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Posted by Patricia Gray on 6th September 2014  pat_anne_gray@yahoo.com 

I am a descendent of Edward and Alice Garbutt (nee Gregory) both born around 1816 - Edward came from Arkengarthdale and Alice from Standish/Blackrod.

My branch of the family finished up living in Failsworth.
If anyone is related to this family please get in touch with me ! Cheers Pat Gray

Posted by james riding on 5th September 2014  jamesriding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Geraldine,
Peter Bradshaw baptism 13th March 1814. Atherton ( a place that it was surrounded by Bolton, Wigan Leigh) Father Robert & Elizabeth Bradshaw. I've never heard of Needing

regards James

Posted by Geraldine Bradshaw on 5th September 2014  

I am researching the bradshaw family from the wigan area of lancashire and have hit a brick wall !!
Peter Bradshaw was transported to Van Diemans Land in 1829 aboard the ship Mary. On completion of his 7 year sentence he moved to Melbourne Victoria where he became a butcher in Collins Street. His parents were Robert and Elizabeth ( maiden name unknown) Bradshaw. I can find no trace of them at all. Peters birthdate was 1810. His convict papers place him as coming from wigan and also from Needing however I can find no village called Needing in Lancs.His Australian death certificate gives his parents as Robert and Elizabeth but it is obvious that his family knew nothing more about his past and until I found his convict records were unaware of his past. I would love to learn more of his family in England. His occupation prior to his sentence was listed as cotton weaver. Great website !

Posted by james riding on 3rd September 2014  jamesriding@mypostoffice.co.uk 

Hi Arlene
Elizabeth Lowe married John Baron at Wigan & leigh registry office 1878

Henry Baron birth at Wigan 1879 mothers maiden name Lowe

John Baron birth 1884 Wigan, mothers maiden name Lowe.

no other family names after

regards James

Posted by Arlene Zirkel on 3rd September 2014  arlenez@austin.rr.com 

I am going to be visiting Wigan in a few weeks (1st time in England) I am researching the surname Baron. My great grandfather was John Baron, son of Henry Baron a shoe maker in Wigan. John married Elizabeth Lowe from Ormskirk. Where can I go in Wigan to get historical or genealogical help.

Posted by james riding on 21st August 2014  jamesriding@mypostoffice,co.uk 

Hi Joe

The Leyland newspaper which might be helpful. If you put the following, Leyland Guardian newspaper, it has a column share your story, give it a shot

regards James

Posted by Joe Kvech on 20th August 2014  jkvech@msn.com 

James, Thank you very much for your kind reply.
Thomas Waidson (Sr.) was married to Mary Atherton, his son Thomas (Jr.) married Teresa Ellen Fletcher in Leyland/Preston. Thomas Sr's son David married Ann McHugh.
I think I have most of the family aligned properly using the bmd & census but am looking for local information on the Waidson family. Are there local papers from the late 1800's thru 1950 or so available online or in libraries? Your help is truly appreciated.

Posted by Jane Carpenter on 17th August 2014  

Thank You.
Strange thing is I found that reference too on Lancashire BMD (if I recall right). However when I received a copy of the certificate requested from Wigan Council, Emily and William were actually married in St Johns Chapel in the District of Wigan.

I have noticed there are a few members of your society with interest in the 'Derbyshire' family. This is the spelling we have always used, however research has highlighted to us..our branch of the family actually started out as 'Darbyshire' and was later changed to Derbyshire.

William Darbyshire's father was Peter Darbyshire who I can only guess was born about 1830.

If there is anyone researching surname 'Darbyshire' it would be lovely to hear from you.

Posted by james riding on 17th August 2014  

Hi Jane

William Darbyshire married Emily Hanlon at Wigan registry office 1870

regards James

Posted by Jane Carpenter on 16th August 2014  

I am currently looking into the Darbyshire family based in Wigan and then moved to Hindley. My moms mom Annie was born in 1915 in Hindley to Thomas Darbyshire and Mary Darbyshire nee Magnall.

