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Posted by Linda on 19th May 2012  

Hi Veronica,

Just noticed your post. I'm glad that you are making some progress. Did you notice that Elizabeth Bannister died in a mental institution (as they said then - not PC) in 1942?? Elizabeth "Breeze" might have been buried as Elizabeth Breeze, but her death was probably officially registered in her proper name, which was not Breeze if she was never married to John. That is why you have not been able to find a deathcertificate. Could you not ask them to do a search in Wigan Registry Office? After all, you know the address where this Elizabeth died and the date of the burial. The death was probably in the preceding week It can't be too difficult.

I've just had another idea. You need to go through the alphabetical indexes for the deaths in 1905 and look for a 55-year old Elizabeth. I've been through A, B and C and W, X, Y and Z. I have one candidate so far, a 56-year old Elizabeth Beecham (WIG/165/303). If you can narrow down the number of candidates and you have reference numbers, it shouldn't take them long in the registry office to see if one of the candidates died in Chapel Lane.

Another tip would be to ask someone on wiganworld to look at the burial records of St Thomas (where people from Chapel Lane were usually buried if they were not RC) for 1905 to see if they can find a 55-year old Elizabeth, but here I suspect she was probably buried as Breeze.

Try looking at the death registers for 1905! I haven't got the time right now - off to watch football!


Posted by vera white on 16th May 2012  vera@vbolton.plus.com 

Hi My great grand father was Franis Ward born 1837 in Wigan the address was Faggy Lane ,his fathers name was Peter and his mother Margaret.I have no information on him until 1881 when he appears on the census with a wife and family and some stepchildren can anyone fill in the gaps.

Posted by Veronica Hill on 14th May 2012  veronica.hill@tesco.net 

Hi Linda, Thank you for your messages last month. I have made some progress in my research on John Breeze. Firstly there were definatly two Elizabeth's he claimed to have had as 'wives' I found both their graves in Lower Ince cemetery. The Bannister 'wife' didn't have any children by him just her four by George Bannister. The earlier one had three children (John William, Alfred and Arthur) by John. This 'wife' died in the home Elizabeth Bannister and John shared around the same week as his mining death. I would love to find out what happened but can't find the death certificate - was she murdered perhaps by her rival? She was put in a public grave. The Bannister wife then brought up the three children, Arthur only lived till he was two. To find out about John's earlier life I decided to research all the John Breezes born in Manchester around the 1850's and found the missing piece of the puzzle. John Thomas William Breeze was born in Salford in 1851. He married Emma Law in 1877 and had six children with John. By my calculations John left her when she was pregnant with child number six. In the 1891 and 1901 censuses Emma describes herself as being married but John is not there because he is living with the other ladies. In the 1911 census she describes herself as a widow (John died in 1905). So he obviously didn't marry the Elizabeths because he was already married! By the age of 14 poor Alfred has lost his two brothers and parents and was an orphan brought up by Elizabeth Bannister. My mother in law (his daughter)recalls him telling her how his step sibblings hated him, he became an alcoholic and was a distant father, how very sad. Veronica

Posted by carol jones on 12th May 2012  cazg88@hotmail.com 

is there anyone out there or any decendents of a john william powell who died in wigan in 1948, aged 83, he was originally from lancaster but had lived in clitheroe lancs, for 50 odd years,his wife betsy ann powell died in clitheroe, in 1946,and he went to live in wigan probably soon after she died,i presume with some other family members.

Posted by Janice Corcoran on 8th May 2012  janicelesia@aol.co.uk 

I'm still trying to find information on Florrie Ince (nee Marsh) who was landlady of the Queen's Arms pub in Ashton-In Makerfield (somewhere around 1949). Her first husband was Joseph Ince and after he died she later married Peter Corcoran. She died in October 1951.I'd be very grateful if anyone could help

Posted by margaret mayoh /nee mckee on 3rd May 2012  jmayoh@aol.com 

looking to make contact with pauline edith mckee ,born 15th october 1944 at 154 upholand road billinge and winstanly,
mother was lillian may mckee
any help would be apreciated

Posted by Pam Green on 3rd May 2012  pjgreen4@tiscali.co.uk 

Need help to establish details of Doris Owens that was living at 781 Atherton Road Hindley Wigan in July 1947 She is described as a Student Nurse on the Birth Certifcate of a child she had on 19th July in Billinge Hopspital and the Atherton Road address is given as hers on this certifcate. There is no Fathers Name given on the Birth certificate for the child she had Is it possible for someone to check the electorol registers for this period to see if she is living with Parents or someone else that may help me establish the right Doris Owens I have found a Doris Owens born on 13th Feb 1930 (she has a twin Brother called Joseph born in Green Street Aspull the parents were Thomas Owens and Alice Webber. but how can I be sure it is the Doris Owens that had the child in 1947 Thanks for any help Pam

Posted by margaret mayoh nee mckee on 30th April 2012  jmayoh@aol.com 

searching for pauline edith mckee
who was born in this hospital in 1944
to lillian may mckee the mother

Posted by Le200 on 27th April 2012  le200@live.com  http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/home

We are looking for the final resting place of Matthew Ormrod and think he may be somewhere in Ashton-In-Makerfield.
Would you know if he is buried there?
His page on the SHROH site is here:
There's a story running in the St Helens Star this week asking for help, the page is here:
His father William was married to Leah Ormrod (nee Banks) who we think died in or just after childbirth with James Richard.
James Richards also died in The Great War and his page is here:

Any help you can give in this matter is most welcomed.

