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School Rugby
Started by: blackrodweaver (518) Report abuse
Ban tackling in school rugby for safety, experts demand

They referred to a study they published in July in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in which they re-examined the rates and risks of injuries in sport.
Their analysis found that rugby had the highest concussion rates in children - 4.18 concussions per 1,000 .

well should they or shouldn't they

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
I think they should play tick and pass up to the age of fifteen but taught how to tackle and how to take a tackle. Will the schools change their minds when one of the pupils get a spinal injury and claim for those injuries, but for that one kid it will change his/her life forever, and the family.

Posted by: stars (395)  Report abuse
Well said wizzer, if you are giving advice on this situation Iím for one are listening

Posted by: roylew (2887) Report abuse
Don't agree...wear head guards and gum shields.....if the kids want to play and the parents sign a disclaimer.....there are far more things where we can get injured....

Posted by: PeterP (6546) Report abuse
If the PC brigade had their way NO SPORTS would be played and every one would be wrapped in cotton wool. They even tried to stop kids playing conkers

Posted by: roylew (2887) Report abuse
What about when we were kids playing out...they don't do that now do they..we got up to far worse things where we could be injured...like I said sign a disclaimer to get rid of the claim brigade...cos that's what this is all about

Posted by: tuddy (936) Report abuse
I'm pretty sure that player's insurance is compulsory for B.A.R.L.A. clubs, so a disclaimer wouldn't be valid. And if it were it could leave a player with life changing injuries without any compensation.

Posted by: builderboy (1975) Report abuse
Wizzer's injury happened when he was an adult and it wouldn't have mattered if he had played tick and pass as a schoolboy or not.

The very nature of all contact sports is that they involve physical contact. That is what makes them the sports that they are and what makes them appealing to players and spectators alike.

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
roylew headgards and gum shields don't protect the spine, let me tell you twenty years or so I did talks to schools in the northwest about this subject and the implications if it ever happened.
One minute your running on that field with the heart of a lion and the next minute you're the nearest thing to a baby but with no movement.
School children bones and joints are not developed enough to take the pounding that rugby offers, although we still play the game until we get a wake up call that someone has broken their neck.
I'm not saying do away with the game but look at ways to make it safer, just like the pro game with above head tackles.

ruddy, there's not enough money in the world to compensate someone with a complete spinal injury.

Posted by: whups (2989)  Report abuse
just get rid of all sports . then there,s no more problems .it,ll be a waste of time playing it with all these regulations & claims .

Posted by: roylew (2887) Report abuse
I understand wizzerwin where your coming from....sorry I can't agree that tick rugby is the way to go......my worst sports injury ever was playing hockey....my worst playing rugby was 3 broken fingers....I know kids bones are weaker obviously but also kids are more subtle too...it's a hard choice but I'll stick with my thoughts

Posted by: broady (13585)   Report abuse
I disagree entirely. If they do stop tackling and scrummaging I hope they have the manners to name the game something other than Rugby. I presume the scrummaging refers to Rugby Union because you have more chance of being injured at the 5's and 3's table than in a scrum at modern day Rugby League. They are non existent.

Posted by: tuddy (936) Report abuse
wizzerwin, I agree that money can't compensate for such injuries, but it can help with the costs of care, mobility equipment, house alterations, etc.

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
broady, no ones saying stop tackling or scrummaging, what I'm saying is stop it for the younger kids.
I was taught the craft of rugby not at school (although our gym teacher played on the wing for Wigan) but on the streets with older lads playing tick and pass, and I'm sure lots who read this thread can relate to this.
When some young kid starts to play rugby they don't think "I'm going to be rich" they play the game because they like it, and maybe one day play for a team.
Rugby league rules change every year in one form or another, some for the better and some not, but at least players abide by those rules, and if it stops just one kid having to to endure what I have then the sport is better for it in my opinion.

P.S. Don't be giving us that league against union crud, they are all rugby players just playing by different rules.

Posted by: broady (13585)   Report abuse
I wasn't aware of "giving Rugby Union crud" All I was pointing out is that RL scrummaging can hardly be dangerous because it is almost non existent. Any six players will form the scrum these days. Gone are the days of specialist hookers and props.

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
I agree gone are the days of specialist hookers but the game is played at a faster rate, gone are the days of one side keeping hold of the ball for long periods of time, in my opinion the game overall is better.
Sorry for the misinterpretation.

Posted by: broady (13585)   Report abuse
Merely a misunderstanding. Whilst RL is my favourite sport I still actively watch RU especially in the coming months when there is no RL.

Posted by: builderboy (1975) Report abuse
In the intervening months between the end of the RL season and the start of a new one I turn to drink for solace.

When Wigan win I celebrate with a drink and when we lose I drown my sorrows with a drink.

It occurs to me that drinking is the only 52 week per year sport!

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
You do Brighten up my day Phil.


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