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little london?
Started by: custard (6939)   Report abuse
hi, does anybody know where little london is in wigan? my friend says i have been to it but i cant remember, its been bugging me for 3 days now!

Posted by: andycapp (2535) Report abuse
It is in Standishgate. Picture of it here on WW.


Posted by: mollie m (6312)  Report abuse
Aw, ya just beat me to it, Andy. Was just about to do that, but here y'are anyway, Custard! It still exists.


Posted by: custard (6939)   Report abuse
thanks andy and thanks molly!

Posted by: xxstuartxx (5799) Report abuse
Little London

Posted by: custard (6939)   Report abuse
thanks alot xxstuartxx i know where it is now, great help,

Posted by: jo anne (32703)   Report abuse
Andy's link

Little London, an area of slum housing behind middle-class houses on Standishgate.

Molly's link 2006 photo's

I didn't know there was a Little London in Wigan!

Posted by: broady (15747)   Report abuse
If you go to the Wigan Today site and click on the Retro page for 29th March there is a great picture of Little London in the late 1800's. I am sure that someone can bring the link onto this page.

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
That photo is wonderful for me, i've already printed it off. My grandad was born at number 4, and his rellies lived at other houses on the street.
My only regret is never having been there.
It's great that these old pics still exist.

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
Does anyone know which numbers these are? Just as a matter of interest.

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
It's at the side of London House - opposite St Mary's Church and leads through to Acton Street

Posted by: dave marsh (inactive) Report abuse
Little London is listed on the 1907 Ordnance Survey Map together with the families who lived there.

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Little London

5: Duckworth, Thomas - Miner
6: Naylor, William - Spinner
7: Jones, Benjamin - Labourer
8: Mullin, John - Miner
9: Blunsell, William - Tailor's Cutter

and that's it for 1907 - just seen some very good pics in "Wigan Past" a new book from the Observer
£12.99 ISBN:978 - 1 - 84547 - 184 - 2

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Re Broady's post;

Am I being thick or summat? ( Don't answer that!)

I can't find the pic you're talking about!


Posted by: broady (15747)   Report abuse

It is me I must have had a senior moment. If you go on www.wigantoday.net there are various headings. If you click on retro and go into the archive for March 2007 and hit the week of 28th March it is on page 4. Maybe someone will find the link and put it on the thread.Hope this is of some help.


Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Cheers thanks! Senior moment? Don't think I have owt else!

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
And you've just saved yourself £12.99 - those are the pics form Wigan Past!

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
Here y'are[/]

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Thanks Art! I'm counting on you for loads of recollections - fancy an interview or two . . . maybe over a pint or two?

Posted by: broady (15747)   Report abuse
Thanks Art. One day I may be able to do those links myself.

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
Wow Art, brilliant. I hadn't seen those pics.
My grandad was born 1880 and the family had moved by 1907 to School St/Kay st. So they are not listed Ian.

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Could be worth checking the 1881 census Maggiesh - it's free at Wigan Library using Ancestry.com

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
I already have all my Little London rellies on census Ian, i'm just fascinated by the pics. They appeared there in 1851, presumably that was before they became slum properties.
Can I save the pic Art has put on, do I copy and paste?
Some of the people pictured could actually be my rellies.

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
You can save it by Right click, click on copy, open your pic editor, click file> new >open the file, then Ctrl & V. Bingo.
Other than that, pass me your Email addy, & I'll email you the full size file(the one on here is reduced)
If you don't want to post your email openly, send it to Brian & ask him to pass it on to me

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
I normally just right click and save as, but I'd go for the full size one from Art!

As for when they became slums . . . debatable! Probably not the finest housing to begin with! a lot of the "in-filling" of yards began around 1800 - 30's as Wigan began to expand... especially lovely was the fact that you would have houses with 2 or 3 families sharing, as well as abattoirs etc and normally 1 stand pipe and i earth closet for the entire lot !

Great! pass the cholera!!!

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
Thanks Ian and Art. Did try copy/paste and got the whole message page in my E drive.
It would be great if you can send me the full size. My email addy is in my Oct., 2007 blog under Photo's, when me and Deano found out we were cousins, I put it there for him to contact me.

There were 15 living at 4 Little London at one point, more at 6, 10 and 23. Don't know how they did it, i'm amazed they all lived!! Strong genes and possibly immune to the diseases. I'm proud of them all, without them I wouldn't be here.

