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They're Not All Strangers
Started by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
Domestic Violence

Posted by: kellysdad (inactive) Report abuse
trouble is dostaf some people on here worshipped a wife beating drunk so i doubt they will condemn this fellow as if they do they will be hypocrits!

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
I think I know what you mean, Kellysdad.

Sadly, some wifebeaters (a general term, not always physical) may seem like the salt of the earth when amongst friends, workmates etc.

Also, it isn't just 'men' who are perpetrators.

Posted by: jo anne (31738)   Report abuse
Domestic Violence - 'If a partner, ex-partner or family member is abusing you, you can get free and confidential help from a number of organisations in Wigan.'


Posted by: chatty (5806)  Report abuse
Your right kd that Gascoigne deserves condemnation from all sides!

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
TOM, he is a bitter little man, with much to be bitter about.

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
I did worship a football player by the name of George Best, he was the greatest as far as I could see. I did not worship his way of life. How many of the general public new he beat his wife/girlfriend at that time? So that statement of yours KD is just nonsense.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Sugar Ray Robinson was a great boxer. He beat his wife up, still a great boxer.

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
Sean Bean also beat his wife. He's still a crap actor.

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Never a more wooden actor has had the pleasure of treading the boards than Bean.

In 2004, his second wife Alex Best appeared as a contestant on the reality television programme I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and alleged that Best was violent towards her during their marriage.[40][citation needed] This issue was, in fact, covered in Best's authorised 1998 biography "Bestie" in which Alex claimed that Best punched her in the face on more than one occasion,[41] something which Best never denied. Earlier in the book it is revealed that George struck another of his girlfriends, Mary, at least once and was arrested and charged with assault on a waitress, Stevie Sloniecka, in November 1972, when he fractured her nose in Reuben's nightclub, Manchester.[41] He was successfully defended when the case reached court in January 1973 by barrister George Carman QC, a close drinking companion of Best, as acknowledged in his book, Scoring at Half Time.

Frank Evans, a former business partner of Best, claimed in his 2009 book, The Last British Bullfighter, that Carman offered a Manchester gangster "pots of cash" in 1973 to break Best's legs when he discovered that Best had been having an affair with his second wife, Celia. Carman's offer was rejected with the following warning by the gangster: "I don't sort out domestic disputes and I'm not going to harm George [Best]. So you can take your money and go somewhere else. But I'll tell you this – if any harm comes to George I'll know who did it and I'll come after you."[42]

Posted by: jo anne (31738)   Report abuse
www.wigantoday.net Sept 2009:

'Research conducted earlier this year showed that each month there are more than 600 domestic-related incidents reported to the police across Wigan – that's more than 20 a day and almost one every hour.'

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
GMP Campaign

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
The Mrs. sent me a text, "Where are you?"

"I'm at my anger management meeting."

"How's it going?"

"Not good, I'll fill you in later."

Complaints dept

Posted by: mache (inactive) Report abuse
real complaints dept

Posted by: jo anne (31738)   Report abuse
'A new scheme is to be launched to support victims of domestic abuse in Wigan.

Wigan Council’s Domestic Abuse Strategy will see agencies collaborate to offer help for victims and provide early intervention.

The council hopes to officially launch the service on February 14.

www.wigantoday.net 30th January 2012

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive) Report abuse
Aye and there's the rub,the justice system!

Posted by: Cadfael (inactive) Report abuse
One thing that has always puzzled me...

A bloke gives his wife a good hiding, puts her in hospital... and she then refuses to press charges, so the police can do nothing. However, it is blatantly obvious he is the one who has battered her.

But... an assault has still taken place. So why do the police need the wife? Why not just just arrest and prosecute him anyway? Take it out of the womans hands... he is going to court regardless.

Posted by: dostaf (inactive) Report abuse
I’m frightened of reporting my abusive husband to the police. I’ve heard that he can still be prosecuted even if I choose not to be involved – is this true?

2007 Article

Not sure when the law actually changed to allow this.

Posted by: jo anne (31738)   Report abuse

2.1 There is no statutory offence of domestic violence, as such. "Domestic violence" is a general term to describe a range of behaviour often used by one person to control and dominate another with whom they have, or have had, a close or family relationship.

1.8 Where the police have already charged, we (CPS) have to decide whether or not to continue the prosecution. These are often difficult decisions to make but the responsibility is ours, not that of the victim or the police.

4.4 Sometimes a victim will ask the police not to proceed any further with the case, or will ask to withdraw the complaint. This does not necessarily mean that the case will therefore be stopped — we will first consider what other evidence is available.

Posted by: moodysue (inactive) Report abuse
for the love of god why on earth would he want to do that


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