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Time keeping in football .
Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3032)  Report abuse
I have written an open letter to one Gary Neville on this subject which is titled " Time keeping in football" I am certain all sports enthusiasts on wigan-world will grasp the nettle. My suggestion is for the F.A./to encompass this issue of matches lasting well over the alloted time ie 90 mins.We have all heard of "Fergie Time " now the media are calling it " Pep Time" after Man City have done a similar thing like that what Fergie was given.
So has you officiano's know from watching Rugby League /Rugby Union those codes have implemented time officials which consist's of 2 time keeper 1 from each club ,they work together in unison.,so that when a match in those codes reaches it's full time of 80 minutes an hooter or siren sounds the end of the game.
This does away with all the carping/moaning from the media/and especially the supporter's. Just look how the "extra" time has escalated in recent seasons to now where it is now getting out of hand, recently i was watching a game of football and because of one thing and another the game on the tv screen dispayed 109 minutes instead of the 90 minutes , granted the teams only played the 90 minutes ,nevertheless it gave an impression that that the game had played longer , as i say it did not.

In football this system could be used for substitutions ,which i think you may agree with me at the moment it is a shamble's ,also in addition this bringing them on deep into injury time managers use this a ploy hoping it will soak time up , if the clock was to be used this would kick that into touch..I have given this a great deal of thought thus writing to sky pundit, also i have sent a letter to the Premier League ,if i get any data back i will pass it on to W.W.s So i hope this brings in some discussion /debate i look forward to your comments.

Posted by: builderboy (1991) Report abuse
But in rugby, especially rugby union the hooter does not signify the end of the match, only that next time the ball goes out of play the half/end of the game will occur.

In rugby union there is no limit to the phases that can be played so it is not unusual for the game to continue five, six or even more minutes before someone knocks on or kicks into touch. A penalty doesn't end the game and that is to stop the team that is winning arbitarily giving a penalty away in the hope of the game coming to an end.

So it isn't such a great idea for football to emulate rugby in this particular instance.

Feigning injury is one place where I would try to copy rugby as it is pathetic to watch players rolling around in an attempt to get opponents booked.

Posted by: grimshaw (1198)  Report abuse
G B.
A most interesting post .

Be good to know of the reaction of Gary N .

The majority of t v socccer pundits rate him highly and im sure he will have a strong opinion about the subject .

Thank you for your kind words G B ,

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3032)  Report abuse
I am a bit sad that not a lot of people have not commented on my ( Time-keeping thread) I know they don't have to,but seeing what is being printed on this site , well i believe i was justified in laying off for a while the level of conversation has sunken further into the depth's ,very sad really for when i was first allowed on the site it was interesting ,pleasant and good article's i'm afraid that no longer is the case. For it has descended into laughing stock .

Posted by: 0 years (2936) Report abuse
Apologies Golden Bear, you have taken the time to come up with a very good post and I, along with most others, have not had the courtesy to comment. This is remiss of me when I am always banging on about the lack of serious discussion.

Anyway, I agree with a lot of what you say and 40% of me would like it in football but 60% would not.

The problem being is that Pep's main gripe was that throughout recent games (from the start) the opposition have been deliberately slowing the game down to a point where they were taking the p**s at throw ins, goal kicks etc without real punishment from the referee. It would be nigh on impossible for a fourth official to stop the clock everytime this happened. In recent games we would have ended up with about 20 mins added time!

I agree that they could be used for substitutions and the like but another alternative is not to let a team bring on subs after 90 mins is up.

Having said all that there is nothing quite as exciting as a rugby league crowd counting down the seconds to euphoria after a much needed win.

Posted by: chatty (6113)  Report abuse
"Stoppage timeĒ is to recover time due to goals, substitutions, injuries, and sending offs.
"Stoppage time" isnít designed to recover time from the two events which result in the greatest loss of time: ball out of play and fouls.

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Many years ago when I first started to play football, the time keeping of the game went as follows.

The referee started his watch at zero.

Any injury time or wasting time he would stop the watch.

E.G.If after 15 mins a player was injured the ref stopped his watch. When the player was fit to play, the referee restart his watch.

This ensured that the 45 mins of each half was played.

When his watch reach 45 mins it was the end of the half.No such thing as added time.

So in the old days, the referee would play 90 minutes exactly or to the nearest second.

When the game was nearing the end , if you asked the ref how long to go, he would never tell you.

The reason being that if your team was in front you would know how much time to waste.

Bring those4 days back.

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
According to stats, the ball is actually in play for around 60 minutes of a ninety minute match....Surely there is some thing seriously wrong.....FP has the right idea...

Posted by: grimshaw (1198)  Report abuse
F P.

Spot on.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3032)  Report abuse
Wow i would like to thank ( 0years) Fireplace 6899)) Bassman and Chatty, i have thoroughly read your comment's and may i say they where constructive,i appreciate it is a dark area to try and police and FPs comment i really enjoyed them and have to say some of them could be implemented. Hi Grimshaw at this moment i have not had a reply from G.N. however i will not rest until he responds in some way ,after all i consider myself as a bloke who helped pay his wages for many a year! I understand he might be a bit busy but here again these so-called stars should not forget their roots, so fingers crossed again thanks all bye....

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
G.B. great thread, football is never going to equal rugby cricket or many other sports because they let the players and managers abuse the sport by time wasting, diving etc.
Referee's are not strong enough in my opinion.

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
Correct Wizzerwin, but I think, regarding refs that they are told what or not to penalise...the shoulder charge or obstruction rules just to mention the obvious have disappeared....but as you say the sport is abused, in my opinion all for the sake of money...not the game.

Posted by: chatty (6113)  Report abuse
It's chalk and cheese when comparing football and rugby, one's all about the flow of the game (tempo) the other is stop start by its very nature.
Anyone trying to win a game of football when being over run would be stupid not to try and break up the game.
Also the completely different rules in football invite players to go down knowing that the game will be stopped if they go. down.

Posted by: peter g (2027)  Report abuse
Why don't they do like rugby and stop the clock on the scoreboard when the ref says so and restart it when he says so then there will be no fiddling and playing till Man Utd score the crowd will see this and be able to count down to the whistle.

Posted by: Wigan Rover (611) Report abuse
Great Thread this one G.B., this is what discussions are all about , be nice to see more of these on the sports site Some great opinions of interest on here

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
Totally agree peter g.


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