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
maggiesh ....sent, let me know if alls well

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
Thanks Art, received no probs. I'm delighted with it. Going to print on photographic paper and frame. One of the ladies does bear a resemblance to one of my Aunts. Could be wishful thinking on my part.
As a point of interest, my g.g.gran's sister Mary married a John Culshaw. Do we have something in common?

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
I Had an uncle John & aunt Mary, lived in Beech Hill. If they had lived they would have been in their 90's/100's now. Dunno' what Marys' "Nee" name was,I didn't have much contact as an adult. But seeing two g.g's.Maybe they were too young

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
John was born 1825, married Mary Williams b. 1828. They did have children, hidden in the depths of my idiotic filing system.
Too young to be your aunt/uncle, but possibly rellies somewhere down the line.
Thanks again for the pic.

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
I had alsways thought that Little LOndon was the small Alley next to what was Mitchensons Florist opposite Mark William's Butchers shop, So now does anyone know what that was called ??

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Are you thinking of Brick Kiln lane Elizabeth?

Posted by: custard (6939)   Report abuse
theres a few pictures of little london on here that i want to show my freinds, how do i print them, or where can i find them to print off, please.

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Open the pic on here, right click on mouse and choose " Save as.." give it a name ie LL1 then save it somewhere, desktop or my pictures. Then to print - without using a programme like Photoshop, you double click it and at the bottom of the screen should be a little print icon.

I would always use an image editing programme to print it tho - depends what you've got !

Posted by: İartİ (6154) Report abuse
ianmcl. if you'd tried that with the little london pic in Retro. It wouldn't have worked.
I had to copy the full page, then take the pic off.
The reason that I go the long way round, I copy the pic, open it up in P/Shop, re-size it if neccesary,sort the contrast/ brightness/colour, generally touch it up. only then do I place it in the file I want to use..

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
A man after mi own heart Art ! Was trying to help Custard but hope I didn't just add to the confusion!

Could you try and contact me please if you don't mind? Need to talk through a few pub things . . . just for a change !

Posted by: custard (6939)   Report abuse
thanks ianmcl, ive done it, great help, im chuffed as a butty!

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
Ianmcl,, sorry no , I know where Brick kiln lane is or perhaps it is now WAS. no it definetly was at the side of the Florest Mitchinsons shop opposite Mar Williams Butchers, they were small cottages , one of my friends actualy rented one when she was first married , but lost touch with her sorry to say

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
With you now Elizabeth was it Marsh Lane maybe?

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
Sorry I am now lost I do not know what it was called most likely Murder Alley as it was right opposite where Mark Williams butcher killed his animals or could it have been called Escape Alley ha ha

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Mark William's was originally the Roebuck - my dad used to work in the slaughter house behind the shop - he killed a pig and it fell on his foot and broke his toe!

Posted by: maddy (1697)   Report abuse
it says the allyway is still there, which street would it be near `cos i`ve never heard of "little london"

Posted by: allgone (346) Report abuse
maddy coming down Wigan Lane on Right it's roundabout where JK gas fire shop was,a tiny narrow passage way lol

Posted by: maddy (1697)   Report abuse
thank you allgone,wonder if theres any photos of primrose lane/ave in scholes was told they were tiny cottages in 1900`s near hardybutts

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
Will search for you tomorrow Maddy - I'm in the History Shop sorting mi pub thing out again -

and Elizabeth - it wasn't Marsh Lane - that was on same side as Mark Williams' heading down to St George's Church, probably at the side of the White horse or Hartley's as it's now called . . . strangely enough my mum remembers the alley you're talking about cos her friend Annie Garritty lived ion one of the cottages there!

Posted by: maddy (1697)   Report abuse
im being cheeky now ian, could you have a look for a pub i think it was called the brown cow at the top of queen street in the 1900s, i know there wont be any photos its just that my mum was brought up living next door to this pub maybe theres a drawing or something

Posted by: ianmcl (inactive) Report abuse
I know a bit about the Brown Cow already Maddy - buit will search for a photie for you!

It was at 67 Queen St and first landlord I've got was William Wilson in 1824 and the last - so far - was John Lyon in 1903!

Probably people like Art and Dave Marsh can probably tell you more - but watch this space!

Posted by: saintpat (786) Report abuse
i walk up little london every day when i pick my grandchildren up from st. marys school in standishgate the alleyway is opposite the school next to the the derian house charity shop


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