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wigan bus fare going up
Started by: billingeboy74 (2) Report abuse
The reason the bus fares are going up is notthing to do with the bus companies this time but GMPTE who runs and owns greater manchester transport, this is because they have lost millions of ££££ due to the OAPs getting it free so BLAME them not buses

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
Aye, and Lord Lobby Smiffy included, the man who wants a finger in every dish of lobby and pie that's going, just so long has it pays well!

Posted by: sonlyme (2413) Report abuse
As one of the said O.A.P's up your's brother.

Posted by: peter48 (2750)  Report abuse
you cant blame oaps
these are people who have paid top wack NI contributions for 50 years (as i have) and are now getting something back for what we have put in

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
BB74, can I presume you are not an OAP, if not, you are in for a shock when you become one.If you are, can I presume you have your own transport.....not everyone is as lucky as you.

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
Bus companies are subsidised to allow OAP's to travel at "off peak" times..

Posted by: darren (inactive) Report abuse
Its because the government have cut Subsidised Trave. Some of the more remote routes will also be dropped leaving some people stuck for transport..... Especially the OAPs.

Posted by: jacko (1599)  Report abuse
IF Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson were on the case, I am pretty sure that my two old mates would have thought along the following lines.

Watson: I say Holmes, have you read the complaint about Bus Fare increases?

Holmes: Yes, and I have deduced that the clues into clarifying this delema are within the senders signature.
He is a boy, aged 2, and therfore is not aware as to what is going on in the real world.

But supposing that the boy, as you say, turns out to be an adult.

Holmes: Well Watson, if that were to be the case, then this person could have a legitimate complaint.

Watson: What would be his complaint.

Holmes: The cost for this man, to go and collect his dole and other benefits has increased. Therefore he will have less to spend on beer, fags, and betting.

(From an OAP 71+) who was still paying taxes in 2010.

In closing this case - up yours mate.

Posted by: keno (2840)  Report abuse
Well said Jacko a bit of Truth goes a long way.

Posted by: jathbee (9795) Report abuse
There are some begrudging so and so's about these forums.

Bus fares have not gone up because of OAP's having bus passed, as has been said the bus companies are subsidised, they would get less revenue without the passes because many OAP's simply would not or could not travel.

It is a means of getting OAP's out and about instead of sitting at home looking at four walls.

I also say up yours.

Posted by: jacko (1599)  Report abuse
The absence of replies by the original poster, could well indicate that "Sherlock" hit the nail on the head.

If the said same person was closer, Holmes could have hit this guys head instead of the nail.

Posted by: thaknows (410) Report abuse
if there are 2 or more of you travelling it is now usually cheaper to use a taxi!!!! And thats door to door!!

Posted by: trixie (4981)   Report abuse

What when they charge £13 to go to wigan?

Posted by: baker boy (15221) Report abuse
best bet buy an house in newtown and walk to all the shops on robin park retail

Posted by: wiganseventyfour (310) Report abuse
i have to pay adult fare for my 15yr old because i wont buy an igo pass for a fiver plus passport phots for another fiver then just after a month they run out on his 16th birthday the other gmpt pass i have for him is no longer in use so now im paying £4.40 a day for him to get to school and do his exams its so wrong i have to do this wen the other pass doesnt rum out until Aug

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
On your bike!

Posted by: tony kearns (415)  Report abuse
They have cancelled my bus, the 630, which used to get from Winstanley, to my son's to the top of Sandy lane , Orrell. Now I have to catch a bus to the bottom of Victoria St, cross to Ormskirk Rd, then a bus to Orrell!

Posted by: baker boy (15221) Report abuse
on yer bike?

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
It stinks

Posted by: the_gwim_weaper (inactive) Report abuse
A smelly bike?

Posted by: smiling assassin (173) Report abuse
At the times when the O.A.P.s are allowed to use the buses free of charge there are very few fare paying passengers if any using the buses anyway so fail to see why anyone should object to them having this concession

Posted by: dodger (3414) Report abuse
I dont think you understand billinge boy, the OAPs may get the bus free, but then the bus company claims the fare off the government.
In fact the bus companies are making money out of the system, I only go half the journey with my pass but the driver tickets me for the whole journey. so instead of them getting £1.40 they get £2.80 when I use my pass.

Posted by: kazz123 (132) Report abuse
First bus has not got much competition in the majority of places in wigan thus can charge ridiculous fares. go to Manchester where they have other companies to compete with who charge £3.70 for a day saver and 11.70 for a weekly saver.

Regarding the free fares for oaps wouldn't it be a lot fairer if they paid a low fair(would stop a lot of criticism) Understandebly not their fault.


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