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Started by: debbie_q (2556)  Report abuse
I made a formal complaint to Wigan Council about the non-collection of our bin. Since last April the dopey binmen have missed our bin 26 times despite it being in plain view.

I got a reply from one of the bosses today.

Apparently one of the area supervisors has contacted me and advised me that its my own fault the bin's not emptied because the crew starts work at 7.15am, and my bin's been put out after that. Also, since I've been told that, apparently I haven't had a problem since!!


Every time either I or Ian phone the cleansing dept to tell them the bin's been missed we get promised a call back off a supervior. No supervisor's phoned yet!!
And the bin is put out just before we go to bed the night before the bin's due to be collected!!

When I read that letter I saw red, and sent her an email telling her that not only are her staff incompetent, they're also liars, and if I was half as crap at my job as they are at theirs I'd be picking up my p45!!

Anyone else had problems?

Posted by: rbilly (10576) Report abuse
no love we havent they used to come hear at abut 7 30 but it some times gets late afternoon when they come know .. only time they did not empty was when the snow was bad but they took all the rubish that was put out any way love hope all is well with you and your' how is your lad getting on at school now ok i hope s of to my bed good night

Posted by: debbie_q (2556)  Report abuse
he's still being bullied. I've been in loads of times, made threats, had meetings, not much has changed. I took him to see a paediatrician at Wigan Infirmary a few weeks ago, she thinks he might have dyspraxia. I mentioned it at school in the last meeting I went to and because he's got a medical problem they seem to be trying to do something. But it's early days!! We'll see.

How did things go with your granddaughter?


Posted by: supercol46 (164) Report abuse
Don't leave your complaint there debbie. Wigan Council are notorious for not investigating complaints properly, or in the generally accepted time limits. Writw again to the council that you are not satisfied with their answer and wish to make a stage 2 complaint.

Posted by: owd dave (inactive) Report abuse
my complaint is sometimes its only half emptied they just flick it up and down so quickly its ni time to fully empty.

Posted by: ruddy duck (inactive) Report abuse
Our binmen are doing a superb job.

No complaints here!

Posted by: the_gwim_weaper (inactive) Report abuse
Gotta be honest, the refuse collectors in my street are a smashing bunch.

Posted by: zippydadoda (835)   Report abuse
last week my lid feel off and went in the lorry,was told to ring up ,booked in for friday for a new lid to be fitted.

Posted by: anthony1 (inactive) Report abuse
a few years ago my bin was left unemptied, there was a sticker on the bin saying it was to heavy.
I phoned up and informed them that my 10 year old daughter had put the bin out.
How is it that a 10 year old girl can handle a bin quite easily but not a full grown man.

Posted by: rbilly (10576) Report abuse
HI DEBBI IT WAS SORTED OUT THE DAY AFTERups sorry caps lock..my daughter went in to school be fore she went to see the head she wrote down what she wanted to get across as some times you no what you want to say but in the heat of the moment you dont say it and are sufferd with after thaught and wish i had said this wish i had said that ..any way the head was mortified by . what she told him had happened and he delt with it immediatley he phoned the parents of the girls concerned and braught them in to school and they were punished duly one of them was sent home for 2 days and one was made to do her lessons in a class below her and the other girl for some reason was not punished because aparentley she was just telling my granddaughter some thing and that is why she got hold of her arm any way been no repercussions since and the girls have said sorry to her . we were heart broke over it i wanted to go and do the same to them i am not a nasty person but hurt one of mine and you hurt me ..and especially my grand kids..

Posted by: watchalot (939) Report abuse
i am sure some folk lie in bed thinking of something to complain about

Posted by: moodysue (inactive) Report abuse
Anthony1 I had that very sticker a few weeks ago.... I dunno why it was to heavy after all It where me that dragged it out and I managed it OK....

Posted by: Staffie (1055)  Report abuse
I rang our local council at 16.30 Tuesday and asked if I could have an extra box for plastic bottles because the one I have is always filled to overflowing.Wednesday at 10.00am the council came to empty the boxes and left me an extra one. Well done Teignbridge.

Posted by: marieg69 (3359) Report abuse
I thought you could get in bother for leaving your bins out but there always left out in Birkett st

Posted by: neverstill (533) Report abuse
they ok here in marshgreen....sometimes the green bin wasnt emptied, but i live in a very thin cul-de-sac and i realised that the fella's stopped at the end of the street and only drove down if they could see the green bin out. (cant say as i blame them though, i wouldnt like to try and manouver one of those things in this street if i didnt have to)
So now i stick green bin in plain site for them, not had a problem since.
I suggest to write to them instead of emailing, and photocopy every letter you send. send it by registered post too. Write to the council tax office too and ask for a refund seeing as your paying for something your not getting, i know it wont work but it may highlight the problem with an onother department. no-one can legally charge you for a service that you are clearly not getting.

Posted by: erontquay (inactive) Report abuse
Why is it that we joe public have to put our bins out when told. put them where we are told and not too full too heavy no side rubbish the list goes on. Then the binmen come along empty them leaving half the rubbish in the street and the bin somewhere down the bottom of the street.

Posted by: ruddy duck (inactive) Report abuse
No problems in our street.

Posted by: debbie_q (2556)  Report abuse
so watchalot, you think that not having your bin emptied 26 times in 10 months isn't grounds for complaint?? I pay for my bin to be emptied 52 weeks a year!! Having it missed a coupe of times is excusable, missing it 26 times is absolutely pathetic!! What makes it worst is they think they can lie through their teeth and get away with it.

I've escalated my complaint to stage 2, demanded a refund, and reported it to a local councillor.

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
We get a list of when they are supposed to be emptied we put the right bins out but a couple of weeks certain bins didn't get emptied

Posted by: ruddy duck (inactive) Report abuse
debbie q

Are you complaining about the non collection of the black bin as 26 is exactly 50% of a full year of 52.

If it is, then there is something strange aboout it only being collected on this frequency.

Posted by: debbie_q (2556)  Report abuse
it is the black bin. They've missed it 26 times in 10 months of this council tax year so there's still a chance of that figure going up. If they only collected it every other week it wouldn't be so bad, but sometimes they miss 3 times in a row. Once it was four times. Why should I pay council tax to get my rubbish collected and then have to take it to the tip myself?

Posted by: ruddy duck (inactive) Report abuse
debbie q

I was not getting at you. Just making the point that 26 out of 52 seem strange.

Good luck with your complaint.

Posted by: scoop (3285)   Report abuse

no complaints about our bin men they are very good.

Posted by: debbie_q (2556)  Report abuse
Latest update...

I emailed one of our councillors on Wednesday, got an email reply off him yesterday saying he'd look into it. This morning we were paid a visit by a very apologetic supervisor from the cleansing department who assured us it won't happen again. Result!!!

Posted by: tonker (19200)   Report abuse
I've geet a bin. Euuuuurrrggghhhh!


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