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Why does the lobby gobblers
Started by: basil brush (13001) Report abuse
Get all the new houses?


Posted by: baker boy (15217) Report abuse
urban regeneration it will be regeneration of countrysides bank balance,what a great service they are doing to the people of leigh.

Posted by: peter g (2299)  Report abuse
Because Wigan is full of them.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4223) Report abuse
Don't get me started on how Leigh gets all the money spent on it, no doubt courtesy of Lord Smiffy of Leigh, who looked after his own .....

And then the miserable lobby gobbling gits, have the cheek to say that Wigan gets all the money spent in it

Posted by: basil brush (13001) Report abuse
They've had some coin over the years.

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
Leigh gets private money spent on it. Wigan gets public money spent on it. That's the difference!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4223) Report abuse
Really !!!!

Really Tonker

So what private money has Leigh had spent on it, and what public money has Wigan had spent on it.

I am thinking of Atherleigh Way, which is a proper bypass, only thing about private money there, is the private money which built the Parsonage Retail Park, which has buggered up that bypass fine style .....

Spinning Jenny Way I suppose that was built with private money.

Bus Station was upgraded, I suppose that was done with private dosh.

Bradshawgate and Leigh Market were recently tarted up with guess what? well it wasn't private money was it.

And the icing on the cake or custard on the arctic roll, was the 'Guided Busway' which was Greater Manchester's 'flagship' project' it cost £122 million quid build, our being built link road, which Wigan has had to beg for, it is costing £15 million pounds, bit of a difference there isn't there, and we only got the money for that because Andy Burnham has a soft spot for Wigan , and he lives in the Wigan Metropolitan Borough of Gowburn

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
The title of this thread is - "Why does the lobby gobblers get all the new houses?"

Peterg answers with - "Because Wigan is full of them."
Which is, in itself, totally correct. Where, in Wigan, is there any spare land to build houses?

As regards to Wigan having money spent on it, did it not get a new bus station recently? but, that said, where did the money come from for Wigan bus station? Did it come from the same place as the Guided Busway and Leigh bus station?
That's GMT money.

The council have recently bought the Grand Arcade and the Galleries, spent money on daft bicycle lanes, constantly spend money on town-centre refurbishment and silly statues.
That's council money. Council money doesn't get spent on Leigh. Private money does. ie: housebuilding ?

Bit it's ALL in Wigan council area. Leigh is just as much in Wigan council area as Wigan is!

Posted by: basil brush (13001) Report abuse
Always seem to find land in the "village"

Posted by: TerryW (2995) Report abuse
Heard they are building on the land that Mr Earl's and Jemmy Metcalfes gym is on at Higher Ince.

Posted by: broady (15313)   Report abuse
If that’s on the lights I wouldn’t want to live there.

Posted by: TerryW (2995) Report abuse
No Broady further down behind what was the Fox Tavern.

Posted by: broady (15313)   Report abuse

Posted by: tonker (20285)   Report abuse
Basil and Terry - neither "the village" or Jemmy's Gym are in Wigan.

Anyroadup, 'Wigan' is getting another windfall to blow on nothing worth anything, as a 14th share of £18 million to spend on the 'town centre' (as if the 'town centre' hasn't had enough spent on it!)

The question is, "will it be spent on the 'town centre'?

Posted by: TerryW (2995) Report abuse
Tonker, that's why I specified "Higher Ince" and didn't mention Wigan.

Posted by: aussie94 (2313) Report abuse
it could be

Posted by: aussie94 (2313) Report abuse
or could it


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