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them and us
Started by: PeterP (6436) Report abuse
If I drop a piece of litter/cig stub I can be fined hundreds of pounds.If I am a nurse I can be fined for overstaying parking whilst at workIf I am a member of our travelling community I can park anywhere including Ambulance bays and nothing is said or done.If I l dump tons of rubbish nothing is done to recoup money to clean it up. Why time and time again they get away with it WHY

Posted by: roylew (2787) Report abuse
Political correctness...why can't the English women's football team be called the something whites..cos it's racist...and it only refers to their shirts...but the all blacks are ok

Posted by: tomplum (4670)  Report abuse
all this PC malaky only protects people who are, different by colour,religion and gender, We, the white,British, working class plumbers get hated all the time, We don't complain, we just get on with life,

a day in the life, warning, some might be offended by this true clip

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2498) Report abuse
"Council takes zero tolerance approach to fly-tipping and littering"


Posted by: PeterP (6436) Report abuse
TTS only with residents not our travelling community who must be immuneThey roll up onto a park which was tidy and leave it like a s**t tip and the council do nothing about it fining wiseThe council say it costs over 800,000 to clean up fly tipping last year how much of this was due to our travellers

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2498) Report abuse

I couldn't agree more with yoo, it is an absolute disgrace, a travesty of the highest order

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Peter and I drove through Bickershaw toady and there was a car in front of us with two young women in. To my disgust, they threw rubbish out of the car window every few seconda over a distance of a few hundred yards. WHY couldn't they just have taken it home? I'm disgusted!

Posted by: billy (26001)  Report abuse
with that kind of mentality (the women)their homes would probably have no more room for all the crap laying all over the dwelling.i have seen slut females allowing their brats to lick spoons that customers used to fill their containers of colesloe.
ps...stick with fish n chips Irene.

Posted by: billy (26001)  Report abuse

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Their homes are probably spotless, Billy. They just have no respect for anywhere else. I will always find an excuse to have fish and chips, Billy! But I will never leave the resulting paper, forks, pop cans etc. for someone else to move.....it goes in a bin or gets taken home. xx.

Posted by: jathbee (9027) Report abuse
There is absolutely no excuse for anyone littering. The traveling communities have enough vehicles at their disposal to remove their rubbish. And the rest of us, find a bin or take it home. Simples.

Posted by: billy (26001)  Report abuse
that's something that struck me about STORNOWAY Irene, I cant recall litter of any description blowing about in the wind,
as an after thought IRENE, the bottom end of the harbour, a local told me there was a Spanish "GALLEON" SUNK THERE? it was one of many that Drake scattered to the four winds.did you hear of that from your daughter and her hubby??
you and yours take care now.xx

Posted by: laughing gravy (3647) Report abuse
i see the dirty gypos have landed at howe bridge crematorium is nothing sacred to the SCUM..

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2498) Report abuse

Posted by: irene (2756)  Report abuse
Hello Billy. No, I hadn't heard of the galleon and will ask my daughter when she rings me next. Agreed, laughing gravy and Tommy Two Stroke! However, the women throwing litter out of the car-window weren't gypsies as seems to be the belief on here. There IS a gypsy camp near Bickershaw Lane where it happened but they were just two ordinary women. Sorry if I've misled anyone.

Posted by: PeterP (6436) Report abuse
Travellers now at Howe Bridge will they get charged for the clean up once they are moved on


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