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would't empty my green bin
Started by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse
cos there was cardboard in side, I'm assuming that now we have a blue bin, its supposed to go in that one, but nobody said, or did they and I did't hear them

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Coloured cardboard?

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Not that it matters

I thought plain card was OK.

Posted by: thesurgeon (1445) Report abuse
Nobody said ?............... it says under the lid !

Posted by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse
plain cardboard was in the bin, as is allowed, or was,

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Plain AND coloured cardboard.

Posted by: hindleyite (3995) Report abuse
Everyone got a pamphlet saying what goes where and the days each bin is emptied.I wonder how many folk just flung them in the blue bin.

Posted by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse
that's a helpful ling dostaf, but where does it say 'don't put cardboard in the green bin anymore' ? there can't be only me in the wigan area ( sorry tonks) that don't read pamphlets that come thou; the door, with me they have to catch my attention before I reach the litter bin in the kitchen, we get so many,

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Tom, I thought plain brown cardboard was allowed, that's why I asked if you'd put coloured stuff in.

I'm now wondering if they changed the rule (assuming it was allowed), when the blue bins arrived.

Ask a Councillor

Posted by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse
anyrode, its no biggy, I just put the brown cardboard in the blue bin, nd this will be a 'heads up' to all other wiganers ( sorry tonks again) that cardboard must go in the blue bin,

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
A what?

Posted by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse

Posted by: cindy (5549)   Report abuse
Tom Same thing happened at My Mothers today, The binmen left a sticker notice on saying cardboard must not be put in green bin, So they didnt empty it.

Posted by: susie q (1675)  Report abuse
Do'nt know about you lot but I am so fed up with all the changing rules regarding recycling. I have always put clean plain cardboard in my green garden waste and had no problems.I declined a blue bin because I don't have an awful lot of paper apart from junk mail etc and I don't have anywhere to keep one so I hope I don't run into problems. the best bins were the metal ones where we used to put hot ashes and it got rid of everything including maggots in the summer.

Posted by: bella (796) Report abuse
susie, if you put paper etc in a rubbish bag and tie in a knot, and put in black bin, they won't be any wiser

Posted by: tomplum (4576)  Report abuse
well I'm glad it was't just me, I can sleep better now,

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
The thoughts of Chairman Peawapp would be interesting.

Posted by: PeterP (6355) Report abuse
Tomplum go to wigan council link and type in waste& recycling read all about your bins etc.This comes under side heading bin collections then scroll down to which bin should i use.Then click on the coloured bin and you get a list of what you can put in that bin

Posted by: rbilly (10576) Report abuse
tom if you lift the lid on your blue bin there is a sticker with all the info and pictures of what you can put in the blue bin ..lol

Posted by: frances (2831)  Report abuse
Any help?

Waste and Recycling

Posted by: aqui aqui (439) Report abuse
Having just looked at the above link it seems like the black bin has become vertualy redundant but is being emptied every week. Yet the blue bin, in which we are told to but paper, cardboard, food wrappers, cerial boxes etc is only emptied every 4 weeks. Our blue bin is almost full now after just 2 weeks.

Posted by: maxine (994)   Report abuse
Last week they emptied Blue, Brown and Black bins on the same day. You couldn't move for bins near our house. Surely they can do them every 2 or 3 weeks, alternating the bin colours, or if they do need to do them more often could they not have issued the smaller bins as standard?

Posted by: PeterP (6355) Report abuse
maxine they are going to change over to two bins being emptied per week

Posted by: spud1 (1664) Report abuse
Is it not 3 bins every 2 weeks,black,blue and green,and the blue one every 4 weeks,and from Sept the green bin is emptied all year round,just wait until week 4,all 4 on the same day.

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
I have reverted back to one black bin for the bloody lot, everything in a black bag and in the bin. Not got time for fannying around with bins and what rubbish goes where.

Recycling may 'arris! May the binmens testicles turn into pedals and back pedal up their jacksies.

Posted by: custard (6712)   Report abuse
Like aqui aqui, my blue bin is full..I had to squish the contents down, think it gets emptied this week though..


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