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Started by: Anne (3426)  Report abuse
Four beaters, seven guns, four dog handlers and much noise. The occasional peppering of my windows with shot, not venturing out without a tin hat, definitely coming up to Christmas. Although starting mid October this activity has increased markedly during the last fortnight.
Sorry for the title should have read ANNUAL PHEASANT SHOOT.

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
Anne,these people get under my skin..if I'm not mistaken they pay about
three grand to go out with the guns..the same goes for the fox hunters..I
hate these killers that go under the sham of conservationists..balderdash..
they just enjoy killing .. they don't fool anybody.

Posted by: Anne (3426)  Report abuse
momac....I can well understand your point but one day I was hanging over the garden wall watching (not this session) when one of the shooters approach me and asked if I was anti. I said "just curious" he offered me a brace, I refused because I didn't know what to do with them. We chatted, he seemed to be a quite ordinary individual eventually revealing he was a retired police inspector. Since then I have wondered what it is like in a slaughterhouse, would anyone like to see what goes on. The dead birds are sold on to restaurants for consumption leaving me betwixed and between with a decision.

Posted by: broady (14054)   Report abuse
I have never been on a shoot but have mixed feelings. I presume the beaters and dog handlers are paid a wage to carry out the work. The pheasants are probably bred for the sole purpose of being used in the shoot. Much the same as lambs, calves and piglets are bred to be killed. Highly likely the dogs are bred to be used in the shoot and their upkeep keeps someone in work. I would think quite a lot of people are kept in gainful employment in the industry. Hence my mixed feelings.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2998) Report abuse
Winstanley Estate Shoot

Posted by: tomplum (4929)  Report abuse
I have't any mixed feelings at all, they are murderers,the beaters and the dog handlers are accomplices to murder and the owners and organizers of the shoots are making profit from death, there is no excuse for it, If you want to conserve green land and wildlife, do it without killing life, animals,like us get one life, to take it is murder,

Posted by: mindar (1076) Report abuse
How many of you will be eating turkey/chicken / pheasant/goose/duck this christmas?

Posted by: broady (14054)   Report abuse
Correct me if I am wrong but haven't you taken up fishing since your retirement?? Is that were they take a live animal and stick a hook through it (whilst it is still alive) and throw it in the water to catch a poor fish that is in its natural habitat?? I neither fish nor shoot so I would be better suited to the comments from your "murdering" self.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2998) Report abuse
I cawn't make me mind up what to doo

A Turkey Crown or a full burrd ....

Never had a Duck or a Goose or Pheasant ...

I prefer Chicken to Turkey

Posted by: broady (14054)   Report abuse
Up to me a Rabbit stew with suet dumplings would be the order of the day. Someone gave me a goose once and it was very tasty. A couple of carrier bags full of grease after cooking. I had a duck breast the other week for the first time since 1983 and enjoyed it. I find Turkey dry and prefer the dark meat on chicken.

Posted by: Anne (3426)  Report abuse
In order to keep and preserve/control the appearance of hills and lower mountain slopes of our green and pleasant land how is it achieved? By using farmed livestock until it is time to slaughter.

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
I should probably have never entered into this thread.I refuse to eat any meat or poultry at all..there's plenty of protein in other foods..I can't stomach thr thought of eating an animal..and no it's quorn rolled chicken or quorn turkey for Christmas or any other time..quorn sausage and mince will
be quite sufficient for us....I get utterly cheesed off with people thinking
they can kill any of Gods creatures just for their own gratification..just to
shove down their throats.

Posted by: broady (14054)   Report abuse
I certainly respect your views but what are they supposed to do in the third world etc. where there isn't a plentiful supply of quorn or other alternatives?? They eat what they can find that is edible.

Posted by: tomplum (4929)  Report abuse
Broady, fishing is FEEDING fish, not murdering, We anglers are long suffering feeders of nature, We buy stuff that fish like, sweetcorn,bread,cooked ham,cheese and man made baits like pellets and boilies, We go out in the cold.rain and all weathers to tempt a fish to feed on the hook on the bait, If we are lucky, one or two might thank us for our kindness by taking the bait, If this happens, we are privaleged to take this fish out of the pond/lake for a brief period, we then admire it, take photos and in some cases, kiss it, we then put it back in the water and no one is harmed, below the surface of the water, the other fish are laughing at us, because they are wiser, they eat only the food with no hook in it, There are many rules that the enviroment set to us of what to use and how to handle fish, I've never murdered nor fishslaughtered one, I just feed them,

Posted by: tonker (19711)   Report abuse
" We buy stuff that fish like, sweetcorn,bread,cooked ham,cheese and man made baits like pellets and boilies "

Raaaaight natural food for wild fish is that, laaaaike!

Posted by: tomplum (4929)  Report abuse
from the mouth of babes this young un says it all,

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2998) Report abuse

So I would presume that you are a Vulcan and yoo consume no meat products whatsoever and you have pointed ears

Personally I don't think you can beat a nice slab of Rump Steak, cooked in garlic and butter

Posted by: tomplum (4929)  Report abuse
thats what they like tonks laaaike, I'm only a learner and thats why I don't catch a lot, I'm learning, I've got a big red L plate on't back of me fishing jacket,

Posted by: broady (14054)   Report abuse
So presumably you take Mickey the Maggot back to the shop to live out the rest of his natural days.

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
Broady,that's exactly my point,people in the third world have nothing else
to eat ...we do,we have plenty,if people enjoy their beef poultry etc then so
be it..as a child my Mam couldn't make me eat it, so that tells me that my
body is averse to it,and I'll keep it that way.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2998) Report abuse

Posted by: wizzerwin (1487) Report abuse
Tomplum, if your only just learning to fish I suggest you visit Partridge Lakes Fishery when the dates for fish o mania 2018 qualifiers are drawn.
Most of the pro fishermen are there and to see how they fish is a great learning experience.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
I am a carnivore......I am quite happy for those that chose not to eat meat....give me the same credence as I give you eh,,,,,say what?????

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
Billy..you're a good 'un.

Posted by: baker boy (14110) Report abuse
Bleeding heart folk get up my nose good and proper how do you think your steak gets on the butcher slab,it dies of old age.nobody is starving in the UK why all the food banks

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
Thank you very much Billy,and the same to you..if I do win on the Lottery
I'm taking you out for a drink but we'll have to do the heist first.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
in my diary momacxxxxxbe sure we aint gonna knock over the bank where your lottery win is stashed eh?

Posted by: momac (9510)  Report abuse
No Billy,that would never do.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse

Posted by: basil brush (10553) Report abuse
nobody is starving in the UK why all the food banks

Another classic from kipling


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