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For 0 years
Started by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Well you tried and had most people with you.

Then along comes the Clown Laughingstock and spoils it.

I hope people now know who the problem is.

Posted by: jarvo (28747)  Report abuse
Retire, Pat, you're a terrific bore...

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Something you'll never be doing, John.

Retiring, I mean.

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Who could be a bigger idiot than you arvo.

Derek Dougan?

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse
I hear what you are saying FP.

However bryanp was the first one to embarrass himself.

This is what happens you see, some numpty can't help themselves and makes a daft comment and other posters follow suit.

Never mind, hopefully you and I (and the others who agreed) can have a mutually respectful discussion on Monday.

I won't be at the game as stupidly I forgot to order online when my loyalty points threshold came up and four hours later they had gone.

I don't know about you but I hate derby day. For me it is a hangover from the days when it was the highlight of our season and more often than not we got tonked.

Ah well, enjoy the day......but not too much!

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
0 years you dont honestly think fartblood can have a decent conversation,should city lose sunday mark my words he'll show is true colours come 7:30 sunday night..

Posted by: bryanp121 (1319) Report abuse
0years,no way have i embarrassed myself. My opinion and I stick by it. You loved the banter when city won the league but after united and Chelsea came good plus a beating of words with chatty you took your ball home. Now city are up there you appear and want everybody to talk about how good city are.talk about having your cake and eating it.like I said before. You only want to sing when your winning.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
not answering my question then? life of bryan

Posted by: bryanp121 (1319) Report abuse
LG. I don't have to answer any questions or get into silly little arguments. I just post my opinions. Unlike you who fills all his time on here causing bad feelings to other posters.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
but your opinions are wrong and i can prove it,and you know that dont you?

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Will Laughingstock be at his home ground of Anfield to watch the merseyside derby?

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
"that, in my opinion, is right"

So, about you never being wrong,KD?

Posted by: bryanp121 (1319) Report abuse
Bridger. I'm sure kd must be sick of picking himself up off the floor. so many posters on here knocked him out.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
bridger instead of keep poking your bloody nose into something dont concern you how about you explaining how pistorius was innocentlike you said either put up or shut up

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
With a mouth like yours Laughingstock it would be impossible for you to close your mouth.

Unless you closed it on your Ladyboy

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse
Bryanp, bryanp, bryanp (shakes head),

It is common knowledge that I left this site as I was tired with the way it had descended into stupidity by posters ruining it with silly antagonistic comments designed simply to goad other posters into a reply and argument, not unlike your post on the Good grace thread (now there's irony for you!). This simply comes across as trying to be big and clever by showing off in front of the big boys in the playground. It isn’t big and your posts certainly aren’t clever.

I returned as I mistakenly thought I could bring some common sense back to what has the potential to be a good site. However, we will see. It doesn’t seem to have changed much, the term “flogging a dead horse” springs to mind.

As for your misguided Chatty comment I should expect nothing less from a Chatty sycophant such as yourself, (that should be your real source of embarrassment), it really is quite pathetic.

Now run along, nobody is interested.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
0years i back your stance for a more peaceful forum 100% and respect other posters as long as they respect me,if the united fans come out with construtive posts i will respect them but i will not stand idly by whilst they mock other clubs for doing what their club does so the onus is on them,do they want a peaceful board or not??

Posted by: chatty (6281)  Report abuse

Good grief talk about trying to rewrite history.

"It is common knowledge (no it isn't)I left this site because I was tired of the way it had descended into stupidity..."
"I returned as I mistankley thought I could bring some common sense back..."

What sort of common sense did you think you'd be bringing when you first turned up on these boards hours after City had won their first trophy since the dark ages with the username "0 years"?

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse

The common sense that knows how to spell "mistakenly".

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
You Laughingstock have more face4s than the town Hall clock.

The problem on this site is YOU.

If you kept of it for two weeks you would see how it would develop into a proper message board.

I challenge you to do that.

Bet you do not have the guts.

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
If people look at the thread " Time keeping in Football" by GOLDEB BEAR.

They will see that it has developed, into a very good thread.

I have also noticed that Laughingravy has not posted on that thread.

A coincident?

Posted by: chatty (6281)  Report abuse

I did notice the typo after posting on my mobile but didn't bother changing it, did you just post to pick me up on that or did you want to address the points made as well?

Posted by: 0 years (3101) Report abuse
Your point might have been "made as well" but it wasn't very well made.

Just pointless and tiresome, still banging on about the "0 years" thing as if I or anyone else gives a monkey's.

Anyway, that is me signing off now until Monday, I just heard the school bell. You lot can have the playground all to yourselves.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
aye and guess who's the boss of said playground ME...if any of um thinks otherwise they only need to ask for a meetevery playground has bullies and i've put some big uns in their place..

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Where did I say put up or shut up, KD?

Posted by: chatty (6281)  Report abuse

The last bastion of the question dodger, pick up on typos and grammatical errors Y
You know as well as I do how easily it can happen (especially on a mobile) by the amount of times you post then edit minutes later.

It only seems to become "pointless and tiresome" when your holier than thou attitude gets shown to be hypocrisy, strange that!


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