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St. Patricks Church to CLOSE
Started by: wigvet (3326) Report abuse
cant believe the news - MY church, for me the finest in Wigan with its unique three alters, is closing down on the order of the Diocese
Father Lappin & Mr McDermott will be turning in their graves

Posted by: turbo (2131) Report abuse
New Indian restaurant planning application pending

Posted by: beep54 (983) Report abuse
wiqvet is St Williams opening again?

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
So sad loved going to 10.45 mass on a Sunday.

Posted by: admin (368) Report abuse
I fear the "ESTABLISHMENT" has an agenda to get rid of the christian religion in the U.K. If anything isn't making money close it down. It started with the demise of walking days due to cost. Then we have banning the words Christmas and Easter, Can't wear a cross at work,etc.

Posted by: jarvo (28451)  Report abuse
Too many folk slurping cheap ale in their seedy lounges.

Too many folk claiming benefit.

Too many folk on Facebook.

Not enough folk working.

Who needs religion when you've no life?

Sad. Very sad.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2714) Report abuse
Wot a load of crap!

If the nick nack paddy wacks, won't go to church, then what can they expect ...

Use it or lose it

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
And how would you know about how many attend church

Posted by: tonker (19477)   Report abuse
"MY church, for me the finest in Wigan with its unique three alters, is closing down on the order of the Diocese"

Whoever wrote that doesn't know much about the running of 'their own' church!

Posted by: beep54 (983) Report abuse
Correct Tommy Two although it isn't just the paddywacks that don't attend, St Patricks St Williams and St Edwards are to close because of people not going to Mass

Posted by: chatty (6076)  Report abuse
Not being facetious here, if a church was poorly attended but some lottery winner was bunging 5 Grand onto the collection plate every Sunday would it stay open?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2714) Report abuse
The Roman Catholic and Church of England are very rich organisations and yet they let their churches fall into rooin and then close them.

Posted by: Stardelta (6331) Report abuse
It all started going downhill for them when Frth Ted died.

Posted by: tonker (19477)   Report abuse
..... and Father Jack took over!

Posted by: elizabeth (5378)  Report abuse
What will happemto all the church records please does anyone know, as i have been sending post office Mail as well as e mails ,asking anyone if they can enquire of the priests all to no avail , i was asking for old records of possible requem masses around late 1800,s will have to get records here out to be exact it was a relative of mine died ion service accident in Ireland but could get no satisfaction from Dublin , so if any ome knows where the records will be stored please let me know he and all the family went to st patrics

Posted by: jackdog (570) Report abuse
elizabeth, last time I was in the History Shop, there was a chap there, a volunteer, who had compiled his own records of St Pat's and he was kind enough to let me go through them. It was a while back, but I'm sure the staff will be able to help if you phone them.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3790) Report abuse
perhaps people are realising there is no god and never has been.

Posted by: elizabeth (5378)  Report abuse
Jackdog thank you would it be possible togive me their e mail address as i am having GREAT TROUBLE reading at the moment please i am waiting for specs thank you

Posted by: lectriclegs (3314) Report abuse
The history shop is now called the Museum of Wigan life,Elizabeth.

Click here

Posted by: elizabeth (5378)  Report abuse

Posted by: lectriclegs (3314) Report abuse
You're welcome, Elizabeth.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2714) Report abuse

Posted by: mrs m (200) Report abuse
What sad news. My family has been wed, christened and buried from St. Patrick's since the mid-1920s.

Posted by: berylh (1644) Report abuse
I don't think people realise how much it costs to keep a church open, and that's before you add on the cost of the vicar/priest. There appears to be an understanding that money is given to the church from the Diocese, when in fact it is the other way round. Unless a church has a very large and rich congregation they are on a hiding to nothing. Whether we like it or not we need to put more money into the kitty to make ends meet. Most of the churches near to where I live hire out the building were possible to suppliment their income. We also share the building and ministers between Anglican, Methodist, URC and Baptists - some are also shared with the Catholics. This also means that we are less likely to have empty church buildings that can't support themselves.


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