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Has the Gale blown away
Started by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Does this give Wigan a lift for Sunday....hope so....

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
No O'Loughlin for Wigan. That's a big loss to Wigan.

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Hope Salford beats Leeds tonight...that will put pressure on Saints next week when they go to Salford and if Wigan win on Sunday that will put paid to Wakefield
I think it will be castleford v saints
Leeds v Wigan
For the play offs

Posted by: stevemul (401) Report abuse
Some brave calls there roylew !
I was going to say I admire your balls but that would be so absolutely wrong !

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Cheers Steve...I admire them

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
We will be desperate for a win on Sunday now...very poor show by Salford who still had a chance......Saints will qualify

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
Not a great fan of Maran Koukash but he must be terribly disappointed the last few weeks. I wouldn't blame him if he pulled out. They don't seem to be able to get any decent crowds to watch them. I would think Toronto's home crowds are better.

Posted by: peter g (1915)  Report abuse
We have to beat Cas on sunday if we don't we will have to win next week at Wakefield and hope Saints lose or we've had it. Saints have a massive points difference to us.

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
And hope cas beat hull next week....who will lead us today....sam needs a massive game

Posted by: peawapp (4926)  Report abuse
He's bloody soft that Gale,I remember Malcolm Alker from Salford having his appendix out and playing for Salford the day after ,they'll just have to find some other bugger to throw all them forward passes to Eden

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
What do you think of your own chances peawapp?? ( I think it was 15 days)

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Just got back...totally outplayed by a team who know how to drive the ball in..know how to pass..know how to create gaps....we have nothing to compare...their players have so much go forward in them.....I am sorry but our coach must resign....why bother playing matches in Australia when we can't play in Wigan....a total clear out is needed....even our man who runs on the pitch with the sponge looks like he's been dragged backwards through a hedge....we look a deshavelled mess....

Posted by: lectriclegs (3156) Report abuse
I take it they lost then?

Posted by: PeterP (6436) Report abuse
Lectriclegs did you expect any thing else

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Anybody else go to the match would like to comment

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
Obviously I didn't go but I turned the radio off at half time.

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Good man broady...it was embarrassing

Posted by: wigvet (3322) Report abuse
took my five year old (football loving) grandson to his first ever rugby match today
I thought what a game to make him 'change his ways'
against a team who have NOTHING to play for, apart from pride, and devoid of their two class half backs in Gale and Roberts and playing a hooker and a teenager in their halves!

Come on Wigan..

Oh how wrong could I have been..

that first half showed the team up for what it is - lacking class, spirit, and basically.. ideas
20-0 at half time!
yes they made a 'comeback' in the second half...until Cas realised they had better score some more..so they did .. at their leisure
As a Wigan fan you expect two things of your team - to win and to be entertained and sadly both of these, like last season, have been lacking
Putting effort in at the end of the season 'when it matters' is an injustice to the season ticket payer

time for change!

and to cap it all as we were leaving a bored Grandson raps up..'can we watch the Latics next time!

time for bed... to dream of how a great club once was...

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Wigvet..you saw what I saw...a team completely devoid of ideas...the players are simply not good enough...as for the coach...i really do give up...all this while radlinski sends his blog back from his jolly in Oz....come on get real and break up this eluded boys club and get some players who have a brain between their eats and muscles everywhere else....we are boring and crap...no more excuses...even if we win at old Trafford....they even had the gall to ask for season ticket holders get your seat for next season....err no thanks

Posted by: peawapp (4926)  Report abuse
it's gonna be Catalans at Leyth or Widnes on the plastic, it looks like ,if it's the Frogs we will no doubt fall under the spell of a bent Ref under instruction from Fatty Wood to keep them in Super league ,if it's the Chemic's it'll be all down to the day I reckon, but either way Peawapp health permitting will be getting another season ticket next time eithe Super league or Championship

Posted by: builderboy (1949) Report abuse

Good man

I will be renewing my season tickets for the Warriors and live in hope that things will improve.

True fans do that

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Correct builder boy...true fans pay their money and have a right to air their views...I cannot believe you are happy with the current 'boys club'....yesterday their stand off scored 3 tries..it was his first match of the season...yet he slipped into the system unoticed to us Wigan fans...Williams was absolutely useless as was leulai and Farrell...Bateman looks sick as a dog....mclorum can't be bothered gelling jumps up in the air trying to out fox the opposition...our other backs never get decent passes...should I go on...it's been like that 90% of games...of course I will still go to watch....but big big changes are needed...we are boring

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
I think most of the current squad are on longish term contracts. I also think that Wigan are probably near to the top of their salary cap. That means they have to unload before they can bring anyone in. If they are only half as bad as some fans say then who will want to sign them on big salaries?? A catch 22 situation. You could of course have a change of coach. I read Wanes comments on yesterday's game and they are jumbo jumbo. Where did all that kind of talk originate?

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
What do you mean broady...jumbo jumbo....I take it you mean he hasn't a clue...I take your point about contracts etc....but who's to blame for that...a new coach is a must with o'loughlin as assistant...I can't believe he wants to train and play the wane way...look at that young lad Sutton....just drives in..only 21/22 surely a lad so big can be coached better than that...he is overweight in the wrong places...shorts falling to his knees socks down..no pride to me....leulai both Tompkins brought back for reasons other than rugby...Williams career going in reverse...burgess and gildart looking frustrated....isa fan can't burst a bubble for all their effort....Bateman punching well above his weight...Farrell too and can't pass...you have to go and watch them to see how they all look on the pitch.....even my 10 year old grandson is saying things like the x play just doesn't exist...it certainly does at castleford and it confused our team on Sunday

Posted by: broady (13350)   Report abuse
This is the mumbo jumbo I was referring to. What does it all mean?

"We coughed up four sets coming out of yardage, and when they were coming out of yardage we gave four penalties away. They were 90-odd per cent and we were 53 per cent out of yardage - you’re never going to beat anyone with those stats, so against a good team you’re not giving yourselves a chance.“We gassed ourselves and gave ourselves too much to do"

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Correct....broady....we have been like this for a couple of seasons now...but we keep getting out of jail.....we could again but it would be Alcatraz this time

Posted by: baker boy (13908) Report abuse
when i suggested earlier in the season we needed 6 or 7 new faces some one said who and i copped some flak,latest reappraisal 10 or 11.
we need a new coach with another outlook, two centres and at least one half back.maybe a new back row.george williams has a long way to go before becoming a sky superstar.

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Baker boy...agree...I think gildart is ok though with the ball..not there though yet in defence...he's young enough to learn


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