lancashire mother Name Fielden Ref R.A/27/26

Harry Uren birth 1918 rawtenstall mother Fielden ref RA/31/31

Rawtenstall is in the Hyndburn collective , about 8 miles below Burnley

Posted by james riding on 18th December 2015  James.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Brian
the area of Hyndburn council in General direction between Burnley & Accington ,both in Lancashire. It seems that Hyndburn of vast area north of Blackburn & South of Preston

regards James

Posted by james riding on 17th December 2015  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Brian

It might be for the following.
William Uren married Mary Alice Fielden 1904 at Hyndburn Registy office Register at Preston RM/113/24

You mentioned Burnley , Hyndburn is a District Area for Burnley

Cheers James

Posted by Brian Uren on 12th December 2015  brian.uren@btinternet.com 

Hi James Riding
The son`s name was also William. The family later moved to Burnley but were in and around Wigan in the 1870`s

Posted by james riding on 11th December 2015  james.riding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi William Uren

Can you give the Name of Son of William Uren.
it will help to check the (Lancashire BMD, Births ,Marriage & Deaths) from 1870 to extras dates.
My Cornish members of about 1876 then living in Westhoughton & also the male fathers and sons in Coal mining in the area.

James Riding

Posted by Brian Uren on 9th December 2015  

My gt.grandfather William Uren was a Cornish tin miner who moved to find work as a coal miner in Wigan.In 1876 on the birth certificate of his son his address is given as Battleys (or Tattleys?) Buildings, Spring View.Can anyone pinpoint where this was?

Posted by james riding on 2nd December 2015  jamesriding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Agaain

Margaret Betty Liptrot birth 1931 Hinlley Wigan Mothers Maiden name Hepworth

Also Betty Liptrot Hindley Wigan Central , Mothers maiden Wainwright 1932

possible death 1984 Margaret Betty Wilson

regards James

Posted by james riding on 2nd December 2015  jamesriding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

George Fredrick Wilson Married Betty Liptrot
At St Lukes Church. 1953 Orrell Wigan

Posted by Ruth Germain on 1st December 2015  ruth.germain@outlook.com 

Someone was looking for Betty Liptrot of 10 Moss Avenue, Orrell. She married Fred Wilson from Oldham. They moved to Canada and had 7 children. I am one of the children - I can help you connect with Betty, my mum.

Posted by LEP1950 on 28th November 2015  

Distance is 11 miles in a straight line, but I've sent you a more detailed email.


Posted by JBrown86 on 28th November 2015  jbrown.toros@gmail.com 

Hi Linda

I think that some of the posts I tried to enter earlier today have failed to appear.

Judging by the message board in the past it seems that I am not the only one that this has happened to.

To answer your Q I do have Sarah Jane Isherwood's marriage certificate at home (I should be home late tonight so can send you details of John Isherwood's occupation) so I'll be able to send you these details by this time tomorrow.

My email is jbrown.toros@gmail.com

I so sincerely hope that this turns out to be her and her family (looks good so far!); if it is, it would be the biggest breakthrough we've ever had in our genealogy. Dad will be even more stoked than I! He's the one from Wigan; I've never been.

Thank you again for this information.