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Will we change
Started by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Anyone on here think that Wigan Rugby will change their style of play for the coming season...or do old habits die hard?

Posted by: mortarmillbill (410) Report abuse
Read what Kris Radlinski says on the Wigan Today website.

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
It's very difficult to change anything you have been doing over years, so on that basis very little will change....It could be time for a new coach, again on the basis that on many occasions they seem to get more out of the same squad.. just a thought.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
I have read radlinski has said and it just confirms that this is a boys club,where change is a frightening word...a jolly boys outing to Australia..signing old crocked boys...hope Iím wrong but I canít see wigan in the top 4 this season

Posted by: Platty (127) Report abuse
roylew: maybe that's what they need?

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
What do you mean platty.....I hope you mean we have a bad season to bring on the change

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Can't believe there are some 'fans' wishing for us to have a bad season. Go and support Stains instead.

Posted by: PeterP (6762) Report abuse
Bridger maybe Platty/Roylew is trying to say Wigan used to be the team to beat.Now a second rate team compared with 10-15 years ago and the way they play a Sunday League team plays better rugby than themI for one like watching a GOOD rugby team play constructive and entertaining rugby not some of the dross that has been played over the last 4-5 seasons. I will go to watch Wigan again this season but if I don't see any difference in their play will keep my money in my pocket and feel happier for it

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
10-15 years ago? I think you'll be going back further if you want the all singing, all conquering team. What happened was that all the other sides went professional too, whereas in the 90's it was just a handful of sides.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Bridger....Wigan in the last 5 years have progressively got worse to watch...5 years with one coach with the same ideas / tactics has become ďboringĒ to me anyway and a lot of fans who sit near me and my grandson think the same.
I donít agree with the Australian trip at all...like I said a jolly boys outing for the jolly boys club..without a thought for the fans....if we play better more attractive rugby this season I will be the first to put my hand up and sayĒthank GodĒ

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3037)  Report abuse
Having been a supporter since my best mate (DAD) took me to Central park way back in 1955 ,I have been reading some of your post's, and would like to comment on one or two item's.
First i cannot understand for the life of me a struggling mediocre club like Wigan are now, ever contemplating this inane trip 12,000 miles to Australia to take part in a "HOME" league match with one of the more better team's in super league.
One has to agree that the brand and style of this great club Wigan R.L. over the last 10 or so years ,is and has not been to a standard that is normally associated with this proud club. Also i believe what these gentlemen as Roylew,peterp,and others are trying to point out is that change is critical and not only the coach ,but i believe the main guy and owner Ian Lenegan along with Kris Radlinski,Shaun Wane need to depart the club .
For again i say i do believe they are not fit for purpose. I know in the heady days of Maurice Lindsay who was not liked, but after he filled his own pocket first, truly had the heart and soul for Wigan R.L. to be the best i think the records under him speak for themselves.

I think under him Shaun Wane would probably never been given his job, a once good player ,but a coach of one of the top and best team's ever he is not and never will be a coach. We come to Kris Radlinski , i have no idea how he became a Exec- Director MBE For sure but the other ?
Now for the top guy, in him we have what is termed an Entrepreneur/ theatre producer /ex shareholder in London Broncs/ and a former director of a Soccer club ,Oxford UTD. I do seriously ask all Has he he got too many irons in the fire and therefore could that possibly one of the reasons this club is failing? Don't get me wrong the guy has got a shed load of nous. Lets look at his buys for Wigan, George Carmont/Richie Mathers/Karl Priyce/Cameron Phelps/ Tin Smith/ Not exactly the Brett Kenny's Den Bell ,Andy Farrell Ellery Hanley Frano Botica Jason Robinson Martin Offiah Joe Lydon Denis Betts, I could go on,on now all these legends were signed and brought to make WIGAN one of the giants of the game all under the top guy MAURICE LINDSAY Now i hope you all agree that is what a chairman should do ,not sponsor theatre's productions /buy share in a second rate club ( bronco's)
So this is where we are at not a nice place, ok i hear one or a few say well we won the challenge cup/grand final's etc ,but the point i'm trying to get over it is not consistant an di know there are peaks and trough's but not like what's going on now at the d.w . which by the way is a ,to quote D.TRUMP A shithole compared to CENTRAL PARK, alright you have better bogs etc but the magic is not there and i believe it never will these remarks by me is what i always reming people of and that is they are MY PERSONAL OPINIONS you don't have to agree nor disagree but i truly and honestly belive in them and until there is a major shift i cannot see things getting any better oh finally and importantly THE FANS ? WITHOUT A DOUBT THEY ARE THE TRUEST/BEST/MOST LOYAL SUPPRTERS ANY TEAM COULD WISH TO HAVE AND THEY DESERVE THE VERY BEST NOT SECOND. TO ANSWER ROY'S QUESTION IT IS A NO . THANK YOU!

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
So many untrue comments in your post I don't even know where to begin in correcting them.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
We have no right at all to win every game and every cup...but as paying public we do have a right to speak our opinions...bridger..I take it you are happy with the way OUR club seems to be run...all we get from our leaders are politicians answers....and you know how they cope with the truth

Posted by: builderboy (2024) Report abuse
The salary cap levels everything out. You cannot attract all of the best players as they all expect to be paid top dollar, and the salary cap was imposed specifically to ensure that you live within your means.

