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The letter 'T'
Started by: Platty (130) Report abuse
Has anyone else noticed the letter 'T' rapidly disappearing from our language? There is Chari'y and Chas'y in Emmerdale, and politicians rarely use the letter. Progress I suppose, innit?

Posted by: chatty (6430)  Report abuse
You're talking like a wat.

Posted by: broady (14105)   Report abuse
I knew Chay would commen.

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
Drives me potty when I hear it...."I'm going to a par'y" instead of "party" and "wiv" instead of "With". It's just laziness!

Posted by: kathpressey (4818)  Report abuse
I blame Eastenders

Posted by: fred mason (2731)   Report abuse
There is also the letter 'c'...

Up in the artic where it's cold.....

We are gerrin sum artic weather recently...arghhh

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3076) Report abuse
I disagree, folk still pronounce their T's

It's when it comes to folk minding their P's and Q's which is sadly lacking these days ....

Posted by: tonker (19743)   Report abuse
And the letter W has become the letter R, as in "droring"
and "J Arthur Ranker" !

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
Tonker, how I agree with you about "droring".....that has annoyed me for years on art programmes on the telly! Even good artists like the late Tony Hart used to say "droring".

Posted by: kenee (2017) Report abuse
Southerners might be dropping their Ts but northerners make up for it wi' Tinternet an'T pie shop.

Posted by: jathbee (9265) Report abuse

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3076) Report abuse

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
Brilliant, Kenee! xx.

Posted by: PeterP (6864) Report abuse
When we were at school we used to say either going in to (missing the out)hall or going in't hall

Posted by: Anne (3430)  Report abuse
Another letter very often omitted is g...goin' singin' bein' and many others. It is as Irene says, just laziness.

Posted by: alan lad (441) Report abuse
Does mi head in .

Posted by: dave b (1261)  Report abuse
Hows things Alan ,not seen you for a while hope your keeping well

Posted by: jouell (4561) Report abuse
I wish there was a 'Like / Dislike button.. because I really LIKED your comment kenee.

Posted by: priscus (7147) Report abuse
Heaven forbid! THANK GOODNESS there is NOT a 'Like / Dislike' button!

A representative group of people, with opinions clustered around the centre, and only a few out-lying extremes, would be subject, (just as on FB) to recruitment into two clusters polarised at the extremes.

We get enough divisive posts as is, without magnifying differences by the FB effect whereby the strongly approved of or disapproved of opinion attracts responses which drown out any moderate voice.

Even Sir Tim Berners Lee has had to move from his advocacy of internet freedom, to recognise that it is in need of some protection from this malevolence.

Posted by: kenee (2017) Report abuse
As I've mentioned before:
There is no like button on here,
unless you're Tonker, who has his own 'laaiike' button.

Posted by: Platty (130) Report abuse
Thank you for your replies, cheered me up. Kenee yours was brill. I am a Londoner (boo, hiss) married to a wonderful wiganer who I don't understand at times: chimley, keks,etc. and the massive family! Amazing thing is, the thought that proper english is spoken. Plus support for Wigan Warriors is epic in the family, no RL darn saff! But Rita in Corrie always gives me a laugh in 'th'ambulance'.


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