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Posted by Teunis Schuurman on 20th June 2018  teun.pats@gmail.com 

Posted by Teunis Schuurman on 17th June 2018  teun.pats@gmail.com  http://www.teunispats.nl/t3773.htm

Posted by Gary Dainton on 9th May 2018  gary.dainton1@icloud.com 

I am looking for the history of Marsh Brook Mill (Cotton) and Marsh Brook House, both Castle Hill, Hindley.
Thank You

Posted by michael armitage on 8th April 2018  abbazbt@aol.com 

Hi All,I am researching my paternal great grandfather line.William Sim, a collier who died in Hyde in 1964,aged 83. His family moved ,possibly via mining communities in Wigan to Hyde from Cumbria.Any help/advice would be appreciated. Best Wishes,Mike Armitage

Posted by Denise on 28th February 2018  

Hello Tom McNeeney

The messagebook has been combined by Wiganworld with WFLHS webpages. It is not linked to WFLHS in any way and is not monitored by them.

I know this because I am a member, if you look back on the messagebook there are several posts to inform people that queries answered here have nothing to do with WFLHS.

You could contact WFLHS, or I can ask for you or maybe Wigan & Leigh Archives or the Museum of Wigan Life would be interested in any donation you may have.

I'm sorry that you have not had a reply from WFLHS but it is because the messageboard is not theirs.
Other members of WFLHS have links with Museum of Wigan Life and the Archives & attend weekly, I would be happy to pass on the logbook for them to take in for you if this helps or to give to WFLHS depending on where you would like it to go.

WFLHS does attend open days and we do have a selection of old books/papers/photos etc which we show to the public. They may very well be interested in your logbook.

WFLHS email address is on the contact page of WFLHS near to this messagebook. Please get in touch, I will let them know about your request, as it is not wise to add email addresses on a public page.


Posted by Tom McNeeney on 25th February 2018  t.mcneeney@sky.com 


As a small child, I was an in-patient at Wrightington Hospital, probably between the end of 1947 and 1951. (I am now 71)

You may well know that this hospital was where artificial hips were pioneered. There is some coincidence in my case - I had a 'bad' hip - but I certainly didn't get a replacement in 1950! And I actually have no clear idea why I was sent there, though I certainly know how destructive an intervention it was for me and my parents.

Be all that as it may, my reason for writing to you is that I am in possession of a photocopied history of the hospital, between 1933 and 1983. And, possibly more interesting to history and family history buffs, the official log book of the Hospital School.

The log book is mostly a chronicle of teacher's names and the term times of the school year, none of which turned out to mean anything to me. There is the odd mention of staff illnesses or resignations, and at least one quarantine period because of children with mumps or scarlet fever.

[I had had the book thrust into my hands years ago by an administrator who had overheard me mentioning my own history, while visiting a friend who had just had a hip replacement at Wrightington. The wards where the school was were being cleared, so the unknown colleague was happy to offload the log book to someone with a potential interest.]

Now I am having a clear out myself. Before I put this book in the bin, is there anybody in your networks who might like to accept it?

Please reply, even to say "No". (I have made this query more than once in recent years to likely addresses but never received a response. This time, I really will throw it. But will hang on to it until the end of March.

Yours sincerely

Tom McNeeney

Posted by deen salleyman on 18th February 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 

Other information i have found is
my grandfather`s brother Jack had 2 sons one called Stanley and one called John ,John married and had a daughter called Jennifer.
grandfathers sister Helen was married twice once to Samuel Lloyd and once to someone called Tinsley .
Amelia did marry and had four children i do not know who they are
thanks Deen

Posted by deen salleyman on 18th February 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 

I am trying to find out about my grandfather David rigby he was registered as living at 22 spring gardens wigan when he was born in 1897.His father`s name was Thomas Rigby ,his mother`s name was Mary Jane Rigby (formerly Lester) Thomas Rigby lived at this address when David was born.
My mum told me that David had 2 brothers and 2 sisters named Albert, Amelia,Helen and Jack ,i have not been able to find any info about any of them .
I do know my grandfather David was living in 27 Broom road Southport when he was 13
with someone called Richard Rigby ,other than that i have no other information about him any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Deen

Posted by Bernard on 15th February 2018  

I am trying to trace any descendants/info about my uncle, John Towey.

He was born in 1903 in Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon, Ireland. He came to work in the Wigan area as a teenager.
John's uncle - Paddy Brennan, lived in Ashton-in-Makerfield so it is possible John lived in the same area.

According to family memories, John Towey, aged 17 years had a serious mining accident around 1920. I cannot find any further information about this or the name of the colliery.

