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Area nick-names
Started by: buzzcox (126) Report abuse
Listening to my kids talking about various Wigan areas , I had to laugh.I,d heard of Platt Waz , Kitt Bonk and Pem ,but how about Scrorley Hall , Worstof Hall and Marsh Vegas!!!!! Anyone got any more?

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
Scrubshaw Cross?

Posted by: gozzer (inactive) Report abuse
hire rinse

Posted by: empress (9667)   Report abuse
aye Platt Vegas cos it has the Golden arches of MacDonalds there now!

Posted by: sandra (819)  Report abuse
Clinker Valley ( spring view )

Posted by: gary1964 (3944)   Report abuse

Posted by: klunk yed (465)   Report abuse
worsley bronx

Posted by: jacks (345)  Report abuse
If Platt Bridge is Platt Waz, shouldn't Rose Bridge be Rose Waz ?

Posted by: keno (2840)  Report abuse
When I was a child In Abram,I use to visit my relatives In Wallgate,at the time I lived
In May Ave,at that time the houses there reasonably new.They use to say here comes the kid from Little Hollywood .
I do,nt think they would say that today.

Posted by: jessie fisher (809)   Report abuse
wmp worsley mesnes posse ha ha marsh bonk

Posted by: tommy (254)   Report abuse
use to be on the cb some yrs ago
w/hall....little chicago.
marsh green...swamp city.
norley hall...cardboard city.
whelley...boot city.
plat waz..giro city.

cant remember them all but there are loads more.

Posted by: emma penn (488)  Report abuse
worst of all = worsley hall

Posted by: stuart (283)  Report abuse
slutchy cross,skows,ar*epull,dole city (platt bridge)

Posted by: daviessb (83) Report abuse
Goose Gonk (Goose Green)

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
We over here have area nick names where I grew up was Renssee.

Posted by: britboy (6793) Report abuse
I have always know Worsley Hall as Little Beirut

Posted by: b8mex (299)  Report abuse
If Platt Bridge is known as Platt Wazz, does that make the people who live there Platt Wazzocks?

Posted by: shev32 (12)  Report abuse
appley bridge (BONE HOLE) because of glue works

Posted by: sue.64 (6879) Report abuse
brit boy.. little beirut was sherwood drive

Posted by: veteran (1602)  Report abuse

Stubshaw Cross stubshi

Posted by: tomplum (6168)  Report abuse
rose hill at bryn = rag brew,
warrington rd, near sainsburys =cocks lump
anybody know 'updarn o green road'

Posted by: tuddy (1056) Report abuse
Why is Haydock known as Yick? Where is Union Bridge?

Posted by: mick-dorset (3062) Report abuse
marsh green,kitt green , norley hall and worsley hall was collectively known as the leper colony when i worked for the council 16yrs ago

Posted by: rio caroni (5077)  Report abuse
tuddy, Union Bridge is between Newtown and Pemberton.

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
To Middleton & Woods Taxi drivers, 40+ years ago, Swinley was known a "Debt Creek".. ie: "Put it on my account driver".
Then the order was, on your way past xxxx's house, see if you can get any money off 'em..

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

whelley, more like boot hill.

Posted by: upthetims (6530) Report abuse
nowt wrong wi Whelley elmos

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

a lot of people at rest in boot hill utt,
so can't be much wrong wi boot hill.

Posted by: nicko (inactive) Report abuse
sted by: tonker (6948)
Scrubshaw Cross?

Angry Ashton?

Posted by: tuddy (1056) Report abuse
Cheers art, I wonder if there was any kind of bridge there?

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
The bridge (before my time) was where the car valeting place is now, which used to be Plumbtons Filling Station. My sis-in-law (deceased) worked on the petrol station in the 50's & also lived across the road in Plumbtons flats..

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

scholes, "sunshine city" the envy of all.

Posted by: upthetims (6530) Report abuse
tha wants some warm milk elmos,but my twin brother lives in McCormick Drive,so can't call Scholes

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

am glad one of you showing some good sense
utt he must be the older twin.

Posted by: dennisd (624) Report abuse
Billinge Road / Newtown area = NAPPY VALLEY

Posted by: gaffer (6332)   Report abuse
George Harris a Platt bridge based french polisher visited Texas a few years ago. He was befriended by a wealthy rancher. One evening over dinner the Texan asked George - 'Gee George what part of good old litle England are you from.' George replied - 'Platt Bridge' 'What state is that in George' asked the rancher. 'Bleedin awful, you want to see it' said George.

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

thats a good one gaffer,was thinking the same
about whelley but i remembered my grandson
lives up there and my daughter just bought a
house up there also.so i better be quiet

Posted by: chimp (17) Report abuse
two places associated with lamberhead green
POW WILLOCK & SH-T NOOK one of them was opposite jem lowes pub not sure about the other one.

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
Pow Hillock, Orrell.

Posted by: davey (242)  Report abuse
Peolple from Whelley as my mate used to say were "just Scholesers with a mortgage"?

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

beech hill was allways called "cardboard city",
i lived there for a while.only the best places
for me.

Posted by: bambam (2058)  Report abuse
Landgate used to be called cat town when i was on cb radio. and wentworth rd was called the runway.