Best Regards.

Posted by Gerald W. Marsh on 26th April 2012  gmarsh@rochester.rr.com 

St James the Great:

I responded to your post, but received no reply. If there is difficulty with mailing to my email address, would you please be kind enough to reply here?

Many thanks.

Gerald W. Marsh

Posted by St James the Great, Haydock on 23rd April 2012  


We tried to reply to your e-mail but got bounced back. There appears to be an error in your original message. Please contact us again.

Posted by chris clements on 18th April 2012  alanandchris1@bigpond.com 

Anyone know the Pye family of Wigan that used to live at 20 Well Street. Doing family search from Australia - my mother was Irene Pye. Any help with relatives would be great. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Debbie Gaynor on 14th April 2012  debgaynor@hotmail.com 

Hi I am responding to the posting re Old Kess's in Victoria Road Platt Bridge. Thsi was my Great Grandads pub and as far as I am aware he was called Christopher and thus the name Owd Kess's came about. I have done research on him and have now found out that he was born in Scholes and married his wife who lived on the same street, their family came over from Ireland. He is buried in Ince cemetery. Any stories about the pub would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Linda on 13th April 2012  

To Veronica

Look what I've just found in the 1891 census:

1891 census for West Derby
Lizzie Rogers , 24, from Wrexham, Wales
Harry Rogers , 4, born Liverpool
Gertie Rogers , 2, born Liverpool

She claims to be married but no husband with her.

Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 2993; Folio: 75; Page: 13; GSU roll: 6098103.

What do you make of that?

If this is Frank's birth, then she must have married between 1891 and 1894, or she wasn't married to Mr Bannister at all!! Oh dear!


BANNISTERFrankToxteth ParkLiverpool TP/362/87

Posted by Linda on 13th April 2012  

To Veronica Hill

Your mystery is intriguing me. All I have gathered so far is that in the census of 1911 Elizabeth calls herself Bannister. She claims to have had 4 children, all of whom are still living. This corresponds to the children found in the 1891 census - Harry, Gertie, Frank and Hilda. These all have the surname Bannister and are described as the children of the wife of John Breeze, Lizzie.
She was born in Wrexham, the children in Liverpool. If she was calling herself Bannister in 1911 and until she died, she was presumably never married to John. This wasn't unusual. I have a case where I spent ages looking for a remarriage of my great-grandfather. He had three children with this second 'wife' with his surname, but he actually never married the mother although she uses his name in the censuses.
What is strange is that John Breeze has a son in this census 'John William'. If the so-called wife of the census only had four children by 1911, who is the mother? It's just occurred to me that she was answering the question how many children were born in the marriage. She probably never married John. If the maiden name of all the other children was also Rogers, she was possibly their mother. She perhaps didn't know how to describe them in 1911 as they weren't born within her marriage and called them "step-children" instead of illegitimate. I have someone calling her illegitimate grandson "nephew".
How do you know that the Elizabeth Breeze born in 1852 wasn't John's sister? It's hardly likely that she was the mother of a child born in 1905. After all, she would have been 53.
I'm still thinking about it.

Good luck!

Posted by james riding on 13th April 2012  seamus78@gotadsl.co.uk 

Hi Anthony Marsh

Margaret Irene Marsh birth 1940, standish Wigan.
Mothers name Perkins.

cheers Seamus

Posted by Anthony Marsh on 12th April 2012  

Iam looking for my birth mother Margaret Irene Marsh. My name is Anthony Marsh which is the name on my birth certificate.Iwas born in standish nr Wigan on 25th July 1964.My mother was living at 178 lower wigan road at the time of my birth and i think i was long term fosterd when i was nearly 3 years old as i can't find any records of my being adopted.Idon't know if i was in some sort of childrens home or if i was living with my mother previous to that as i have no recollection.My parents are both dead and i have a different surname to them which leads me to think that i was fosterd rather adopted.If any one could give me any information about her or any living relatives i would be very gratefull

Posted by Gerald W. Marsh on 11th April 2012  gmarsh@rochester.r.com 

Thomas Marsh

Unable to reach you at your email addy re your 2009 post for William Marsh (b) 1813 family tree.

Please reply.

Gerald W. Marsh
30 Marr Drive
Pittsford, NY 14534


Posted by Gerald W. Marsh on 11th April 2012  gmarsh@rochester.r.com 


If this is you, will yo please write me? Your email addy bounced back.

Posted by James Marsh on 15th August 2009 james.m.marsh@blueyonder.co.uk

Does anyone have any links to Marsh Family in Wigan, looking for information on a William Marsh Born 1813 married Lucy Burgess in 1834 i think, had many children. I have quite a substantial family tree handed to me and trying to back it all up and make sure it is all correct.

Gerald W. Marsh
30 Marr Drive
Pittsford, NY 14534

Posted by michael oloughlin on 9th April 2012  maoloughlin@talktalk.net 

family history.
hello i am trying to find information on susan oloughlin who married fredick cooban in wigan in1961