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BBC scrap free TV licenses
Started by: basil brush (12064) Report abuse
BBC News - TV Licences: Up to 3.7 million over-75s to pay licence fee

Posted by: PeterP (7043) Report abuse
Its time all TV licences were scrapped and the BBC paid its own way like all the other channels. 99% of the BBC programmes are repeats

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
The birth bulge kids are now becoming 75+ septuagenarians.

When we were working-age tax payers, there was a superfluity of us paying tax, but as with health care and so many other spheres, as we enter the age when we become a greater number of consumers, the benefit will be withdrawn.

It's FRAUD really, isn't it. Issuing a false prospectus!

Posted by: TerryW (1738) Report abuse
I believe if some should pay all should pay.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
that,s yet another tory manifesto pledge broke. you cant trust the torys.

Posted by: PeterP (7043) Report abuse
Whups Free Bus passes next

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
About time they cut the benefits which MPs receive!

Posted by: PeterP (7043) Report abuse
Priscus the house of lords are asking for a pay rise because they cannot manage on over £300 a day

Posted by: beep54 (1012) Report abuse
About time the over 75s had it removed

Posted by: cordyline (5014)   Report abuse
Most unfair in my opinion

Many people are too proud to claim the pension credit when they are entitled to it

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
3.7 million times £150 = eye watering waste by the beeb.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
exactly peter . i can see bus passes going the same way as the blue badge scheme .

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse
I have a feeling that this will be overturned by the Government and made a manifesto pledge by the Labour Party, to keep the free over 75 TV licence

Posted by: chatty (6719)  Report abuse
We've already seen on the other thread you can now officially lie through your teeth come election/referendum time without fear of any comebacks.

Posted by: grimshaw (1715)  Report abuse
Bojo wants the greedy to have more and the needy to have less.

Thats what you get from an old Etonian .

Posted by: kathpressey (4953)  Report abuse
another example of those who worked and saved will be penalised

Posted by: grimshaw (1715)  Report abuse
K P.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
as usual your wrong 1stroke . take a look at the tory manifesto when we had an election in 2016 ? .

Posted by: surfer_tom (28) Report abuse
just signed petition on u gov against it these MPS can claim for anything not bothered about us.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse

In 2014 Cameron & Osborne were concerned that the BBC was wasting money, and they said that the BBC needed to save money, so as part of the austerity cuts, the Government stopped paying for free TV licences in 2015 and the BBC said that they would pay for the free TV licences instead.

But that was a load of bullshit, in other words the Government stopped paying for TV licences in 2015 and the shortfall in money to the BBC was absorbed by the BBC so it was just a crafty way the Government stopped paying for free TV licences.

So the BBC have now said that they want the money back, hence yesterdays announcement, but the Government says that they have broken the agreement to carry on providing the free TV licences and only about an hour ago, the Government was having a moan about it in the House of Commons, so I think that they,, whether that be the BBC, Conservative or the Labour Party's, will carry on giving free TV licences, because politically it will do both parties a lot of harm if they allow the abolition of the free TV licence for the over 75's

So whupsy, does that sound like I am a Tory supporter?

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
look at their last election promise . it,s states that they would protect the 75 & over TV license.and yes your right surfer tom they get theirs paid for them .

Posted by: broady (14685)   Report abuse
Why are you concerned? By the time it affects you the JC and DA comedy duo will be well established.

You will get a £1000 a week pension
You will get paid to use public transport
Wigan Council will own the NHS
and Yoonited will win the Premier League.

PS Only joking about Yoonited.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
i very much think not broady as this is happening now not in the next 10yrs. i,ve been predicting about bus passes for the last 3 yrs & if anyone thinks it,s not going to happen then look at the last pledge by the torys , "we will protect the TV license for the 75 & above " .yes they will win the league but not for a while . the berties are due for a come down now that pep wants a break .

Posted by: cordyline (5014)   Report abuse

Posted by: Salmon & Ball (262)  Report abuse
No mention of the "Bedroom & Poll" tax which the tories introduced?

Posted by: broady (14685)   Report abuse
Whups, I meant you are quite a way from qualifying ( 75)

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
not really.

Posted by: broady (14685)   Report abuse
I suspect you are younger than me and I am 69.

Posted by: aussie94 (2006) Report abuse
TV licences scrapped in Oz 44 years ago. how behind the times GB is.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse
So they scrapped the TV licence in Australia 44 years ago did they.

Well that must be why you have so much British TV on in Australia.

