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Started by: Platty (127) Report abuse
There is a new report stating that "pensioner incomes to rise above graduate starting salaries for the first time.

Public state employee pensions are crippling the NHS and costing other public sectors and other services but McVey will target all.

Posted by: PeterP (6766) Report abuse
Two and a half years to go before I can draw my pension will there be any money left by thenMy better half also will have to wait just over 4 yrs for her pension since they moved the goal posts and made it also 66 for women

Posted by: SoniaB (71) Report abuse
I think the reasoning behind the goalposts being changed was to have a kind of sliding scale for pension ages, as the idea was for womens pensions to become more in line with mens pensions.The government (Whichever party was in power) were never going to reduce mens pensions to age 60. Yes, it affects me too.

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
The new pension rules affects everyone
They've stolen, yes stolen, there's no other way to put it, at least a months pension of everyone, You can no longer have it weekly, So you do a month in hand, and when will you get that month back?? never, cos you're in a box,
Also they boasted everyone will get £159 per week, thats a lie too,

Posted by: Diston (126) Report abuse
Tomplum they did that with my pension afew years ago mind, so i phoned Newcastle up and told them i wanted it weekly, it was no problem then they just changed it.

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
Its all changed now Diston since 2016, Its monthly only to everyone,

Posted by: turbo (2132) Report abuse
Not so TP
I have started my pension in November last, when I rang them I rang them they told me I had to wait 4 weeks, as it was paid 4 weeks in arrears, I politely told them to stick that idea because I had worked all my life, waited for 40 years+ and I wasn't prepared to wait another 4 weeks to start receiving MY money. I get my first payment 2 days before my birthday and every Monday morning in a bank transfer.

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
Well I asked for mine weekley and was told I can't have it,
I've also wrote a letter asking why I don't get full benefit after paying 48 years to the top floor as no one will give me a straight answer, I'm still awaiting a reply to that, But I've not given up and since you've told me you got yours weekly, I'll be writing again,
Everytime I phone up, I'm talking to some underling who knows less than me, GRRrrrrrrr

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
You need a hobby!! Have you tried Ice Fishing??

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
Tomplum's hobbies
fishing when there's no ice, bus/train riding off peak, piano/keyboards and used to play guitar till arthritis stopped me, video making, gardening ,traffic light suveying, chemically converting beer and wines into urine and forum posting, forum hosting and the occasional small plumbing job, and oh yeah I nearly forgot
double nought spying

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
Very good tomplum. Pretty busy schedule. I finished up watching three T plumbing also. Not much use to me as we are blown air.

Posted by: daveİ (3472) Report abuse
My pension is also weekly, it's usually paid into my bank account between midnight Sunday and early Monday morning.

Posted by: turbo (2132) Report abuse
TP, I think you have upset someone at the DWP


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