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Posted by Celia on 19th November 2011  cjdygo@yahoo.co.uk 

My Father was John C Johnson. His family (Father-Thomas, Mother-Martha) from Pemberton was associated with Haigh Foundry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Does anyone have any information about their connection with this engineering company please?

Posted by David Roberts on 14th November 2011  davidwroberts@yahoo.com 

I am trying to find a birth certificate for my grandfather James CALDERBANK born 27 March 1882.
I can find a baptism record at ST John's Pemberton for James Calderbank Heywood listing his mother as Elizabeth Heywood. In all later official records he is known as James Calderbank. Family folklore has that he was born "out of wedlock" but the folklore does not suggest that Elizabeth was his mother.
Any ideas?
I have searhed all the sites I can think of
Regards David from Adelaide AU

Posted by isabella on 13th November 2011  

looking for descendants of edward gaskell born 1844 pemberton and edward gaskell born 1889 approx killed in france 1917 lived in barnsley mother margaret martland sisters barbara cash martha eades brothersthomas andjohn gaskell

Posted by taylor on 8th November 2011  sambam1027@yahoo.co.uk 

I am looking for a John Culshaw who died in november 1989 in the wigan area. He had a son who was adopted he was about 9 months at the time of adoption. I am looking for any information on how he died and as he still get any family in wigan. If anybody knows anything please let me know. E-mail me at sambam1027@yahoo.co.uk Thank

Posted by Griffiths Leigh on 4th November 2011  Mrs Grumpycat@aol.com  http:// Griffiths Leigh

Thank you for a most fascinating site, I'd never got past a better-known site based on Wigan, before, and I've just spent a couple of hours rolling through all the messages here - I'd like to ask if Standisher sees this, was his William Finch any relation to a Harold Finch - also an engine driver, from Wigan, with Burnley connections - who married a Lucy Anderson in 1920s? If so, there are links, and if Standisher wishes to contact me, we may be able to help each other.
I'd also like to ask David Pott, should he see this message, could it be that his rather mysterious James Henry Johnson might be the James Henry Anderson Johnson b c 1867 to Maria Johnson and James Anderson? This individual appears as James Henry Anderson in our lists, but we can't find him under that name prior to about 1890. Again, if he wants to make contact, that's okay

Posted by Joan Broome on 21st October 2011  

Jane Bibby Baptism at Wigan Parish churh on the 14 Oct 1837 says first Daughter of William Bibby and Mary Born 3 Apr Abode Orrell Occ Nailer Reg baptism 1836-1838 Page 173 entry !379 hope this helps Joan

Posted by james riding on 21st October 2011  seamus78@gotasl.co.uk 

Hi Pat
re jane Bibby , she was born in Orrell wigan 1837. To find a correct name of her father try the 1841 or 1851 census, her birth was before the act of registration didn't come into force until July or August of 1837

Posted by james riding on 20th October 2011  seamus78@gotadsl.co.uk 

HI Pat
Just a corection on peter Fairclough's father should be Philip Fairclough

Posted by james riding on 20th October 2011  seamus78@gotadsl.co.uk 

Hi Pat
Found the following.
Jane Bibby married Peter Failclough at St George's Chapel Wigan 1st March 1857.
Jane Bibby bride aged 20, Father Peter Bibby
Birth 1837
Peter Fairclough groom age 21 birth 1836 , father Peter Fairclough. Hope this fits the bill. Regards Jim

Posted by Patricia foster on 19th October 2011  

Can anyone help. I have just received a marriage cert for Peter Fairclough and Jane Bibby for 1st March 1857. It says Jane's Father is Peter Bibby who worked on the Canal. I am wondering if this is a mistake as the only Jane I can find has her father as William. Where can I find the original Parish entry?


Posted by Kath Arkwright on 8th October 2011  

John Riddlesworth married Mary Bentley, not Nancy Bentley, who married Joseph Clemmet in Bolton Bentley

Posted by Kath Arkwright on 4th October 2011  

Michele - I've just realised that I've put Hugh Riddlesworth instead of John Riddlesworth,who was a bobbin maker, married to Nancy Bentley. He left Wigan and lived in a big house at Parbold and is buried in Newborough churchyard.

Hugh Swift also made up his father and was the son of Mary Swift, daughter of William Swift of Rectory Farm at Standish. She later married Joseph Cook and had two children with him. She is buried in Standish churchyard.

Posted by Kath Arkwright on 4th October 2011  

Michele- Mary Riddlesworth is actually Mary Clemmet and she was born in Bolton daughter of Ann. Daniel is her brother not her father and he's actually Daniel Fielding Clemmett. Hugh Riddlesworth was her uncle, married to Ann Clemmet's aunt. Gradually Ann Clemmet began to call herslf Riddlesworth. Her mother was a prostitute in Bolton.

This is a friend's family and I researched this in about 1982, so am a bit rusty! Daniel Riddlesworth went to Fall River USA. My friend is from Hugh Swift and Mary Riddlesworth.

I have arrived on this site by accident so it must have been telepathy or some such!

Posted by maureen parkinson on 29th September 2011  grannypledge@btinternet.com 

Posted by Sheila White on 26th September 2011  she_white_21@hotmail.com 

Is anyone out there related to Israel Hewitt b.1846 Ince or Emma Houghton b.1822 Wolverhampton? Please get in touch.

Posted by Tony Smith on 23rd September 2011  anthonybsmith@blueyonder.co.uk 

Part of my tree is the Evans family,Hindley Green,1850-1900 approx.Alfred Evans was the father and my connection is his daughter Annie,a teacher,who married my Archibald in 1909.
I have a fair amount on the Evans which can be viewwd on Ancestry but I would like to find more on Annie and her time as a teacher.

Posted by Barbara Evans on 19th September 2011  rowebar@hotmail.com 

Old Kess
Kess Walls was the Landlord of the Commercial Inn 59 Victoria Rd Platt Bridge,the pub always got called Old Kess I think because he was the Landlord for a long time.

Posted by John Thompson on 16th September 2011  jtalice6867@gmail.com 

My name is Jack Thompson I am searching for my Lancashire cousins the Houghton family ,my mothers brother my Uncle Tom had four boys and one girl. There was Kath ,Joe , Terry and Peter that I recall if anyone knows of them I would appreciate any information.

Posted by james riding on 14th September 2011  seamus78@gotadsl.co.uk 

Re Robert Gudgeon
Married Elizabeth Yates 1st October 1806 Mansfield Woodhouse Nottingham

Posted by Shirley Cox on 14th September 2011  hepsycon@bigpond.net.au 

I am looking for the family of Robert & Thomas GUDGEON who had a cotton manufacturing business in Wallgate in about 1815. Robert's wife Elizabeth closed the partnersip in 1821 after Robert's death, travelling from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire to do so. Robert (occupation gardener) had lived there since his marriage in 1806. Any clues, please?