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Crap Poems
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (2504) Report abuse
A website site for posting crap poems on, so if you are a crap poet, here is the place for yoo


Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
Go on Tommy cast out the line ha ha

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2504) Report abuse
If I doo that the soft get will have it removed

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Tommy, please don't mind my saying this, but when I go on "Comments" I deliberately don't read anything that is about Politics or Current Affairs because I have no interest in them whatsoever, and yet they provide much interest and a great talking-point, for most Wigan-Worlders. I DO, however, enjoy poetry and prose that brings back nostalgic memories of days gone by and I like to add my own to them. This isn't "falling out", Tommy, it's just a belief that all us contributors have things we are interested in. Those interests are very wide-reaching and varied, and there is room for us all. I enjoy reading your comments and your little "Herman Munster" picture always makes me smile! xx. ps Tommy, I have always wondered how to get one of those little photos on and thought I'd have a go and I have managed to do it.....as a person who is useless with technology, I feel very proud of myself! xx.

Posted by: chatty (5978)  Report abuse
I don't think it was aimed at you irene, more at Wigan Worlds very own Bard,(nearer a case of "get out and drink elsewhere in future you're barred")

Only kidding jarvs your ode's aren't as odious as some people make out!

Posted by: jo anne (31769)   Report abuse
It's National Poetry Day tomorrow & its theme of 'Freedom' seems quite apt: nationalpoetryday.co.uk

Posted by: tomplum (4673)  Report abuse
that taxi driver tommy is a cheeky chap you know,
he likes those new traffic lights.
where the green light means you go,
And when they build the new road,if the ever dooo
they're asking him to open it,
Cos he like all things thats new,

I think our tommy2stroke
is a man with one big wish
to someday be s singer
on the stage inside the fish,

And if he likes my poem
I'm hoping that he might
enter me for the honour
of getting on that site,

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Tomplum, I think you once said you used to work with my hubby Peter. Did you recognise him off my new little photo?, (Bearing in mind the days you worked together are a long time ago!). x.

Posted by: tomplum (4673)  Report abuse
My word you do look a handsome couple, are you doing an audition for Bonny and Clyde, just joking irene, No i would't recognise him, like you say it was 1968 when we worked at Sawbridges and i was only there about 6 months, I did enjoy my time there and got on well with Peter, I must say he looks fit and well, as do yourself, blimey,where's the years gone,

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Thankyou for the compliment, Tomplum, and yes, where have the years gone? But we are still here, (Peter and I mid-late sixties), but we are still here, a privilege denied to many. And Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on us! The pic is from Haigh 1940s event on the 10th Sept. All the best to you, Tomplum. x.

Posted by: tomplum (4673)  Report abuse
and all the best to you and Peter as well. mid sixties is where I am too now, Its young for today I'm told,,

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Yes, we are Spring Chickens! Hard to believe it's 50 years next year since you and Peter worked together. x.

Posted by: tomplum (4673)  Report abuse
I was only thinking last week of my time at Sawbridges, It came up when someone mentioned dog attacks, When i started Peter was driving the mini van and i rode the bike with a basket on the front, like grandville in open all hours, I took a delivery of meat into the Victoria Hotel in Wallgate, It was a posh hotel then, the door porter told me to go round the back so i did, As I opened the gate this big alsation grabbed me by the arm and was ripping into me, I yelled for help and a man called the dog off, then he roasted me for going round the back way, Then when I got back, Bill Sawbridge roasted me for ruining his white overall,,no one was bothered about my ripped to pieces arm,,

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
It was JIM Sawbridge, Tomplum, not Bill, but Bill was the butcher. Jim just owned the business. I can just imagine you as Granville! And I can imagine Bill as Arkwright, saying ,"You should have been more care-k-care-k-careful, Granville!" Oh, what a story! But you survived, I'm glad to say! Peter used to pick me up from SCHOOL in that mini-van, Tomplum! xx.

Posted by: tomplum (4673)  Report abuse
Jim, yes it was, Jim, All the customers liked Bill because he'd chuck a bit more on, he had a morris minor if i remember right,Like they say, when you reach a certain age there are 3 things you lose, the first is the memory, and I'm buggered if I can remember the other 2

Posted by: grimshaw (1085)  Report abuse
Irene .

You post some terrific stuff.

Eloquent and not least most articulate.

Love the photo .

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Thankyou so much, Grimshaw. How very kind! x. Tomplum, that answer had me laughing like a drain, and how very true! Gentlemen both. xx.

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Tommy Two Stroke, where are you, lad? I need to know you haven't fallen out with me for voicing my opinion. x.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2504) Report abuse

I didn't mean you I meant jarvo

Posted by: lectriclegs (3175) Report abuse


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