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Native American Indians in Wigan?
Started by: jagman64 (316)   Report abuse
This is my film of Tatanka a group of Peruvian Indians who came to Wigan

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Thank you jagman64...I got one of their c.d's when they were here last year and I really enjoy it.

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
Nice music and colourful too.

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
My great grandma on my moms side was native. I am darker than my parents that is the native part of me.

Posted by: ecmdj (8186)   Report abuse
wasnt there another group of red indians in full headdress a couple of years back ,they were in the part with seats round , cd were available then . forgotten their names , but they were fantastic

Posted by: mollie m (6274)  Report abuse
Christine, don't you know that calling people red indians is an insult? That's like calling a black person a n****r. Like Erin, my great grandma on my mother's side was also Native American.

Posted by: broady (15322)   Report abuse
The Indians in Canada are now referred to as First Nation People. Anyone fancy playing Cowboys and First Nations people.

Posted by: ecmdj (8186)   Report abuse
mollie m.i wonder what they call us ,any way it was not meant as an insult since being a child thats what is as allways been ,i aint at my age conforming to united nations etc. a black man is something i dont say ,i refer to them as foreigners .broady, .

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Molliem..stop being so sanctimonious..i.e morally superior...that`s how prejudices start lighten up.

Posted by: rbilly (10582) Report abuse
christine that is what i would have said red indians . as that is what they were called when we were growing up ..i dont see that as being an insult ..i know you are not a nasty person

Posted by: mswigan (inactive) Report abuse
Thank you jagman. I have heard them in Wigan Market Place and they are terrific.

Posted by: ecmdj (8186)   Report abuse
thanks rose, me and my big mouth , my hubby allways said i spoke before i think . werll we cawnt allus be perfect

Posted by: hughes the booze (2189) Report abuse
I bought the CD and play it in my car every day.

Posted by: gene hunt (938) Report abuse
Mollie M you are such a walter mitty you are no more red indian than me. I dont know why you insist on telling people on forums all this tripe. I know your family history and there are no Indians in your family whatsoever so stop it you lying sod.

Posted by: gene hunt (938) Report abuse
Why have you not made the same typo errors on here as on another forum you know that forum where you had a stroke at the beginning of last week and its affected your typing. You are a disgrace you shameful woman.

Posted by: bennielechat (5762) Report abuse
Mollie M

Christine, don't you know that calling people red indians is an insult? That's like calling a black person a n****r.

That statement is so wrong,patronising and innacurate it defies belief, I suppose the time of posting is significant.

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
I`m glad someone else has noticed the time of her obnoxious remarks.

Posted by: jathbee (9796) Report abuse
Mollie M has been churning out the clap trap about her being a descendant of red Indians for years. It's all a pack of lies. When she comes on WW it's always to patronise some one or give a lecture. I really don't know how we would get along without her superior knowledge. And the obnoxious remarks are posted at daft o'clock so she can run away and not answer to the people she has attacked. She's a coward too.

Posted by: ecmdj (8186)   Report abuse
i dont know the lady not personally anyway , seems quite a few do, have just noticed the peanut allergy thread on general , her typing mmmm must come and go

Posted by: jathbee (9796) Report abuse
And the worst of it is she lives in Pemberton. Oh! the shame.

Posted by: jathbee (9796) Report abuse
Nothing stopping the poster from going back and correcting the mistakes, unless of course you want to draw attention to yourself.

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
A couple of months ago she pulled me up on something she knew nothing about and I did,someone else told her not to be so rude..but I've noticed that she never comes back to that thread that she spouted off on,that shows the arrogance of her,and the time she comes on you notice is really to do with the red stuff..she really is a nasty piece of work.

Posted by: jathbee (9796) Report abuse
Couldn't agree more mojim she's been playing her nasty games for years. She an ignorant, arrogant, woman who is blessed with low intelligence, other wise should would keep quiet about things she knows nothing about.

Posted by: bennielechat (5762) Report abuse
Hang on a minute jathbee she told everyone that she has a very high IQ and has been asked to join MENSA so you may be wrong about her low intelligence.

Can't find the link,sorry, but it is out there somewhere.

Posted by: lisalee (12139)   Report abuse
I won't even mention.......well go on then I will...... the horrible o'clock e-mail I received that was a personal dressing down that ended with "I don't want nor expect a reply and if you do I won't read it" response. So I did (as I won't be silenced) and I don't know nor care whether she has read it!

I was sucked into her friendship but it wasn't a friendship at all. It was a relationship of convenience and I'm being kind with that description.

Posted by: jathbee (9796) Report abuse
Bennie, she also told every one she was a red Indian and that was a pack of lies too, so as for the MENSA story She also claims to be an animal lover and then put her precious cat in the bin when it died. She has used and abused people's good nature and now she is reaping what she has sown. I have finished with this thread now.

Posted by: 1934granada (inactive) Report abuse
Mollie M lost quite a chunk of my respect after reading one of her posts a few months ago. She ripped in to someone on here for bad mouthing a Wigan person. Then someone posted a link on here (from another forum) and she had slated the same guy ( who she was defending) a lot worse! And Ive also noticed that Mollie rarely replies for some reason.

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
I have always found Molly most agreeable in my correspondences with her on WW. I take folk as I find them mostly and know nothing of the other stuff spoken about here so I can't comment.

Posted by: delgardo (34) Report abuse
I'm just speaking of my own experience Joseph. I can't speak for anyone else.


Just realised that I'm logged in as delgardo!

It's Lisa responding to the thread.

Note to self.........need to get back on my own laptop!!!

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
Hiya Lise, yes I understand, no need to be sorry kidder. It's just that I haven't had anything sinister or bad from Molly all the time I have been on here and got on quite well with her really.

Hope all is well with you at this time.

Posted by: lisalee (12139)   Report abuse
It's belting Joseph!

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
Is it now!

Good I'm glad for you, lise. Enjoy it kid.

Posted by: lisalee (12139)   Report abuse
Oh I plan to, I never thought life could be this good!

I'm very lucky.

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
That's great Lisa, I wish you all the best, my friend.

Posted by: lisalee (12139)   Report abuse
Thank you flower!


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