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New Brighton
Started by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Saw some fascinating old photos of the place packed with daytrippers and wondered what its like in 2018. Anybody been lately?

Posted by: kathpressey (4876)  Report abuse
I remember getting on the train at pemberton station and going to Liverpool then walking down to the ferry for New Brighton. Time in the outdoor lido and then onto the beach . Eating up the last of the egg butties on the train home. It was abit of an epic trip in those days nut I have happy memories. Not been there for donkeys years.

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Apparently there's no ferry to get you there these days

Posted by: tonker (19831)   Report abuse
I raced there twice, on the promenade, in the annual Wirral 100 race meeting. It was a terrible circuit.
Those two races are the only two times I've been there!
Barry Sheene raced there too, in the early 70's.

The meeting was stopped in 1999, after a fatality.

Posted by: broady (14314)   Report abuse
Was the Royal Iris at New Brighton?? I seem to remember going there and sailing on it.

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Royal Iris

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
What a sad sight

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Do you recall, back when we had very restrictive licencing hours, Mersey Ferries also used to do a mini booze cruise?

It whur only Liverpool to LLandudno, but moved beyond the three mile limit which applied in those days, and opened the bars whilst those ashore remained closed.

Posted by: sonlyme (2352) Report abuse
I remember going on the royal iris to new brighton with my mother,Late fifties to early sixties

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Did the same, circa 1950.

Still recall running down the sand, and stepping over the foot wide oil slick, into the water!

I do not recall any particular maritime spillage, and often have wondered if that persistent oil slick was a remnant of World War Two shipping losses.

Posted by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
Could be, priscus. When I visited Pearl Harbour and viewed the sunken U.S.S. Arizona, looking down the viewing well from the platform straddling the sunken ship a thin film of oil could be seen. It was said it continually seeps to the surface.

Posted by: jud178 (242) Report abuse
Remember going there as a lad with Highfield Boys Brigade.

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
I have a book on New Brighton and there is an advert for a café in the 1950s which advertised that the meals served there included "bread and butter cut corner-to-corner"! I imagine that was meant to give the impression that the café was a bit up-market!

Posted by: kenee (2023) Report abuse
It sounds like the 'Seaside Cafe' on the prom, which is still there. A proper old fashioned caffy with benches and booths. I don't know if the sandwiches are still cut corner to corner though.

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
I will have a look and get back to you, kenee.. may be next week as I am away weekend but I won't forget, so keep a look out. xx

Posted by: kenee (2023) Report abuse

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
Hello again Kenee...I have the book in front of me and the bread-and-butter details are used as a typical menu in ALL New Brighton cafes in the fifties and sixties. The article on cafes begins with the memories of a lady called Joyce Corkish who served the last meal in the café that she owned in the resort, which was called Brice's. It only closed in 1992. It goes on to say: "There was more than enough business to go around for the likes of Lawton's Café, Duffy's Café, The Sheffield, Paddy's Snack Bar, Billy's Fish-and-Chip Eat-in-or -Out and Maxims. The menus then were almost always the same....FISH, CHIPS AND PEAS, STEAK AND KIDNEY PIE AND CHIPS, BREAD AND BUTTER CUT CORNER TO CORNER, POTS OF TEA". Brice's, apparently, had checked cotton tablecloths and plastic red roses on the tables, and at one time had photos on the walls of stage artistes that had appeared at The Floral Pavilion but they were all ruined on the day the Orange Drink machine exploded! Hope you found that of interest, Kenee! x.

Posted by: kenee (2023) Report abuse
I may have sampled some of those cafes in the 1950s and '60s Irene but I can't really remember them. As regards The Seaside Cafe, I did a bit of research, It's only been open for 20 years, whether or not it was a cafe before that I couldn't say. It's about 5 years since I tried it and it really did bring back memories of the '50s. Not a dainty tea room with tablecloths but bare wooden tables and benches and mugs of tea! The food as I remember (we had fish and chips) was good if not outstanding.


Posted by: bluesfan (1543)  Report abuse
Still go to New Brighton now and again. It's like an adventure! Train, ferry great day out. The ferry doesn't go to New Brighton but it's a lovely walk from the ferry stop, along the promenade if you get a nice day. New Brighton itself is clean and regenerated. Lots of history and the old fort and lighthouse are still there. Gardens now occupy the site of the Tower. Worth a trip out if the weather is good.

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
That's good to hear, bluesfan. xx

Posted by: bluesfan (1543)  Report abuse
Thank you Irene, can I take this opportunity to say I'm a big fan of your stories.You should write a book xx

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
Thankyou, bluesfan. What a lovely thing to say!! xxx

Posted by: jouell (4595) Report abuse
OMGosh, I didn't know the Royal Iris was gone, how sad.

A day out back in the early 50s, was as big a thrill as a week away for today's youngsters.. So many memories of Train rides to Liverpool, Ferry cross the Mersey, New Brighton, Royal Iris..
I have some pics of my last ferry on the Royal Iris, early to mid 1980s.. My youngest daughter was about 6 or 7, we'd gone over to England to stay with my parents and they took us out for the day.. The Ferry on the Royal Iris was so much fun, we had a great day.

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
What lovely memories, jouell! My son was born in 1976 and my daughter in 1981, so it sounds as if your youngest daughter was born somewhere in-between. xx

Posted by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
Our family day out to New Brighton contained all of the memories mentioned other than the treat of the trip on the dockers umberella. Did no one else take that trip?

Posted by: jouell (4595) Report abuse
Yes Irene, I guess I should have counted first.. My youngest was born in 1978, so I guess the Royal Iris trip was more mid 80s.. Good times... x

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
There's an exhibition about the dockers umbrella at the Museum of Liverpool that's worth a visit. It's free too or it was when I went

Posted by: bambam (1788)  Report abuse
I remember when I was in band in 70s we played at floral pavilion theatre , lovely place then but ain't been since.


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