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
We have the same over here.
Rensselaer falls is the falls or rensse

Odgensburg- The burg

Gouverneur- Governmenure because of alot of farms

Posted by: farrie50 (1710)  Report abuse
chimp wasnt pow hillock the small park where the old stocks used to be ?spent my early teens there and the youth club

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

one family i know did keep coal in the bath,
more than one family lived with bare floorboards,
that was in beech hill.

Posted by: bumper (311) Report abuse
scholes tall flats new york

Posted by: kyliecarter88 (56) Report abuse
ashton has now been nick named ash vegas dunno why tho

Posted by: daveŠ (3506) Report abuse
A mate of mine from Atherton used to refer to folks from Hindley as, "Hindley Gawpers."

Posted by: rbilly (10582) Report abuse
tomplum i know were up down o green road is lol....

Posted by: buzzcox (126) Report abuse
For some reason Goose Green is also known as Goose Lomm!

Posted by: upthetims (6530) Report abuse
elmos you're incorrect,i'm thowdest by 20 minutes,I went to Wigan Grammar and our kid went to Whelley sec mod,although he did pass his 14 plus and end up at W.G.S

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse

i can't win a cast,if i won a fiver i'd lose a tenner!!
at least your twin had the sense to pick scowse.

Posted by: celtic4 (1751)  Report abuse


Posted by: micky east (inactive) Report abuse
union bridge was indeed a bridge that ran from norley colliery out under the wigan to pemb station line at robin park the bridge under the line is at top end of park ran to goose green but ive forgotten where to after. could be lancashire union railway co,hence union bridge.

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
I think it was London & North Western Railway.

Posted by: kirwana17 (5)  Report abuse
when was the union bridge demolished a need fot no to settle an argument

Posted by: kenee (2073) Report abuse
Has anybody been to Golborne, it’s just north of Kensington, West London, at the top of Portobello Road. The property’s a lot more expensive than round here.

Posted by: elmos (2784)  Report abuse
hi kenee welcome to wigan world,i'v only been as far as
golborne near wigan.it's dead cheap there i will have to
get a passport

Posted by: kenee (2073) Report abuse
One of my daughters ex boyfriends came from Worsley Mesnes.

I used to call him 'The Worsley Menace'!

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
Some time ago there was a photo of the bridge at union bridge. It was on wiganworld

Posted by: diamondwhite (4) Report abuse
Marsh Green was called the Ponderosa (TV serial Dallas in the 60's) by the Taxi Drivers

Posted by: geoff zx9 (inactive) Report abuse
Heres afew
Warrington rd Ashton was always known as Lodge Lone,
Golborne pit dirt rook was always called The Bonk
Who could forget squeeze bally entry.A-IN-M
Steam Engine off Old Rd A-IN-M
Skitters , used go fishing there as a lad A-IN-M.

Posted by: linma (2571) Report abuse
The old ones where I live in Much Hoole refer to it as Mucky Hole.

Posted by: PeterP (7625) Report abuse
cement city-parr
shire county stub(shire)shaw

Posted by: kerry (510)  Report abuse
I have heard Platt Bridge called Platt Wazz but i dont know why.

Posted by: billface (17)  Report abuse

Posted by: kenny (inactive) Report abuse
Some folk used to call the top end of Durham St The Bronx,with all the undesirables they put them flats

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
The junction (Warrington/Ormskirk roads)was called the Saddle, after a pub of the same name

Posted by: bentlegs (4518) Report abuse
Yick is near Sintellens

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
No, Bentlegs, Yick is IN Sintellins. And so is Garswood!

Posted by: jc2000 (15) Report abuse
ashton in makebelieve

Posted by: mswigan (inactive) Report abuse
When we were young, the area of Newtown was called Robin and Alexandra Park was called Robin Park but I don't know why.

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
Ashton-in-makerfield= Ash vagas

Posted by: laticat (105) Report abuse
There was a large gap between the houses in spring street which they called the piggy brew don't know why, but they used to have a bonfire on there, it led up to silver street.

Posted by: vera howarth (2584)   Report abuse
Gary1964-Platt waz predates giro city ,that name was used when Ince council built the estate behaind the glass works and filled it with the unemployed and unemployable.
People from Haydock being called yickers -I have heard this story but can't vouch for its truth.
In the days of coal barges on th canal the method of navigating through narrow stretches and bridges was (supposedly) known as yicking.Haydock had large stretches of such canal and therefore the name Yicker. If this is incorrect I'm sure Tonker will put the record straight.

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
Tonkers night out..

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
laticat, could have been where the locals played "Piggy"

Posted by: laticat (105) Report abuse
Hi art have no idea why it was called the piggy brew but there used to be a slaughter house in silver street, would be interesting to find out.

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
That's, more or less, as I have it Vera!

Posted by: lezgee (717)  Report abuse
billface coz of a pub called the saddle

Posted by: bentlegs (4518) Report abuse
Make thi mind up tonker , Last week Garswood was in Ashton.

Posted by: tonker (21306)   Report abuse
Bentlegs, Garswood IS in Ashton in Makerfield. It also IS in St.Helens.


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