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scrap gold
Started by: cfarrimond (514)  Report abuse
Does anybody know the best place to take it and how much per gram its worth?

Posted by: erontquay (inactive) Report abuse
check here

Posted by: gaffer (6221)   Report abuse
You may be better of hanging on to it for a while. Yesterday's edition of Money
Week carried a piece headlined 'Expect a violent upswing in gold.'

Posted by: susie q (1676)  Report abuse
I've always taken mine to Neil Kay and he has given the best deal I found in Wigan

Posted by: ahcawntspeyk (5840) Report abuse
See billy!

Posted by: reddi8 (1107) Report abuse
I wouldn`t go to Kays I took some there and found the jewellers next to Home Bargains gave better money

Posted by: Mac (inactive) Report abuse
Ask Billy to match any offer you get if he wants it. He is a good man, and popular on here.

Posted by: dustaf (inactive) Report abuse

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
listen and digest bro
unless your peppermint(skint) hold back....gold is just about ready to blast off again.todays scrap prices are way below value....hold back, that's my final advice to you.

Posted by: gaffer (6221)   Report abuse

Here's the piece I referred to.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
good post as ever gaffer, now its down to the seller.
do you want to pause?
or do you want to hand all the profits to the buyers?

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
The World Bank Commodity Price Forecast is showing a long-term DROP in Gold value.

Posted by: cfarrimond (514)  Report abuse
Cheers gaffer and billy maybe better holding onto it for a while Any chance you can post on here when it goes up again please

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
Don't listen to them two, they know nowt, Sell it Now!

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
the conflicting reports are geared by the bigg buyers, tek no notice of tonks, he"s a walking encyclopedia, and a staggering unstable source of info, he should stick to boundaries.

Posted by: whacker (794) Report abuse
Sound advice, Tonker.

I would only add take the gold to as many buyers as you can, shopping around for the best price. Even so, the gold market being what it is, you will still get screwed.

If your gold has any sentimental value at all, keep it for that. If not, my advice is to sell it fast and don't look back. Ignore all the gold hyping "forecasts" from those whose only interest is selling gold. If it is that damn good, why don't they hang on to it themselves?

By the way, a lot of those who enthusiastically tout gold for sale on TV and online have none in stock. They are brokers who get the highest price from you - payment first! - and then buy it from the cheapest source they can find, making their profits on the generous margin. I wouldn't even justify it with the name of "investment," I would call it a scam.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
re your enquiry farrimond, this aint a bad information site, which will tell ya to the cent what they buy at....includes a little scale to add the grams ya got, and up pops an instant price.....these are big buyers and not 50 cent goons....put this in ya google search
"the chapel jewellers"
ps.. how many grams ya got????/is it 9 carat or what?

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
Just to report ...... the <10% DROP in the value of Gold from this thread to date!

Posted by: whacker (794) Report abuse

Whoa! Never mind the gold - Ive been looking for you. I think.
Have you in your background an Ellen Farrimond who got married August 23 1835?

How about Thomas, Samuel, and James Farrimond who died in a mine accident in 1910?

How about sisters Jane, Elizabeth, or Margaret Farrimond?

Did any of your Farrimonds live in Back Lane (spelling may be off) Quells Houses?

Did any of your antecedents live on Greenslate Lane?

How about William Farrimond and Anne (Ashcroft) Farrimond who lived in Shevington and Pemberton?

What about William and Anne Farrimond at 2 Bold's Yard?

Or William and Anne Farrimond ar 73 Billinge Road?

Ring any bells?

If so, let me know. I have interesting information for you. I can't believe I missed your name first time round.

If not, of course...then I don't.

Obviously you won't remember these people, but you might detect a pattern of names being handed down, or the addresses might strike a chord, or you might recall something a grandparent told you. Looking forward to your reply.

Posted by: mindar (1332) Report abuse
Cfarrimond doesnt seem to have posted for about 18 months whaker

Posted by: baker boy (15217) Report abuse
5 year high price 34.05
5 year low price 22.35
present price 31.92

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse

Posted by: Anne (3635)  Report abuse
Surely those prices and the graph relate to pure gold. As the ordinary man in the street is highly unlikely to possess pure gold then selling what he has could lead to a great disappointment. When the dealer weighs an item of gold wouldnt the other metal it is mixed with have to be taken into account i.e.9ct, 18ct, 24ct.

Posted by: Salmon & Ball (591)  Report abuse
What would you define as scrap gold?
A broken ring, bracelet etc?

Posted by: whacker (794) Report abuse
Thanks, Mindar. I think I was too optimistic.

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
Gold is gold. The prices shown are for 24k gold (100%). 24k gold contains more gold than 18k or 9k. 9k is an alloy and only contains 37.5% gold.
If a dealer offers 37.5% of the gold price for a 9k gold ring or chain, he's getting the other 62.5% of other metals free.

Anyroadup, back to the Farrimonds .....

I know Mark Farrimond who's part of the family who had Farrimonds chippy in Gidlow Lane!

Posted by: whacker (794) Report abuse

Would you be kind enough to show my post to Mark? If he is not interested, and I find a lot of people are not interested in their ancestry, perhaps he could pas it on to a family member who is.

Please assure him that I am not trying to sell him anything. If a Farrimond can show they have a connection, and would like the information, I shall be happy to send it to them.

Thanks, Tonker.

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
I'll try to call and see him before I go to Mora on the 24th.
He works at SMD tyres, in Leigh.

Posted by: whacker (794) Report abuse
Thank you, Tonker. I am grateful.


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