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Posted by Euan Browitt on 5th December 2004  EBROWITT@aol.com 

I enjoy browsing your site.Would be interested to hear from any Browitts still living in the Wigan area.My family came to Australia after my Grandfather-Richard Browitt died in WW1

Posted by Andy Hudson on 30th November 2004  adhudson@onetel.com 

Hi, I am trying ti trace my grandfathers family and would appreciate any help. He was Alfred Hudson (b.1911) and married to Bertha. His father was possibly Alfred(although this is in question) and his mother was Alice. They lived in the Ince area for most of their lives. Thanks.

Posted by Lesley Baxendale on 29th November 2004  lw.baxendale@tiscali.co.uk 

I am researching the BAXENDALE family who lived in Hindley. I have got back to William Baxendale b. 1853 who Married twice 1. Elizabeth Hulme b. 1859 and 2. Margaret Rigby. b.1859. He was a coal miner and lived at 46 New Road Private House, Hindley, in 1881 cencus. I have the family tree down from there. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by carol griffiths on 21st November 2004  carolgriff@aol.com 

Mullen/Mullin family. I have traced my family as coming from wigan to Co Durham in the 1850's.
John Mullen- my great grandfather was born amout 1851 in wigan, his father William Mullin was born about 1831 Wigan as shown in durham census 1861. They were miners. Williams father was Henry Mullin and he was a cotton spinner, I dont know where he was born. i think John had sisters Sarah and elizabeth and a brother Henry.
Any info or advice as how to trace them in wigan would be greatas I am just going off info on censusu returns in durham which are easily available online and marriage certs.
Can you view wigan census online anywhere as i think the 1851 census may be a great help.

Posted by vanessa on 18th November 2004  v.miller@virgin.net 

I am trying to find the parents of my great grandparents. Maggie Atherton and Thomas Foster. They were married on the 24th July 1899. Thomas was a coal miner. Thoms lived at 9 copper house, New Ashton and Maggie lived at number 5. Maggie was aged 21 and Thomas 23.
Thomas was the son of John Foster also a coal miner. I don't know who he was married to or who his parents were. Maggie's father was William, a coal miner. Once again I do not know who he married or who his parents were. As there wre a few maggie Athertons and Thomas Fosters during their birth years. I am having difficulty getting birth certificates. Witnesses at Thomas and Maggie's wedding were Samuel Wilkinson and Martha Atherton. If anybody can help I would be most grateful. Thanking you.

Posted by anne bowen on 16th November 2004  ab5882@hotmail...com 

looking for info on thomas parkinson married mary dean at the time lived at glover street place,children thomas,mary,samuel and ellen who married robert charnock

Posted by Alex Mawdesley on 12th November 2004  ajmawdesley@hotmail.com 

Looking for help regarding any Mawd(e)sleys, particularly the family of Matina or Matena Mawdsley. Born in Wigan in 1859, she subsequently moved with her family to Stoke between 1861 & 1871. Her Mother was known as either Ann or Ellen, and was originally from Stockport. Her (illegible) father was a fireman in a coal mine by the time they moved to Talk o'th'Hill, near Stoke. She had a sister, Ellen, and two brothers, Thomas & Joseph/Jacob, all born after the move. None of them appear to have died, at least officially.

Posted by James Watson on 11th November 2004  

I am trying to fond out about a family of Heatons that lived on the Ormskirk Road, They were Grocers from 1820'3 through to the 1950's. Abraham Heaton b 1831 d.1891 He had six children including Elias, Abraham and Peter. Any photos of the grocers shop??

Posted by Janet. on 11th November 2004  jan.g@blueyonder.co.uk 

Searching for the Wigan family history of the following families:-


Thomas Foster was a Tailor as was his in-laws, including Joseph James; he was born abt. 1865 and married Sarah Ann James. Known addresses include Dicconson Street, Wigan Lane.

Thomas Foster's father was named Thomas too, and he may have married a Mary Hague -
guess that this Marriage would have occurred around the mid-1850's.

On the 1901 Census there is a Mary Donnelly living with Mary Foster - Thomas's Mother; she is listed as 'Niece'.

Unsure of anything positive regarding the older Fosters, so anything would be useful.

Son, Thomas, and Sarah had four Children one of whom ran a Tailoring business known as Thomas & Foster on Wigan Lane.

Some of the Lenegans married into the Halliwell family are known to have gone to America. One of them was an Auntie May, (nee Hague), Lenegan reputed to the daughter of Thomas's sister, Alice. Auntie May married a John or Jack Lenegan; this family were from Ireland originally as were the Donnellys.

All the connections are confusing, so would welcome information on these links too.