I believe Thomas's father was William Darbyshire who married Emily Hanlon who originated from near Dublin.

Thomas moved his family to Westcroft near Wolverhampton then Staffordshire in 1926 approx.

We are based in the midlands so if anyone has any info on the Darbyshire family with ref to the names mentioned above it would be much appreciated.

Posted by james riding on 14th August 2014  

Re marriages of the Waidson family

David Waidson son of Thomas waidson & Mother maiden name McHugh birth 1890, married in the first place , married Ann McHugg 1914 Chorley registry office Lancashire.

David Waidson Married Dorothy Monks at Chorley Registry office 1950

1952 birth Daughter Sarah Margaret
Waidson Chorley mothers maiden name Monks

1954 birth Elizabeth ANN Waidson birth Chorley Mothers maiden name Monks

1956 birth Son Michael David Waidson Chorley mothers maiden Monks

Regards James

Posted by james riding on 14th August 2014  

Re Waidson family

Thomas Waidson married Mary Atherton at Wigan registry office 1888

Chldren of Thomas Waidson
David birth 1890.
Margaret Birth 1892 Mary Birth 1893. Mary 1893. Thomas birth 1897 all birth in Hindley (Near Wigan)

With regards to Preston & Leyland , did Thomas remarried in the region .
If so Does the Names Fletcher & McHugh both married to a Thomas Waidson 1915 or 1920

Posted by Joe Kvech on 13th August 2014  jkvech@msn.com 

Researching the Waidson family from Ince, Wigan, Leyland & Preston. Particularly Thomas Waidson, blacksmith, married Mary Atherton 1888. He was supposed to be a rugby player for the Wigan team. A picture has been given to me of him with a football.
Any information on the Waidson family would be appreciated.

Posted by Geraldine on 13th August 2014  gskbell@aol.com 

Family surname is Eccleston. My grandfather was Joseph, born 7/12/1902, child of Joseph and Edith Emma, who could have been born in 1873? I was told by Lancashire BMD that Edith Emma was the child of Ann Laithwaite and Robert Bennett? They married in 1868. I am trying to find out who are my ancestors and how far can I go back in the lineage since the name Eccleston was listed in the Domesday book in the year 1035.
My father was also Joseph, his mother's name was Audrey (nee Sunderland).

I am from the New York. My grandfather came to the United States maybe in the 1920s.

Thanks for any help.

Posted by Marlene Ann Littler on 9th August 2014  malittler@o2.co.uk 

The message should have said William Lee from Ince now living in Hindley Williamis my cousin my mum Elizabeth Bagnall was his mumn sister i would like to get in touch with William

Posted by Marlene Ann Littler on 9th August 2014  malittler@o2.co.uk 

Thanksjames for the lnfore but not the William Ormshaw i am looking for William Ormmshaw my cousin he came from ince and may now live in Hindley he will be about 70years old Elizabeth Ormshaw did marry my dad but i thought his name wasjust James

Posted by james riding on 8th August 2014  

Hi Marlene

William Ashurst Lee birth 1908 at Aspull Wigan , mothers maiden name Ashurst.

thought this might be help

regards James

Posted by james riding on 8th August 2014  

Hi Marlene
Elizabeth Ormshaw married James A Bagnall at Christ Church Ince Wigan 1937

regards James

Posted by Marlene Ann Littler on 7th August 2014  malittler@o2.co.uk 

[am looking for William Lee his mother Doris Lee nee Ormshaw was my aunt my mum was Elizabeth Bagnall nee Ormshaw she died 6days after i was born

Posted by jamaes Riding on 29th July 2014  

Hi David

William Hampson birth 15/5/1819 baptised at St Mary the Virgin church Leigh, mothers name Betty (Elizabeth) Hampson

1861 census
William Hampson Head age 43, Leigh Lancashire, Sub District Parish St Marys church, Westleigh

Joseph Hampson birth 13th December 1834, Mothers Name Betty ( Elizabeth)