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Started by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
I couldnt believe it this morning no personal letters for me only 31 leaflets in other words Rubbish,and if every household got this amount think of the trees that have been cut down and do i want D Glazing(again) washing powder/advert for BT/ car ins/ house hins/ contents/ ins / water board warning me I will be resosible for breaks ( when I am not) Conserrvatories /Garden shed/ etc etc

Posted by: linma (2537) Report abuse
My postman pushes 2, 3 and even 4 rubbish items from the same company through my door.

Posted by: the_gwim_weaper (inactive) Report abuse
We have swathes of turkish nationals flooding our estates with pizza leaflets up to thrice daily.

Posted by: marieg (345) Report abuse
I filled in a form saying I did not want unaddressed mail. I still get it so now I put it back in the post box

Posted by: mache (inactive) Report abuse
the 3 used clothing bags I get per week come in handy for the swingbin

Posted by: laticat (105) Report abuse
Must admit the pizza leaflets are really annoying, we get loads of them

Posted by: ecmdj (8186)   Report abuse
yestereday, i commented to the postman ,no post , nopehe replied , bet youve got junk mail i said , its nearly all junk mail he replied . what a sorry state of affairs

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
The only thing I can think of with Junk mail , with mail mostly on the internet ,at least Spam or junk mail keeps the post man a job

Posted by: aitch (5487)   Report abuse
I return all unwanted mail with the words RETURN TO SENDERwritten in black felt on the front

Posted by: winder (1293)  Report abuse
Hey aitch I think This Mon has got 'em.

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
Just had a idea ( I do get them sometimes) why dont we all redirect them all every day to no 10 Downing St Give him sonethingto do instead of thinking up how he can rob officially the pensioners ,we dont all have fathers leaving us was it 3 million

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Elizabeth,you naughty girl.

Posted by: i-spy (14443)  Report abuse
good idea though

Posted by: susie q (1676)  Report abuse
Lets do it

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
My postman just threw my post into the garden the other day, don't no if it was my usual one but wasn't happy was gonna ring po but because i don't no who did it nowt can be done... GGrrrrr.

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
Susie I have been in my recycled paper bag over the week end and got at least 50 odd of the rubbish and have just re directed them to Downing St,and Posted them , took time but dont I feel good and shall continue to do it every time ,so all of you good people do the same

Posted by: susie q (1676)  Report abuse
Will start from to-dayWhat say all the rest of you

Posted by: marieg (345) Report abuse
What has it got to do with downing street?
It is the money grabbing post office that gets paid extra for shoving rubbish through our letter boxes. Put it all back in the post box then they may get sick of it

Posted by: carol gr (910)  Report abuse
Here in Holland we have stickers to put on the mail boxes (issued by the local authorities) 3 options - no sticker = you get everything. "no no" you just get addressed mail.
" no yes" you just get the local free newspaper and relevant local authority stuff. It works well.

Posted by: mystique (235) Report abuse
We get a huge amount of clothing collection bags, take away menus and leaflets, I can come home from work and there can be three collection bags through the door in a day and has anyone noticed we seem to be getting rag and bone men back, I have seen three or four different ones driving round the area I live in a matter of days. I never remember seeing so many before, when we were kids and not that long ago they had an horse and cart and a man with a very load voice that you could only catch the last word of BONE.

Posted by: johnlythg (inactive) Report abuse
Here in Margarita we dont get any mail, it's great


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