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Started by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse
Gypsies have set up camp at Howe Bridge crematorium car park at Atherton have they no respect for anyone.

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
No, they haven't.

Posted by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse
Its in the Leigh Journal online Irene.

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse
I think she means about the respect part. :(

Posted by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse
Oh I see sorry Irene

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Sorry, Peter; I did mean the "respect" part, but see why you thought otherwise on re-reading my first comment. What a wally I am! x.

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
They'll be gone soon but let's hope the Council clear up the crap.
The travelers will keep coming back until the laws change to remove them instantly or until there are vigilantes

Posted by: tuddy (929) Report abuse
Maybe the council will send one of the litter enforcement officers who patrol the town centre up there, just to keep an eye on things.

Posted by: chris southworth (549) Report abuse
Aye Tuddy, he can book em for dropping a fag end.

Posted by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse

Posted by: peawapp (4926)  Report abuse
apparently the Police are monitoring the situation, kick the barstewards off there immediately say I ,disrespectful scruffy Gets

Posted by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse
Next time the Police want help we'll monitor the situation and do nowt eh' Peawapp. Too Scared comes to mind.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2481) Report abuse

How are you going on with the bin thing.

Posted by: admin (323) Report abuse
I heard, on good authority, that Peel Holdings pay a well known Salford Gangester 10,000 a month and if any "travellers" decide to park up on any of their land they contact him and within 24 hours they are gone.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2481) Report abuse

Posted by: kathpressey (4499)  Report abuse
i wonder what travellers /gypsies do when one of their own dies. Do they take the body to a specific place or leave them at the nearest town?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2481) Report abuse

They keep them and put them in a cupboard and bring them out for special occasions


Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
They've gone from the crematorium, now they are on the car par where the dogs for the blind are trained opposite the driving test center.

Posted by: PeterP (6434) Report abuse
The council now have the chance to bill them for the clean up from the crematorium and if they don't pay impound their vehicles till they pay up.

Posted by: broady (13338)   Report abuse
Probably infringe their Human Rights that PeterP.

Posted by: taffy58 (175)   Report abuse
the best thing to do to em no matter were they.pich up . is to block em in .they cant go out to do any more bad work .for easy cash then.

Posted by: yvonne (179) Report abuse
There were 5 or 6 caravans being pulled onto locket road near 3 sisters at Ashton /Bryn this morning. Don't know if they stayed though.

Posted by: elizabeth (5326)  Report abuse
WE ARE A SMALL VILLAGE AT MOST 17 HOUSES AND WE HAD AND have THEM ON A PIECE OF LAND MOVED IN DURING THE NIGHT ERECTED FENCES COUNCIL ==NOTHING HAPPEND 2 HOUSES AND A PUB BROKEN IN oh no it wasnt them UGH THEN ONE NIGHT ABOUT 3 WEEKS LATER OVERNIGHT 2 large mobile homes are erected ==council==nothing done n do local council a WEAK NOW ANOTHE M HOME HAS GONE UP OVERNIGHT IT apparently took the last Place 7 years to get rid of them and so it goes ON chap wHo sold them the land has NOW done a bunk from the village enough said

Posted by: peter g (1907)  Report abuse
The gypos have gone back on Howe Bridge Crem car park again month after being moved on

Posted by: PeterP (6434) Report abuse
They are just taking the p**s,They know how long they can get away with this


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