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reet arm
Started by: greenfingers (896)  Report abuse
In,t channul Lisles, thi tell th tale
Abeat a Billinge mon
Ooz feat abeawt fooer eer ago
Asteawnded everyone

This mon,a gradely Lanky lad
I Billinge wur browt up
On, like yer avridge Billinge
E likes a reet good sup

Its just foor eer ago e went
Ter Jersey, wiggin wick.
It didn,t tek im long t gerrin
Wi t local suppin clique

Neaw wun chap theer, it soon
turn,t eawt
Wuz th island,s champion
An, everi mon who,d t en im on
Ud soon turn,t eawt the loser.

Well, Ian my pals mate
alad oo liked a bet
Arrang fo t pair fo t an a
An, so
the scene wuz set

Neaw,t rest,s best towd bi t
lad imse
I best Billinge e puts it thus
Fust thing Ah knew, Ian d fixt
it up
So Ah sed Aye Ah doan t like

Well,t munny wur swoppin
an,s left an reet
Like ladbrokes gran National
On Ah sez Owd on Ian ,worrif
Ah loise
Oo thi ell dusta thinks gooin
fo t pay
Neaw t champ wur a frenchie.
anice quite mon.
We,d both geet on aw reet up
till then
Burra thowt to missen well, iz
on iz own midden
An, tha should bi wurth nine or ten

Wi startid drinkin ,in t mornnin
an just carried on aw thru t
Well e startid suppin each
meawthful a pint
Ah just supped i mi own
normal way

Ut twenty pints e wur fooer i
Un t creawd thowt Ah d just abeawt ad it
Burrat twenty six Ah wur but
two be ind
An just gerrin in t drinkin abit

Uh thirty pints Ah wur leadin
An frenchie wuz slippin
be ind
Burrah just kept suppin ,aw i
mi own time
Coz that,sbest road Ah alluz

Ut thirty two pints, wi eawt
sayin a word
E just slither t deawn on t
So Ah thowt just i case e wur
tryin it on
Ah d better sup just a bit moor.

Ut thirty six pints, Frenchys
still on th greawnd,
Keepin up non stop moan an
So Ah sed to missen,
Thers no pleasure i suppin


did u like that

Posted by: billy (26001)  Report abuse
o-reet lad, reet gradely mon.

Posted by: tracyh30 (6850)  Report abuse
Like that

Posted by: greenfingers (896)  Report abuse
wud u like some more lancs dialect its cheyp at,t price

Posted by: dave marsh (inactive) Report abuse
Did you try a Mary Ann,greenfingers?

Posted by: greenfingers (896)  Report abuse
is that a jersey thing

Posted by: dave marsh (inactive) Report abuse
Hello greenfingers,It is or was a local ale brewed by Ann St Brewery.It has just been put on the production line again to raise money for Durrell.

Posted by: greenfingers (896)  Report abuse
is that gerald durrell as in wild life park, zoo , can,t say i,ve drank that, may be mon from billinge did


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