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Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Wow having just seen the attendance for last night's R.L.C.Cup just 2,820 people's turned up for SALFORD vWAKEFIELD . I don't know about you but that would not even pay for floodlights , that huge figure will be made of children, O.A.Ps. i have not got a clue as to how much money came into the club, with figures like these there will be one guy on here Certain to comment on this issue as another nail in RUGBY LEAGUE'S Coffin ( jarvo) ???? But seriously make no mistake it is very damaging an d further more must start questions to be asked has to whats going on. One last thing can you imagine WEMBLEY STADIUM if they get there especially with another lesser club ,90,000 i think they would have to the final about 20 times to recoup the loss.

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Salford have tried just about everything to improve attendances but I reckon they should have never moved.
Cup attendances have been dipping for years. I can't remember when there was last a full house for the final.

Posted by: jarvo (28095)  Report abuse

You'd didn't believe me, did you?

I'll give the game another five seasons. Seven at the most.

Foster's playing fields soon...

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1303) Report abuse
Have you give up on the amatuer football Jarvo

Posted by: broady (13152)   Report abuse
Jarvo, You've been saying that for the last five seasons at least so by your puerile predictions the game should be sunk by now.

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
The game will never die. But it might change a bit

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
small followings and on the telly what do you expect for a thursday night,blame sky for its programming rostering.
the grounds position does not help.

Posted by: jarvo (28095)  Report abuse
Another poor crowd at Warrington.

What's up wi folk?

Posted by: roylew (2677) Report abuse
And what about the FA cup...same thing there...it's all about what you can afford...gone are the days when it was 2/6d to watch a match...something has to give and unfortunately its these competions

Posted by: jarvo (28095)  Report abuse

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I cannot believe the attendances for the quarter final matches, at the Wires v Wigan 7,500 0n a lovely Saturday afternoon then the following day at the K.C. Stadium for Hull v Castleford ( top of super league) 11,944 for two prestigious matches and we cannot get 20,000 ,one has to ask what is going on?

Posted by: xxstuartxx (5799) Report abuse
Did you go?

Posted by: blackrodweaver (492) Report abuse
GB your answer is TELEVISION Sky,BBC etc etc.

Posted by: wigvet (3293) Report abuse
no GB your answer is a game in decline...sad but true

a total lack of 'stars' in the game who will put 'bums on seats'

a game once of skill, class and 'off the cuff' has been changed into ...'5 drives and a kick'

the format of the league structure needs changing so that the 'real' season no longer starts in September as at

as for the cup - had some great weekends at Wembley irrespective of who was playing but now the cost, the popularity of football on Sky and the decline in the pulling power of the new Wembley have seen its gradual demise; and it is muted that this will be the last RL final at Wembley

Posted by: roylew (2677) Report abuse
GB did you go Warrington on Saturday?

Posted by: aussie94 (1646) Report abuse
Will have over 80000 tomorrow night in Sydney for the second State of Origin .Nowt wrong with RL here

Posted by: roylew (2677) Report abuse
A few tinnies as well!!!

Posted by: xxstuartxx (5799) Report abuse
GB, did you go to the match?

Posted by: copperhead (1414)  Report abuse
xxstuartxx The answer is no but he's got a note of his Mam.

Posted by: xxstuartxx (5799) Report abuse

Posted by: broady (13152)   Report abuse
What's your forecast for tonight?? I say Wigan by 12. Hope I'm right for a change. Still smarting from predicting we would beat Leigh by twenty.

Posted by: roylew (2677) Report abuse
Hard one this...giants found some form....Wigan by 4

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Roylew : i went to warrington fisrt time for a while and enjoyed it but was getting very edgy near the end, i maight have told you roy this before but it's becoming increasingly difficult getting around these days with my disability ,oh how i wish i could turn clock back , i know we can't so i will try now and then hopefully.
You mention tonights game at huddersfield well i'm going to go for a Wigan win by 12 pts it will be a hard one though .
so have a nice day!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I used to like watching state of origin but sky or some-one took it off,is it on anywhere else ?
The only thing i take you on about ( nowt wrong with rugby here) Well if you say decent football premier league like we have then who knows, what i mean by that is as you know R.L. is based just up north and west to east, and the majority of R.L.Clubs Have to compete with football prem clubs in the area, so i think that also has a big effect ,then there is another main problem.
And that is we are still suffering in this country from the nastiest government on record for screwing the ordinary bloke till he almost has nowt sign off now toooo political , but taking nowt away from your game .
have a nice day!

Posted by: copperhead (1414)  Report abuse
broady If they play like they can do and not give soft penalties away I see them winning by 18.

Posted by: roylew (2677) Report abuse
Not a good start and burgess at centre...a massive mistake

Posted by: aussie94 (1646) Report abuse
GB i agree with your comments We are fortunaet in NSW we have a booming economy the State Government is building three new Stadiums for RL and RU and socceer all will use them use them,Rugby league is still the sport that gets the dollars here. the No1 sport in Qld and NSW

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Roylew: I see we both got it wrong roy, but at least we got a point, also i see we only have 4 league games left has the season gone fast or is it me ,anyhow do you think we will get into top 8 and stay?

Posted by: broady (13152)   Report abuse
If they finish in the top eight after the next four games they will have a further seven games. Probably four away and three at home. The top eight continue with their current points total plus any gained in the seven games after the split. After the seven games the top four play off.


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