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Henman Hill
Started by: elizabeth (5306)  Report abuse
It made me annoyed that they still call it that he has gone and never was very much ,so why do the not call it Murray Hill I was so sorry he lost and he is a very good player he knocks Heman into a cocked hat just a thought where did that saying come from --a cocked hat

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
because murray is a scot, and supports anyone or anthing playing against england???he said this himself, yet the english turn out in their thousands to support him???whats this tell ye? we aint as puerile as those tiny minds over the wall. (hadrians)have a nice day lizz.

Posted by: templgater (9) Report abuse

Posted by: elizabeth (5306)  Report abuse
Sorry Billy didnt know that I stand corrected , still if he had won we would have been claiming him sods law ha ha

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
ya right liz.but dont think for one moment, the scots dont make capitol from english gains.they get more per head of population(smaller than yorkshires)than we the english(i am irish born)

Posted by: saintpat (786) Report abuse
yes murray did say he wanted anyone but england to win the world cup well i wanted anyone but murray to win wimbledon what goes around comes around no hill in england should be named after that geek so glad hes out

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
hear hear saintpat

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
ya reaps what ya sows i sayhe will never be as good as nadal.never in his lifetime.

Posted by: gaffer (5970)   Report abuse

Before Henman it was simply known as The Hill. the traditionalists still refer to it as such.

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
an appropiate name would be "the hill of tears"
how many brit hopefulls have been witnessed from here, bite the dust??

Posted by: broady (13225)   Report abuse
Why would anyone name a hill after someone who hasn't won a Singles title at Wimbledon?

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
only the brits broady. didntcha know, we give knighthoods to losersits a fact, check it out.

Posted by: elizabeth (5306)  Report abuse
Thanks Gaffer was it a battle held there as got it named The Hill

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
reflects the hard slog to the top o ya game liz.

Posted by: gaffer (5970)   Report abuse

It's a natural slope in the ground. A large screen is placed at the top so the slope permits a sizeable number to watch the matches.
If you are wondering why the people would want to watch a screen inside Wimbledon. It's because the better matches take place on centre and number one courts but most of the spectators only have admission to the many lesser courts.
The majority of centre and number one court tickets go to members, debenture holders and the marquee packages.
I was very fortunate in being able to go with my wife for 14 years because the company I worked for had a marquee there.

Posted by: billy (25999)  Report abuse
to each his own, i aint into tennis, but boxing is a knockout fer me.(pardon the pun)

Posted by: fred rosbottom (1930)   Report abuse
Sorry I didn't get to see you Elizabeth.

Posted by: elizabeth (5306)  Report abuse
Fred I no longer have a Volvo car and do not like Motorways in the car I have got no safety like the Volvo .Hope you enjoyed yourself


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