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Man Dies
Started by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Frank Farrell RIP

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Oh dear.

Posted by: ayrefield (4407) Report abuse
I once worked alongside a man from Beech Hill Forest Avenue I think but his name then was Francis Farrell wonder if it is the same person, sad news to hear. RIP

Posted by: kellysdad (inactive) Report abuse
very sad but theres something very suspicious surrounding that last saturday night my daughter put on facebook about 10pm that a man had been found near the jjb stadium with half his head missing, but in the paper it says a person was found on frog lane at 4:30 am sunday morning.

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
I have heard the deceased man referred to as Francis, Ayrefield.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Ayrefield, he is from a large family on Beech hill.

Posted by: kellysdad (inactive) Report abuse
this is what was said.
Kelly Louise Holland
What's happend near stadium??
Like June 16 at 9:38pm via mobile

Daniel Wiggy Physick What ?
June 16 at 9:39pm via mobile Like
Kelly Louise Holland Sumfins happend neer dw stadium but duno wot x
June 16 at 9:39pm via mobile Like
Kayleigh Clark How do you know? ♥
June 16 at 9:46pm via mobile Like
Daniel Wiggy Physick Whats apend
June 16 at 9:47pm via mobile Like
Becca Taylor police have just found a body near stadium with half is face missing its getting worse round ere xx (apparently)
June 16 at 9:54pm Like
Kelly Louise Holland Omgggg :O that's well bad :( xx
June 16 at 9:55pm via mob

could be coincident but ive not heard of anyone else being injured locally!

Posted by: ayrefield (4407) Report abuse
Oh right dostaf, it must be him then, shame really has when I knew him he was quite comical, he was like myself a teenager then in the late sixties early seventies, recently he had been mentioned in the Court Reports in the Wigan Observer, doesn't justify someone to go and murder him though, hope the person the police have got is the perpetrator.

Posted by: yonmon (11) Report abuse
france was a lad i have known since childhood my heart goes out to all his family.R.I.P MATE

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Amen to that.

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Named here as Francis

Apologies for quote (link title) at 16:42.

Posted by: xxstuartxx (5799) Report abuse
He was a decent rugby player in his youth.
Middle row, 4th from the left.
R.I.P. France.

Posted by: tuddy (924) Report abuse
France played for both Springfield and Beech Hill in the 80s, an ex Saint John Fisher lad. R.I.P. France, condolences to the Farrell family.

Posted by: paddygriffin (40) Report abuse
Known France most of my life,been a good mate,had some good times with him in our younger years,devested at this news.Goodnight God Bless You France you are going to be missed, RIP mate. Condolences to Kevin his dad and his brothers and sisters on the loss of youre son and brother.(KEO).

Posted by: moodysue (inactive) Report abuse
another death RIP poor man. This all getting to much. To many murders are happening in this small town it frightening

Posted by: stooo (inactive) Report abuse
I was told on Monday afternoon that it was a Frank Farrell from Beech hill who had been injured and I was also told the name of the bloke who has been arrested for it and where he comes from and what is said to have happened and this is second hand information, so I cannot vouch for it, but apparently it was a hit and run incident involving a car and drink driving is suspected, because the bloke who has been arrested has previous convictions for drink driving.

Posted by: kellysdad (inactive) Report abuse
theres not many people o would grass up!,but i'd have no qualm's or sleepless night's for grassing drink drivers up, scum of the earth they are

Posted by: rio caroni (5077)  Report abuse
Knocked about round town with France about forty years ago. A good lad if a bit of a nutter. Think he worked at the Co-op when he left school, and he used to go to Slow Joe's in Millgate for his dinner. Thoughts for the family, RIP Bud.

Posted by: truckerdave (2337)   Report abuse
R.I.P. Fran, a genuine bloke

Posted by: wigvet (3293) Report abuse
went to St. Pats junior school with 'France'
Tough lad on and off the rugby field but a pleasure to know

Our team photo is here which includes his good mate Eddie Hare who we also lost too soon

RIP France

link please...


Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse

Posted by: jem glover (1934)  Report abuse
R.I.P France,It's a long time since we where last together but I've got some great memories of are times together in the 70s.Springfield R.L.F.C,the Clarence with your Kev also.So God Bless all his family at this sad time.Jem.

Posted by: mickmanu (71) Report abuse

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
RIP Francis and condolences to your family. This was not a hit and run and the police need all the help they can get to punish the person responsible for this horrific cowardly act. PLEASE someone out there knows something let the Police know for the sake of the family.

Posted by: ayrefield (4407) Report abuse
That's right Rio, it was at the Co-op where I worked alongside France in the late sixties, wasn't a very good place to work but we had a laugh, curly I too hope the police get the person responsible.

Posted by: 1934granada (inactive) Report abuse
I knew France very well. He was a great lad. He did not deserve this. My deepest thoughts are with his family now
RIP France. It was a pleasure knowing you. God bless.

Posted by: peter g (1848)  Report abuse
Did he have a wife or partner about 12 years ago called Julie and she had a son called Martin who all used to go in The Belle Vue pub on Woodhouse Lane?

Posted by: jarvo (28094)  Report abuse
R.I.P. France.

Posted by: upthetims (6428) Report abuse
(Comment removed because it broke the rules)

Posted by: peter g (1848)  Report abuse
(Comment removed because it broke the rules)

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Man eliminated from enquiries

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
knew France very well from days in the Stork and his playing days with Springfield ,a lovely lad and a good friend . RIP lad

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse

Posted by: ayrefield (4407) Report abuse
If they are found to be guilty then I hope justice is meted out severely by a proper judge and not one who is away with the fairies.

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Hear hear. This pleasantly surprised me (8 yrs)

Posted by: hurricane (52)  Report abuse
One of the lads arrested has been charged with manslaughter, the other has been released. David Horner 23 from scholes will appear in court today

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse


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