There's another name which could be linked to either the Fosters, Donnellys, or Hagues which is Whittle.

E-Mail addy:- jan.g@blueyonder.co.uk

Thanks for reading,

Posted by Bill on 10th November 2004  tradegb-search@yahoo.co.uk 

Looking for information on James (Jim)Harrison and wife Glen Harrison, nee Pomfret from Atherton. Three brothers Hubert Hector, and ???? Daughter Kathleen and adopted daughter Jean. In service at Dicconson Street or Dicconson Terrace 1900's. Cousin Glen Parkinson (Pomfret) married to Graham Parkinson from Bolton.

Posted by pam dean on 9th November 2004  teacherthing@tiscali.co.uk 

brilliant site! need some help re family tree.William Bolton died prior to 1881 census-tanner.Wife Ellen lived in Hallgate and sold beer from the house (my gg grandparents)Ggf THOMAS b 1862 a barber.Would appreciate any help especially date of marriage/ Ellen's maiden name.Thanks

Posted by G.K.Makinson on 8th November 2004  kenmakinson@ntlworld.com 

Does anyone have a photograph of Standishgate around the early to middle of the last Century?
I am interested in another look at the retail premises of George Makinson, Ironmonger which were situated opposite Woolworth's store.

Posted by Des Crilley on 8th November 2004  canterdc@msn.com 

Thankyou for developing this excellent site. I am researching my family. Has anyone any information on William Shepherd born 1866 married to Margaret Maxwell. I believe he owned a few houses in Hardy Street when they were first built. Margaret's family were Ormesher I believe. On another point is the St Joseph's RC church at Wallgate? Any help gratefully received and THANKS!

Posted by E Allen on 8th November 2004  bethallen73@aol.com 

Great site!! I am looking for any info on an Ann Heaton --born approx 1848...she was 20 when she married William Bancks in 1868--so I am aware the 20yr rule for marriage may apply and she was born a little earlier--her father was John heaton ( a collier) and thats all I have!!! so if anyone has info (census, possible birth (on the 1871 census she was quoted as being born in wigan) I would be garteful. If it helps on her marriage vertificate she was living at 'nata street' is that right??
Thankyou in anticipation!!

Posted by daniel mullen on 5th November 2004  shucky_8@ntlworld.com 

Does anybody have any infomation on the Mullen Family from Hindley or the Galvin family circa 1880. Thank you

Posted by Margaret Fletcher [nee Howarth] on 4th November 2004  moonraker47@tiscali.co.uk 

I'm researching my Howarth family mainly from Little London. My great grandfather was James Howarth b.c. 1845/6, he married Jane Williams. I can't find this marriage and I need to verify his birthdate. If anyone has access to the 1851 census and could help with a look up, i'd be really grateful. One James Howarth b. 1845 had parents Peter and Jane, the other b. 1846 had parents Peter and Ellen? and this one could be mine. Thank you.

Posted by stephanie butterworth on 3rd November 2004  stephanie.butterworth@ntlworld.com 

I am researching my family (WRAGG) who in 1901 were living in Mesnes St Wigan. My great, great grandfather (Herbert)was a photographer but in 1901 he would have been in his 70's. His wife was Martha and in 1901 they had three daughters living at home (Caroline, Hattie and Elsie) Does any of this mean anything to anyone?

Posted by Keith Brushett on 1st November 2004  keith@brushwork.co.uk  http://www.brushwork.co.uk

I am researching my wife's gt.g.father Edward Bent Walker bn 8/3/1860 Mabs Cross Wigan. He became a good artist he lived at 4 Standish Gate Place, Wigan. I have a lot of info on him on my web site but always anxious for more. His Parents were - Alfred Walker (Grocer) and Jane Barlow.
Nice site, clean and well laid out.

Posted by Jan Roberts on 30th October 2004  janstickel56@aol.com 

Great site! I've been on it for about 3 hours now... researching the ROYAL HOTEL, One Standishgate, Wigans. I believe my great-grandmother, Sarah Ann WHITESIDE was raised there by her uncle Richard Whiteside in the 1850's. She met her husband in Wigans, William Henry ROBERTS. Does the hotel still stand? (I'm guessing not, with all the new development).

Any information is MUCH APPRECIATED.
Thank you from the U.S.
- Jan Roberts

Posted by Margaret Pernavas on 22nd October 2004  maggstoday@tiscali.co.uk 

I have just had a lovely time visiting Wigan, researching my family history and hope that this website would kindly be of help to me. Would love to receive any information or photos regarding Gore's Yard, which is off Ironmongers Lane, Queen Street Wigan. My family were originally coalminers who went on to work in the cotton mills.