This is a selection of British programming on the Australian TV channels, from late afternoon to 11pm and a lot of it is from the BBC and it doesn't inclood the childrens channels and I bet I have missed some

Mary Queen of Shops
Four in a bed
Come Dine With Me Couples
The Chase
Antiques Roadshow
Home Fires
Monty Pythons Flying Circus (Remember the Bruce Sketch)
Bargain Hunt
The Kitchen
The Ninny
Top Gear
As Time Goes By
The Truth About Looking Good
Would I Lie Too Yoo
Mock The Week
Walking Britain's Lost Railways
Sex In Strange Places
Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
Oliver's Twist
The Hairy Bikers
Britain's got Talent
A Touch Of Frost
Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares
Ramseys Hotel Hell
The Graham Norton Show


Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
maybe so but it,s still not all that long as were living longer or so they say.

Posted by: wigandiver (72) Report abuse
"TV licences scrapped in Oz 44 years ago. how behind the times GB is."

Having endured Aussie TV years ago it must be even worse now.
Was nearly as bad a US TV.

Posted by: TerryW (1738) Report abuse
"Having endured Aussie TV years ago it must be even worse now."

They used to show Neighbours twice a day here, once at lunch time the other at Tea time because you couldn't believe it the first time.

Posted by: basil brush (12064) Report abuse
All that money to give to foreigners but yet they want to do this.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
now it,s emerged that this deal with the BBC was struck in 2013 & osborne knew the repercusions of it . with the torys knowing about it shows what kind of people they are when they deliberately put it into their manifesto to get elected .

Posted by: ashtonman01 (130) Report abuse
There's a simple answer to this, and that is to stop paying your TV license. Any letters you get just use them as toilet paper:).

Seriously though, it's about time we stop paying and stop watching the trash that's brainwashing us, namely the so called news that purpose to tell us the truth.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse
I can almost guarantee that the free TV Licences will stay

Posted by: jathbee (9506) Report abuse
Thanks for your assurance, I'm sure that will be of great comfort to the over 75's in this country. 😂

Posted by: FAT MICK (170) Report abuse
Im happy paying for my license, but I think they could cut back on kids TV and over paid folk like Gary Linaker
I agree the telly in Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the world are rubbish

Posted by: PeterP (7043) Report abuse
Fat Mick I do not Like Top Gear and find it a waste of license payers money BUT am led to believe that it generates money for the BBC worldwideThere are programmes which are overloaded with presenters and auxilliary staff more so sports programmes,eg being football or rugby when you have presenters(pundits) in a studio and presenters pitch side. they inturn have camera/sound crews directors etc and the can lad all paid for by the license payer. How many people are covering the Ladies football

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
your losing the gist guys . this is the making of the tory party not the BBC ? .

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse

Yoo are right, it was a Tory cut, papered over by using the BBC, by saying that the BBC would pay for those free TV licences.

But don't worry whupsy, like I have told yoo, they will keep the free TV licences, whoever 'they' turn out to be

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
the MPs get theirs paid for & now they are backtracking on a manifesto pledge .

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
i bet whoever brought in the free licence did not care about oap,s welfare more than their votes.political decisions are meant to impress joe gullble public, not to further the countries prosperity.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
rubbish , it was gordon brown who gave the oaps free tv license . not long after that he got voted out .

Posted by: gaffer (6106)   Report abuse
Perhaps it's time to scrap the lot.
Around three quarters of the money spent on pensions and other benefits goes directly into pensions. The remainder goes on pensioner benefits and allowances. If these were scrapped and the cash incorporated into the state pension it would increase by at least a quarter.
The £10 christmas bonus, introduced by Ted Heath, would now be worth £130 if it had been linked to inflation.

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
Does that include 'Age-Exempt' prescription charges?

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
the problem i have with the licence fee is, in my opinion its not worth the £150+. the BBC has gone down the drain,and giving it more money is not the answer ,maybe closing it down is the right answer.

Posted by: chatty (6719)  Report abuse
It's the only thing the Tories wont privatise and it's the one that needs it.
£85 Million they spent rebuilding the set of Eastenders a while back, whilst Lineker earns £1.75 Million a year presenting Match of the Day, would anybody who tunes in to watch the football highlights not bother if it was presented by Joe Bloggs on 50 Grand a year, I doubt it?
It's just another tax on the 'plebs'

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
where all equal in the BBC,S eyes provided your not over 75.

Posted by: chatty (6719)  Report abuse
Or a woman doing the same work as a man for half the pay!

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
except in tennis where the women get the same as men for half the work ? .

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
As people are, demonstrably, willing to pay many, many, times more for their television viewing than the BBC charges them, perhaps it has no future, and should be abandoned.

Commercial operators have lots of cash to spend, they will always bid up the cost of talent/content. Beeb is constantly losing its 'talent' to the commercial operators, and faces criticism if it tries to match what they offer in pay/fees.

