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Officers Mauled By Dog
Started by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Something from a horror story

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate for London mayor, said the dog bite raid appeared to be "an expensive mistake".

She said: "Calling in CO19 just seems such an expensive way to deal with a mad dog. Could they not have used a Taser?

Mad wotsit

Dave Joyce, of the Communication Workers Union, said: "If these police officers were attacked on private property they could find themselves with no protection under the current law, as many postal workers do.


Posted by: veg grower (inactive) Report abuse
The words 'dangerous dogs' appear yeat again 'these dogs should be banned'. Makes me sick.

That dog was doing what comes naturally to it - it was guarding its territory. I do wonder what they mean when they say a 'pit-bull type dog' someone said it was a staffordshire bull terrier, which is not a pit bull.

I have never owned anything other than a collie and so don't have much experience with other breeds. That poor dog probably reacted out of fear more than anything. I know they said there was a previous attack - but this is when owners should be taken to task, instead of punishing the animal.

Posted by: moodysue (inactive) Report abuse
I agree veg... and probably defending its owner.... 'pit-bull type dog' no such things... its either a pit or not a pit bull....

Posted by: jathbee (8991) Report abuse
These types of dogs, in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous indeed.
Many are kept as a hard man status and are taught aggression. Some others for dog fighting. So it doesn't surprise me when these dogs attack.
It's not the fault of the dog but unfortunately these dogs have the potential to inflict serious harm and even kill. I think that maybe the time has come to ban all pit bull type dogs.
We had a Staffordshire bull for seventeen years and while she was the freindliest dog with everyone, she hated other dogs with a vengeance and no matter how we tried to socialise her the aggression remained with her all of her life.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Pit bull dogs (American) were added to the Dangerous Dogs List in 1991. The legislation meant that any Pit Bull owner was obliged to have their dog muzzled at all times in public and have them neutered. (Oh, and have a large tattoo placed on the inside of the dog's thigh). It is also illegal to import or breed from the dogs in the UK. This in theory meant the breed would eventually fade out from Britain.
To get around this law, owners are calling their PB's, Staffordshire bull terriers, just larger othan normal.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Bring back Dog licensing.

Posted by: ayrefield (4435) Report abuse
I can just see drug dealers and those hooded yobboes that encourage their staffies to attack peoples pets rushing out to buy a dog licence Mac.

I've just been reading in the Mail that more and more folk are prepared to go to court and pay a fine rather than shell out for a TV licence, this is because the fine is a lot less than the cost of a licence, so probably be the same with dog licensing. If you report a dangerous dog to the police they aren't bothered and these druggies and such like know that.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Not if the fine is higher than the license, Ayrefield. The point of the license is to not only deter, but to be able to remove dogs from such people. The initial cost of setting up the scheme would be soom recouped, and it would create jobs for such as dog wardens, (better equipped (And more often seen, than the ones currently in employ).

One point of view

The only problems I foresee regarding dog licensing is who would run it. If it is the RSPCA, it would be a very bad thing.. The other problem is if it is half heartedly enforced, then, as you state, Ayrefield, only the decent, caring owners would pay, making it purely a tax on responsible owners.

Posted by: ayrefield (4435) Report abuse
I doubt the RSPCA wanting to run it Mac as they have enough to do and like the Dogs Trust they advocate microchipping, if it falls into the hands of the local council that could create a problem with the council spending the licence money on other things and so allowing the warden service to suffer with reduced funding, this does happen with department managers spending money on areas they see fit rather than on the areas the money was intended for, so if it did go for becoming a council run service then hopefully it will become a separate self run entity and not a poorly run Cinderella section of a larger department.

Posted by: veg grower (inactive) Report abuse
I think they should bring back licensing too. The problem is that only responsible dog owners would buy them. A good idea would be to have to disclose insurance details on the licence.

I don't think that healthy dogs should be shot!

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
The RSPCA has 'conducted polls' (No one I know has ever been asked) And their findings are that two thirds of Dog owners want to see a return of licensing.

"Backed by the RSPCA, motions are underway to reintroduce a dog licence to the UK at a proposed cost of between 20 and 30 per year. The RSPCA believes that by introducing a dog licence it would help to raise over 100 million each year and would stop irresponsible dog owners from using their dogs as weapons of status."

30 a year per Dog!

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse

I am against the RSPCA getting involved in this in any way whatsoever.

Posted by: veg grower (inactive) Report abuse
Thats interesting. I think they could go the whole hog and have all the details on a chip, licence, full insurance and if a dog is found not to have it then owners should be fined. If people are on benefits they could pay a little every week to cover the cost of the licence and insurance.

I think it should be local authority responsibility.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Sadly, VG, criminals cut the chips out of the dogs they steal.

I agree that the LA should run it, and charge double the proposal. Exemptions for the elderly, and for working dogs.

Posted by: veg grower (inactive) Report abuse
Well, how naive am I? It never occurred to me that people cut out the chips - what a world we live in.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse


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