We produce a lot of good kids and many of them represent us throughout their careers, Sean O'Loughlin being an example of this. Because the club can only have so many paid professionals we see many of our potential stars, Chris Ashton being an example, tempted away to RU.

As I see it we had a disastrous catalogue of injuries, and the players, whilst recovered, have yet to show any real form. Farrell and the Tompkins brothers are examples of this.

If we can keep our players on the park, and if they play to form I think we can expect a good season. Certainly I am hoping so.

One thing is for sure, I will be there supporting them and will be ever optimistic that we have the capability to beat any other side in Superleague.

Posted by: gideonfel (294) Report abuse
The point Roylew makes about the jolly boys' outing to Oz is a valid and disturbing one. Can anyone explain to me what the rationale is behind the trip? I can understand it if we were playing in a country/region where they don't play RL and where we can spread the gospel. But East Coast Australia? Come on! I see Radlinski is talking about finance etc and how the club's hands are tied as far as signing new players is concerned - how does that fit in with the expenditure on an Oz trip? Furthermore, what about the knock-on effect [no pun intended!] when the team return? Flying Down-Under is hardly a coach trip up the M62 [I've been to Oz twice and that flight is not for the faint-hearted! Mind you, the M62 is no cakewalk!], so how well prepared will they be for the next couple of matches? I simply can't see what we - and Super League - will get out of it. But then perhaps I'm just a short-sighted parochial Wiganer?

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Well said Gideonfel.....I just canít understand it...Iím afraid I have lost my devotion to the club...although I will pick the matches to go and watch...I could never be a season ticket holder while they whittle away at peoples well earned money...who the hell do they think they are !!!!

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Don't go then, at all. I'm sure they'll crack on just fine without your constant moaning about the coach and players.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3037)  Report abuse
bridger: I know Roylew, and that kind of remark is utterly unwarrented it is not the sort of talk we like on this site he has the right as anyone else when he chooses to go to a match. AS for the comment,,he does not moan at all he is very constructive with his comment's,personally i feel you could have phrased your comment more gentlemanly .

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
Do we prefer your bad language instead?

As for him not moaning, you need to stop playing the ostrich. I don't think he makes one single post that is positive towards Wigan Warriors.

Posted by: gideonfel (294) Report abuse
To be fair, I've always found Roylew's comments to be generated by a deep love for the club. The fact that he dislikes the way they play is something shared by a lot of us supporters who long for a more attractive, open style of play - the style the club has been famous for since time immemorial. It's frustrating to watch the likes of Castleford play an expansive game, while we drive down the middle and kick on the sixth most of the time. That's my personal view, fair enough, but unless things change drastically I can see mediocre times ahead. I've been a supporter since the late fifties as have many others, and people like Roylew are entitled to have their say. By the way, I remember standing on the Kop in the doldrum years and hearing some very choice criticisms from the speccies - as they're entitled to! I'd be the happiest bloke in Wigan if the coach proved me wrong.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Perhaps my posts coincide with the demise

Posted by: broady (13935)   Report abuse
On paper the backs look very strong and we may get Manfredi back soon. The forwards, if all fit, are well capable of holding their own. However I agree with others in that on quite a few occasions last year we looked very disjointed for whatever reason. I hope that this year we start to use the 40/20 more. I think I read they were the only team in SL not to get at least one last season. Finally I hope they get their game together, get good results and send the speccies home happy. Good luck to them.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
I fear a bad start as Gideonfel described earlier....I really hope Iím wrong...

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2929) Report abuse
But Maurice Lindsay, was shagging the Huyton girls, those twin sisters from scouse land and that is what the problem was, because they were also shagging the coach and the coaching staff and most of the players and they were behind the proposals at the time for the club to go into debt, in buying expensive Aussie international players, because they wanted to shag them too

Eventually Dave Whelan came in and picked up the pieces, same as he did at Orrell RUFC

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
TTS should be banned for those comments...put an ďIĒ between the Tís and thatís what he speaks

Posted by: elmos (2725)  Report abuse

Wane seems t have listened to roylew about attacking
rugby,i hope so time will tell.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Well I hope this leopard can change his spots

Posted by: lectriclegs (3414) Report abuse
Posted by: roylew (2449) [1,000+] Report abuse

TTS should be banned for those comments...put an ďIĒ between the Tís and thatís what he speaks

Replied: 17th Jan 2018 at 07:05

No worse than some of Golden Bears posts, Roy.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3037)  Report abuse
LL : Could you explain your comment please .

Posted by: basil brush (10379) Report abuse
Keep up the good comments, Roy.

GB, ignore LL, he's just trying to cause trouble.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3037)  Report abuse
Why Thank you most sincerely Basil Brush for your advise.
I will take it.

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
I think he means when you've posted SWEAR WORDS IN CAPS and the like.

Posted by: basil brush (10379) Report abuse
There's a few on here like that, GB

Posted by: lectriclegs (3414) Report abuse
What I mean, is you post foul language on here then complain about others doing the same, GB.

Plain enough?

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
I get confused...et tu Brute


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