Next time you are in the supermarket, notice how many people buy cillit bang, at twice the price of an alternative cleaner which actually works. Multiply this by all products, all shoppers, all shops... and that is how you are paying for your commercial TV, and it is a hell of a lot more than you pay for the beeb!

In the age of 'Surveillance Capitalism', the unbelievable amounts of behavioural data which have already been harvested, now furnish sufficient material to allow prediction of what is required to herd people into spending their money, or voting on issues, in the direction desired by whosoever controls the data. And, the beauty of it is, people are largely unaware of it, and if challenged will strenuously deny that they are so influenced!

(Reminds me of that statement in the film'Easy Rider': "Tell people they are not free, and they will start killing to 'prove' that they are")

Bye-bye Beeb. No place for you in this Post-Orwellian World!

Posted by: Axcroft (24) Report abuse
I am absolutely repulsed and loath paying my TV licence fee, and it should - and will in time - be scrapped.

Its a liberal institution, leftist, shot-calling, moral determining, moral high ground holding, judgmental institution headed by people who despise the common folk (ie, anyone with a different ideology).

For now it's still a "national treasure" (how?) but support for it - Deo gracias - is declining.

Why should anyone be legally forced to buy TV/Radio entertainment??

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
scrap the beeb and do it now.

Posted by: cordyline (5014)   Report abuse
Got my letter yesterday
They are going to phase back in the licence fee -- starting soon

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
yet again you got it wrong 1stroke.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse
Poppycock !!!!

Anyway whupsy I think that yoo are a Tory ...

Yoo make those naughty DVD's and that is the sort of thing a Tory would doo ...

Posted by: mindar (1330) Report abuse
Having never used sky or cable TV, I'd be interested to know how much it costs. How much would it cost me without all those sports programmes?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3623) Report abuse
If you don't want the sports, then I think that Netflix and Amazon Prime are a much better choice of TV provider

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
mindar Keep us informed how satisfactory the option is, if you do select one or tuther.

Posted by: whups (3606)   Report abuse
yet again wrong 1 stroke .anyone who thinks their money is staying in this country by using netflix must be bonkers .you are definitley tory 1stroke as you will vote for anyone who will let you get away not paying your tax.

Posted by: chatty (6719)  Report abuse
There's plenty on here screaming and shouting for a broadcaster offering a 24 hours a day tangible service over various platforms which they have the choice to opt out if they wish, to be scrapped.
Yet don't miss a beat when it comes to paying for(which they don't have a choice to opt out of by the way) an extended Multi Millionare family bunch of ne'er do wells who we keep being told are doing great things for the country yet no one can actually quantify, to live in clover.
I'm sure there's irony there somewhere

Posted by: priscus (7374) Report abuse
We don't even have the choice to opt out of paying for the many, many, times more expensive commercial TV, even if we NEVER EVER watch TV at all. Tis, though the way the world is going. Just like Microsoft decided why have you pay £80 or so for an operating system, instead you will pay us hundreds, if not more via the financing model used for Windows10.

I am rather sad though that there are folk (even on this esteemed site) who think that commercial concerns noted for their complete lack of generosity, somehow strive to GIVE them this very expensive product of television free and gratis

Posted by: aussie94 (2006) Report abuse
TTs dont understand your logic . Yes we have BBc shows but how about hOME AND aWAY nEIGHBOURS ETC. bUT WE do not need alicence TO WATCH THEM.
A lience to watch a TV it is ridiculous laughing stock of the world. Along with that lot in Buckingham Palace . I hope yopu all tug your forelocks

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
just read about the three highest paid women from the beeb,vanessa phelps,claudia winkleman and a girl i have never eheard about.the beeb as to keep its best talent,boris close the bloody place down,as i suspected ,ran by incompetents.

Posted by: Dave xl5 (311)  Report abuse
Actually I believe a member of The House of Lords doesn't just get £300 pounds a day for attending the house, they receive £300 tax free, “plus” expenses, and they do not have to stay for any specific time. I believe they have a swipe card so they may use it and then leave, or take a nap on the red benches for an hour or two, and still be paid. Not bad, especially for those who are there from accident of birth. But ask them if this is right, I'd guess they would look at you as if you were mad and say “but I'm a Lord”......”Know your place”.

Posted by: baker boy (14609) Report abuse
too many governents dishing out knighthood,s like confetti.
mostly too their mates and financial supporters ,want a knighthood ? bung a few quid to the party in power.

Posted by: aussie94 (2006) Report abuse
Abolish licence now. And by the yat get rid of Corronation st , Eastenders and all that crap you call TV. Not too forget all the lifeyle self serving . Escape to the Country . Fantasy


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