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Would you miss the bus?
Started by: priscus (7367) Report abuse
Have to admit, I am not a great user of the omnibus.

Have never applied for a bus pass, even though I have been eligible for a considerable time.

For longer journeys, I tend to drive, use the train, or cycle.

Journeys of a mile or two, which seem to make up a lot of bus journeys undertaken by people, I prefer to walk: I value the exercise. In fact, it is getting on for two decades since I last used the bus.

Probably though, I am not representative: my neighbours seem to hop busses all the time.

Not everyone can drive. Not everyone can walk or cycle considerable distances. Children, mothers with their young offspring, people with disability or age-related frailness may all miss the bus more than I would.

So, nevertheless, I am concerned at the threat faced by bus services.

Can anything be done to enable taxi services to better meet travel needs left by disappearing bus services.

In Hong Kong, I found that I could summons a taxi, and it would arrive in a couple of minutes, 24/7. In contrast, I recall in UK waiting in a queue for two and a half hours for a taxi, at which point, I gave up and walked, even though it was 3-00 am, pouring with rain, and in an unsafe district. On another occasion, (same district) the bar owner, who was a close personal friend, was able to get me a taxi instantly, when all the other customers were having zero results attempting the same on their mobile phones.

Something so basic should not be dependent on personal contacts.

I do feel that technology moving forward is leaving behind public transport which continues to deteriorate, but that is just my view. Others may see these things differently.

Posted by: PeterP (7012) Report abuse
Priscus I use the bus on Saturday night because I go out for a pint or three ,Leaving the car at home. At this time it costs me 4 (return) so Over 200 per year Just been reading about bus passes and I bet when I qualify for one(next year) they scrap themIf I used a taxi it would cost me about 10 return

Posted by: Anne (3506)  Report abuse
I have a bus pass but no convenient bus service. I haven't been into Wigan town centre for two years owing to the principle of refusing to pay parking fees or taxi fares. I don't miss in-town shopping one iota, I don't find it necessary with all other options available.

Posted by: retep1949 (488) Report abuse
I too have a bus pass which I very rarely use but plenty people do need to rely on buses.Bus services where I live are pathetic and to me should be more funded to help people.It is OK if you have a car like me .Public transport in this country is far too expensive.I would give my bus/train pass up to help other people because at present I do not need it.Too many selfish people about who only care about themselves.

Posted by: priscus (7367) Report abuse
I have a concern that we will soon have a cohort of elderly people who do not have sufficiently good eyesight for driving, and possibly have other physical infirmity making driving a challenge.

Problems with knees prevented me from walking for a couple of months. Fortunately I was able to make a full recovery, and resume walking many miles a day.

Screen and keyboard based activity will also prove to be difficult for some as they age, making on-line options less viable.

A new wave of closures of small retailers (corner shops) is underway.

The number of households consisting of a single lone adult has been rapidly increasing.

Where I live, we have lost our local library, lost our mobile library and lost our non-vocational Adult Ed classes which were mostly attended by retirees. We get reports of old people dying, and it not being known until windows full of blowflies are observed by passers by.

I am certain that it will not be healthy to have an increasing cohort of isolated old people.

Posted by: berylh (1761) Report abuse
I use the buses often, but although only about 3/4 miles as the crow flies from he city centre my last bus leave the centre at 7.45pm so no evening/night bus. Crazy thing is some routes have a frequent service like every 30 mins until 11pm. Also one of the routes I use is franchised out as it does not earn much money so is likely to be one of the first ones to go. I am keeping fingers crossed here.

Posted by: kathpressey (4918)  Report abuse
i don't understand why you don't get a bus pass priscus. I love mine, it's free travel and if you're in Wigan to can go by train to Liverpool, Manchester or have a day out in Southport .. all for free!!

Posted by: trevwafc (1487)  Report abuse
You can only travel on the train free in Greater Manchester with a bus pass

Posted by: jathbee (9500) Report abuse
Liverpool and Southport are not free. They don't come under the Greater Manchester area.

Posted by: Anne (3506)  Report abuse
Train to Southport free to Appley Bridge than pay the difference. Book two people together for a discount. Don't know about travel to Liverpool.

Posted by: priscus (7367) Report abuse

I sincerely believe that I am healthier by choosing to walk rather than ride wherever possible. Had to pack-in running when my knees gave me problems. I quickly get over-weight if I do not keep my activity levels high, and other health problems quickly follow. (Just about to buy a rowing machine, to keep up activity when foul weather restricts opportunities for getting out and about!)

I need to exercise diplomacy when acquaintances stop to offer me lifts, and need to explain that I have deliberately left car at home in order to get the exercise that walking provides. Nevertheless, some people register their displeasure at my spurning their offer of a lift.

If I still lived within Greater Manchester, maybe (given the integrated GMT) I would choose to have a bus pass.

I see no opportunity whereby my current lifestyle would in any way be enhanced by riding busses more. (apart perhaps the opportunity to meet more strangers, and after all, the stranger is the friend whom you have not yet met!)

Having said all of this, I am aware that health, wealth and independence can be lost in an instant, and with no warning. It pays to take nothing for granted.

So, I hope that I campaign just as strongly as the next person to maintain bus services, and all other social infrastructure which contribute to quality of life.

Posted by: linma (2501) Report abuse
I would miss using the bus 🚌. Because of failing eyesight I failed my eye test two weeks ago and, after forty eight years of driving I have surrendered my driving licence. I have always used the bus a lot.

Posted by: dja (81) Report abuse
I suppose I am one of the lucky ones,i have never been on a bus since the sixties,the same goes for the trains,the trouble is as one gets older the journeys get shorter,i manage asda and wigan but that's about it,can,t stand sitting in lots of traffic.

Posted by: cindy (5751)   Report abuse
I rarely use the bus But if going to Wigan for certain items in the market I use it, knowing what I want & which stall to go too I can catch the same bus back.

Posted by: kathpressey (4918)  Report abuse
priscus - yes it's best to keep moving as much as possible for as long as you can. And never take it for granted
Now my friend lives in Southport and she has met me in Wigan on a free ride. I know someone in Wigan who has had free train to Southport. I don't live in Wigan but it always seemed to me a good deal

Posted by: priscus (7367) Report abuse
Not really a beach person mysen, but I regularly used to walk between Wigan and Manchester, or Liverpool. (Although, have to admit that I usually took the train.)

Once lived in Littleborough, so if spending any time in the region in future, would love to once again take a walk up Blacksone Edge, and over Rishworth Moor.

Hope that this Whitsun that I may get to Saddleworth for the Brass Bands, but as it is spread over a number of villages, and roads closed for the marching bands, it will have to be a bicycle job, in order to see more than a narrow sample! Keep telling myself that I will hire a camper to base in a central location, and bike to numerous sites, but it has not happened so far!


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