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Started by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
I'm interested in one of these,has anyone had one installed & what do you think ?

Posted by: jo anne (32203)   Report abuse
I had to look that up, Nanajacqui.

In doing so I found a seemingly helpful Which? article: Quookers and boiling water taps - are they worth it?

Posted by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
Thank you jo-anne it's advertised on TV a lot but after reading I think I'll boil my kettle

Posted by: trixie (4962)   Report abuse
We have a similar model .i would not like to be without it now.the boiler sits under the sink .and like a water boiler heats up now and again.
I use it for all sorts filling pans for veg etc,it is much quicker than boiling from cold.when we go away I switch it off so have to wait for it to boil up or get the kettle out😀 they need filters replacing from time to time but not changed ours yet.next time we would probably get the Quooker model.hope this helps

Posted by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
Thank you trixie

Posted by: cordyline (5109)   Report abuse
There was one in a posh house that we rented in Llandudno last year
Didn't like it at all

If we go back to same property I will ask them to put in a standard electric Kettle

Not economic as well in my opinion

Posted by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
Thank you cordyline you're all very helpful

Posted by: tomplum (5310)  Report abuse
they are an overpriced gadget, its cheaper to boil the kettle, they are an expensive item, plus the installation requires an electrical wire from the consumer unit to the sink, All very costly to get a cuppa,

Posted by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
Thank you Tom I've made my mind up I'm not having one

Posted by: Anne (3574)  Report abuse
Same thought with me tommy p. On my recent trip to US everywhere was provided with one of those coffee machines which used a pod, all of which allowed one cup at a time. For two people in the room it became frustration. What on earth is wrong with a kettle? unless of course there could be claims of injury by scalding.

Posted by: nanajacqui (2478)  Report abuse
Agree Anne my Coffee machine is away in a cupboard the novelty wore off

Posted by: cordyline (5109)   Report abuse
Boris uses one at two minutes


Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3906) Report abuse

What a Tory

Sorry Whupsy

Posted by: kathpressey (4995)  Report abuse
I think we all get taken in by gadgets. My coffee pod machine was given away and is now in my son's cupboard. Also so much plastic waste with the pods

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3906) Report abuse
I'm with Tom, a kettle is just has good, and what's wrong with a jar of coffee and a box of tea bags, I remember using tea leaves before tea bags were invented, which thinking about it now were yuk

Posted by: whups (4091)   Report abuse
why 1stroke tell us when tea bags 1st invented ? .

Posted by: PeterP (7219) Report abuse
Tea bags were 1st introduced for commercial sale in 1904

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3906) Report abuse
Well Whupsy according to google, tea bags or speakin in Wiganese, tay bags, were invented at the beginning of the last century, but I seem to remember us using tea leaves till around about the end of the 1960s I can't remember exactly

I bet yoo know Billy Haugh don't yoo

Posted by: PeterP (7219) Report abuse
TTS I think we all used loose tea in a tea pot( and cosy) and a tea strainer up to the early 70's then it became cheaper and easier to use tea bags

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3906) Report abuse

Yes that sounds right, and wot is the difference between an egg and a tea bag


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