John Towey's gravestone in Ireland states he died in 1943.
Any background or insights that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Bernard on 14th February 2018  

Posted by Norman Lowe on 29th January 2018  norman.lowe@tiscali.co.uk 

I've just seen a post from a Terry Aspinall on the Wiganworld genealogy site, asking for info on Aspinalls who used to live on Petticoat Lane in Higher Ince. My grandmother (Annie Aspinall) used to live at No. 70, and I might have a link between our family trees. Unfortunately I haven't received a reply from the email address in his posting. It's just a long shot, but does anyone know Terry, so that I can pass on more info. Many thanks. Norman

Posted by Bernadette Ward on 23rd January 2018  ward-bernadette@sky.com 

Hello everybody. I'm making attempts to find relatives, but keep hitting a brick wall.so, im looking for any advice. Further back than my grandparents, im at a complete loss.
My families are Poole (dad)d.o.b 29 sep 1945
Catterall (mum) 12 jul 1950

Posted by Celia Marsh on 11th January 2018  celiamarsh@gmail.com 

A lady called Margaret D left a message in 2007 to say she was researching a Peter Spencer- I am a direct descendant and can maybe help

Posted by LEP1950 on 5th January 2018  For Sharon 

Go to the top of page 4. That is the beginning of the information on the Baldwin/Seddons. William Baldwin married Emily Tibble and they were Caroline's parents. They married in Hampshire. There is quite a bit about their ancestry in the various messages. In the 1851 census, William was supposedly born in Preston, but this is not true. He was born in Preston Candover in Hampshire in 1814. The family eventually moved to Birkenhead after returning from France. I have never been able to find a registration of Caroline's birth or of that of her brother Charles (both France), but the baptisms of her other siblings are known. A couple of generations of ancestors are known on both sides of Caroline's parents. John was more difficult, but I think the assumptions about him are very probable.


Posted by LEP1950 on 5th January 2018  

Hi Sharon,

Caroline's maiden name was Baldwin and she was born in France. Her husband John Seddon was born in Wigan. I think in one census, it has John being born in Birkenhead. This is wrong. Please go down several pages to the beginning of the correspondence between Carol McEwen and myself and then read upwards. We put a lot of work into the research and I'm as sure as I can be that the results are correct. It's confusing if you try to take it all in at once. Some of the info on certain censuses is wrong when you start crosschecking with the other censuses. If you have any concrete questions, please ask.


Posted by Dave Gaskell on 3rd January 2018  dave@gaskellfamily.plus.com 

Hi Sharon Oliver (re Seddons)
I just tried to send you an email with some baptism and census details on but the email address you gave alongside your name didn't work. Can you email me at the address next to my name above and I'll resend to the right email address.

Posted by Karon McBride on 2nd January 2018  karonmcbride@astrantium.co.uk  https://fifefhs.org

Posted by sharon oliver on 2nd January 2018  sharonoliver45@google.com 

I am just starting to research my ancestry and see that some comments on your pages seem to link to that. I'd love to get more information. My grandmother was Harriet Alice Seddon born on 6 October 1880 in Aspull Lancashire. She married William Ainscough (born 26.11.1880) on 12.11.1904 at St Elizabeth's Aspull. Her sister was Dorothy Seddon who married a Wilcox. They all emigrated to NZ. I am trying to trace Harriet's and Dorothy's parents, John Seddon (born in France) and Caroline Baldwin (born in Birkenhead Cheshire, I think), but no luck so far. I think her maiden name was Tibble. I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me get some information about them. Really happy to share the stingy amount I have apart from the above, with anyone - maybe even locate some relations!

Posted by LEP1950 on 7th December 2017  


Thanks for your good wishes. I can remember that I found Caroline with her family in the 1851 census for Birkenhead on ancestry. Her father's name was William Baldwin, mother's name Emily. Listed in this census were also her siblings Emma (9), Charles (5), Harriet (1) and Mary (5 months). In the 1861 census, Caroline was a servant in Liverpool with Robert (37) and Mary (32) Roberts. I can also remember finding her parents in the 1841 census. They had only recently married. The details must be in one of the messages below, along with what I found out about her siblings' further fates. William and Emily also spent some time in France in the 1840s, but I haven't been able to find a registration of the births of Caroline or Charles at overseas British consulates.

Is there anything concrete you wanted to know? Do you have access to ancestry? Otherwise I can try to send you the census pages.

Best wishes,

Posted by Carol McEwen on 5th December 2017  carolmcewen@slingshot.co.nz 

Hi Linda, sorry to hear you have been unwell. Just had total replacement knee surgery 6 weeks ago so have been limited in searching. I have been trying to find Caroline Baldwins family, found once on a site that I was transcribing but now not able to find that site. If you have a chance could you perhaps have a look, Charles her brother and her were born in france the others were born in England. Hope you have a happy Christmas and a Safe New Year. Carol